Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs – Album Review

For my 1059th review, Earl Sweatshirt delivers a short and scattered but vivid picture of depression, grief, and family loss.

Best Songs: ‘Nowhere2go’, ‘Ontheway!’ ft. Standing On The Corner, ‘The Mint’ ft. Navy Blue, ‘Azucar’, ‘Eclipse’, ‘Veins’, ‘Riot!’
Worst Song: ‘Red Water’


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Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs – Experimental hip-hop / Lo-fi – Album Review

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Ice Bear says:

The only thing of interest I got from this review was The Bends is your favorite Radiohead album. So uhhh… nice job on telling me that.

Bradford Tiongko says:

I haven’t seen one of your reviews in a really long time, and I distinctly remember strongly disagreeing with most of your evaluations a few years ago, but I really enjoyed your analysis of this album. I think you nailed it for the most part, which is why I can respect the score. The album is a 9 for me, my only gripe being the way his vocals were mixed in some songs, but even then I acknowledge that the sometimes muffled vocals were most likely deliberate.

HPFMav says:

i really struggle to understand why everyone is saying red water is the weakest track, its very good. great album

Ice Bear says:

Weird way of saying 10/10, but whatever.

The Negan Guy says:

Rivers Of Nihil is way better than this album

Jack Ging says:

It’s a 10/10 AOTY for me personally

Bede McDouall says:

I tried to listen to the music instead of you. Sorry Mark, but it’s true. This is 10 outta 10 shit right here, who’s with me?

Nick Moss says:

Pretty correct on the Earl commentary. So uhh let’s talk about a Radiohead list then. Would love to hear it and get your justification on Bends being better than OKC, Kid A, and In Rainbows.

paul banks says:

this album was incredible from front to back. 10/10 definitely. you should review Necro – The Notorious Goriest.

Docdaman4 says:

“The Bends” is Radiohead’s best album? How Sway??

Erick Colbert says:

This is his best album.

Joss Wheedon says:


SlimVeggie says:

But issa 10

Cj Jones says:

Yet another brilliant album from Earl Sweatshirt

Evan Weninger says:

“I don’t like ship, I don’t go outside.”

Tebby Times says:

Don’t @ me, but this is Earl’s best album. 9/10. The best song is The Mint. Worst is Red Water

Flirtatious Turtle says:

good review. fair points, even though i love this album. also, the bends is NOT radiohead’s best record lol

Static Symphony says:

Damn Mark, I know that you have been reviewing albums for years now but I can’t believe the album cover wasn’t even on focus. Quality’s dropping like Melon’s reviews too.

Jackson Hoye says:

This album blew my fucking mind. Love your review.

evas em morf lleh says:

Can’t wait for the inevitable interview where Earl Sweatshirt reveals that his inspiration for titling his new album _Some Rap Songs_ was _Songs,_ the 2018 album by evas.em.morf.lleh, available now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and more

Jay says:

If this was mixed well it would be 9/10

The Germanic Language Branch says:

Pretty much half of the album passes in the background during this review

Freddy Main says:

you give like every good hip hop project 7/10 lol

BenjaTheWorst says:

10 outta 10, review it again, 10 outta 10, review it again

Parker Chase says:

i love the record cause i love earl but this was very fair. you make a compelling case for its shortcomings and credit to you for acknowledging the circumstances surrounding the album as best you could. i doubt he’ll continue in this direction either however i’m grateful he’s shown some personal and artistic growth. i prefer IDLSIDO for its mood and longer, more standard track lengths/structures but SRS is nice cause i’m a fan of those NY dudes who heavily inspired its direction (ofc your mileage may vary with that sound). excited to see where he goes next.

Dominic Ladatto says:

It’s fucking terrible. How do people like this album? I swear. You could take a shit and people would think it’s art nowadays.

The Negan Guy says:

Low 5

Mrbigweeknee says:

Great review, Mark

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