Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs Album Review (Overview + Rating)

Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs Album Review (Overview + Rating)

The lofi sound & experimentation will likely make this one of the year’s most divisive records, but Earl doesn’t slouch with the bars and he puts it all on the line! 2.5/5 Click the following link to subscribe to my channel for more podcast episodes, hip-hop news & reviews! – http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lukejamesbgn – And don’t forget to like, comment AND follow me on Twitter & IG @lukejamesbgn (or at least do one of those things)!

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FAVORITE TRACKS: The Bends, Azucar

LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Shattered Dreams, Red Water, Nowhere2go, Loosie, Peanut

STRENGTHS: Excellent lyricism & plenty of bars to pick at; Earl working through his pain; some of the dusty, sample-based production is on point.

WEAKNESSES: Regardless of the intent, the lofi aesthetic/muddled mixing can be a pain – same with some of the more experimental beats & off-kilter flows.

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TreGullyBankss says:

This album is a perfect mess. There’s not one minute during the run time where I’m not tuned in. I feel the pain and raw emotion in this. This is at the very top of my list this year next to Drogas Waves, Daytona, Rosebude’s Revenge 2, and a few others.

Freddy Bernard says:

from a lyrical standpoint, AOTY without a doubt. It seems to me that Earl spent more of his time on the songwriting than the production, which is a bit unfortunate, but the stripped down lofi production kinda works for me. I can’t pinpoint as to why…

Daniel McNuggets says:

I agree entirely.

Chef Baxter says:

Tried to like it and it never clicked… I like experimental shit so I thought this on first listen would click like atrocity exhibition by Danny brown even though they are completely different albums I thought it’d hit me like that but can’t say I liked this at all. I’ll go with a 2.5/5 as well I can see the appeal but clearly its just not for me.

Sober Hippy says:

I think the mixing kills this album for me

Reese NineEightNine says:

I just want a Earl Sweatshirt and The Alchemist project. That will be amazing. Overall I dont like the album but the bars are there, I just didnt like the overall vibe of it

Greg Sanders says:

How many times you guys listen to an album before you give it a rating

Christopher Mezidor says:

I’ve been a huge fan of earl since the odd future days but honestly, this album was a tough listen at first, mainly because of the intentionally bad mixing which made it hard for me get what he was saying. But after giving it a couple of more listens, it slowly started to grow on me and I began to understand his artistic approach. Earl still came through with his bars that can be basic, but they’ll still hit home due to his unique dark delivery. I still prefer his last two album over this tho

Vic Robbins says:

I love the album as an artistic expression. But as an album to enjoy and vibe to… it’s gonna be a no from me dog

BobbY Slay says:

i respect your opinion, the album definitely isn’t gonna click with everybody, i personally loved it tho

B. Stone says:

I feel the same Luke…. I think Earls music appeals to depressed people who dont want to not feel depressed, they just want to sit in their self pity… But, thats just me.

Run The Likes says:

it’s a one and done for me……. can’t do it, I’m going back to Benny

a. lathan says:

I fuck with it a lot I like that noise experimental sound shit I’ve always thought earl was dope . and definitely I understand a lot of people won’t fuck with .dope honest review homie

MF Lugo says:

Yeah man didn’t live up to the hype.

markelis johnson says:

This album just wasn’t for me at all

Killah The Illfigure says:

Disagree but I can respect your opinion.

Nick Munley says:

Was really bored & uninterested on my first listen. But I’ve come back to it a lot & found myself focusing on different aspects of it each time. One listen I won’t be able to focus on anything other than the beats, then the next time it’ll be his rhyme scheme & patterns & then the next will be the meaning of his lyrics & concepts. Just such a replayable album for me. The mixing really threw me off at first, especially as someone who isn’t a fan of Madvillainy, but it really works for me on this album. Thoroughly enjoyed but definitely see how it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea

Addison Davis says:


Nikhil Bhagat says:

Totally agreed with you. This album is for those emo pretentious teens who thinks they are listening more deep music than you. I like Earl but other than wordplay but he has nothing to offer for me. The mixing on this album is horrendous and his delivery throughout the whole project puts me to sleep. 2/5 for me.

TheWolvesDen says:

I think the surprising thing for me is that this aesthetic/lofi stuff can be annoying but Earl really enhanced it. Like Blu and Charles goes there and are often infuriating about it, but Earl feels like in his pocket, and as a full project I think I might play this way more than I have the other two projects he has. Asucar is sensational and you picked the exact lyrics that peaked me. Peanut is terrible though. He crossed the experimental threshold for me there. I was worried that after nowhere2go he might do more stuff like peanut, and glad that it was the only one where I felt it was ridiculous. Still digesting it but def see where you are coming from

PVD says:

the only song I ended up enjoying was the last one

[V] [I] [R] [G] [O] says:

I like the album but I respect your opinon

Ashley Jones says:

Wasn’t feeling this at all one of the most overrated projects this year

Evan Weninger says:

A 2.5 is…………generous

ConnorPB says:

This album is one of those love it or hate it albums. I fucking love this album. I understand where you’re coming from.

DihStyle69 says:

defin one of my fav projects of the year but this is surely another tape like atrocity exhibition: you either go with it or you don’t. earl distanced himself from pretty much everyone in the industry with this album by literally throwing the basic notions of song structure out of the window. i love it for that matter, it creates a really raw and authentic aura of depression and emptiness around the album that ive never seen before. defin not for everyone tho

Bradford Tiongko says:

Pretty fair evaluation. I knew as soon as those first few singles dropped that the album was gonna be divisive. Even when I gave it a first listen I was really confused as to what I’d experienced, but after throwing myself at it over the last few days I’m convinced this is his best work yet. Completely understand if you were turned off by the aesthetic of the album, but as someone who’s really fucking tired of hearing trap beats I found it really refreshing.

koso vo says:

People just look at the score and hit dislike, which is kinda dumb. This is one of my favorite albums of the year, but I can definitely understand your point of view on this project, Luke. For me personally, I always pay so much attention to Earl’s lyricism, that the mixing and the experimental sounds don’t bother me at all, I even really enjoyed them for the most part. But I mean it’s obviously to each his own and I wish people would just use their energy to engage in interesting discussions, instead of taking an opinion that doesn’t align with their own as a personal attack, which unnecessarily spreads negativity (not to mention they probably just look at the score and don’t even watch the full review). Anyway, looking forward to more content, Luke.

Eymon Miller says:

Some Rap Songs over Pieces of a Man

Claude Patillo says:

This was definitely an album that took a few listens to get into for me, but once it hit it HIT. Thought some of beats were weird and kinda out there but in a good way and Earl’s always interseting content and flow really made it an interesting listen. But like you said I can completely get why ppl wouldn’t like it. It is a little too experimental at times. 3.5/5 for me personally but good review still my dude.

taigawoods says:

Absolutely loved it but I get that this sound isn’t for everybody (damn, you said it right when I was about to type it), yet it’s cool that most people can appreciate how lyrically profound Earl is. I mean, bars like “Save time, serpent, no need to hiss
/ Found a reason to live, doubt could be an abyss
/ Keep fallacies off your lips, see casualties in the wind” are insane. Still, I would’ve hoped this album was a bit more fleshed out too.

darren ramsden says:

Damn man , it’s definitely a tuff listen , but that’s it’s appeal to me , it’s like the perfect mess . The emotion that these songs together as a whole ,evoke , is incredible . The production is the dustiest , grimiest , messiest and darkest shit evah , I’d rate it a 4 . The production on here is just so complex and dishoveled its like an orgasm to my ears . My only 2 complaints are that I wish his vocals were louder in a few spots on the album and also I wished it had an extra few tracks . U know what album it really reminded me of , was Billy woods album today I wrote nothing where it was 24 tracks all 1.5 – 2 mins of dark experimental produtcion and dense poingent flows and powerful menacing vocals !

Amire Hunter says:

Bada bing bada bam its the puppet master all the strings in my haaaandddssss

paul banks says:

This album was straight flames from top to bottom. definitely A.O.T.Y.

Savan DePaul says:

SRS was honestly the first Earl album i really fucked with overall. i’m a big abstract/experimental guy so this shit is right up my alley.

i definitely see where you’re coming from on this one Luke. people gonna be arguing over this record for a long ass time.

thebruin173 says:

Have u heard the new song Earl has on Alchemist’s new project?

Christopher Aizen says:

“Tons of buyers”

Adam Pollack says:

This video proves I’m not in the minority. At one point (years ago now) Earl was one of my favorites. But as long as hes appreciated I can’t hate I just didn’t enjoy this at all

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