Earl Sweatshirt – SOME RAP SONGS Final Review

Earl Sweatshirt has come out with his new album SOME RAP SONGS after a tease feature with Vince Staples off his FM! album we couldn’t wait much longer. The IDLSIDGO Rapper has been dealing with a lot lately & we gather here today to hear him out.
These are my final thoughts

Earl Sweatshirt – SOME RAP SONGS Full Album
1. Shattered Dreams
2. Red Water
3. Cold Summers
4. Nowhere2go
5. December 24
6. On The Way! f. Standing On The Corner
7. The Mint f. Navy Blue
8. The Bends
9. Loose
10. Azucar
11. Eclipse
12. Veins
13. Playing Possum f. Cheryl Harris & Keorapetse Kgositsile
14. Peanut
15. Riot!

Best Tracks – The Mint/Shattered Dreams/Peanut/Riot!/December 24/Veins

Worst Track – Red Water

Thanks for watching & have an awesome day.


MysticHere says:

Can You Please React to Ski Mask New Album

نfhg بgg says:

Where the fuck is the ALLTY3 review? And the stokeley review too

Scottie Hicks says:

Championships review brother where it’s at

Majr Havoc says:

I listened to the album for the first time last night and it was my first ever Earl album and i enjoyed it a lot, i liked how it was different and like more relaxed the whole time, the only thing though is that at least for me I wouldn’t pick out certain songs to listen to with this album, I feel like to get the most enjoyment out of this project it’s best to listen to it as a whole, cuz as a whole the album sounds great but honestly I couldn’t name when a specific song came on when i was listening to it, it all sounded like one big song to me, which is great album wise, but song wise idk if theirs a song i would specifically listen to from the album, the whole thing is good together though

Kristofer I-S says:

These some good rap songs.

max adams says:

That album cover gives ME depression … Fuck

m33krs says:

stokeley reaction ????

FriedPopcorn says:

Riot! is great, change my mind

JayC says:


Tri- Force says:


Burtsgaminghub says:

Gotta react to Stokeley

Amire Hunter says:

I k ow ima king
Stork on my shoulder i was sinking

I aint k ow th t i can leave .
Popa called me cheif .
Gotta keep it breif.
Lock n load i can see you lying through your teeth
Fingers on my soul
Th s is 23
Blood in th water i w s walking in my sleep
blo d o My father
I forgot another dream

i was playing with magic hid the lessons in my slee es

Matthew Andino says:

I feel like Mac Miller did the same with swimming, from the mature perspective but a lot more polished but you didn’t like it as much. Where’s the line? What makes an album really spectacular or just okay?

meerokay says:

Some Rap Songs is like if Madvillainy had a head-first car crash with Red Burns

Mario Bagaskara says:

do melon review this album?

Jesterx_66 says:

If you get a chance check out “Saba”. Dude super underrated

Galaxy Warrior says:

React to stokely and Eminem kick off

black market magazine says:

this and Mick Jenkins’ album are my favorite of the year. I think earl killed it.

Samuel Garcia says:


Frost xLegendzx says:

React to music inspired by Illumination presents Tyler the creator Album

Aaex says:


Pixu SSB says:

You either get this album or not. For me, it’s a fucking 10/10, Album of the year and Earl’s best project

papa kelvin says:

Where is the metal face meets czar face review?

Maani 12gamer says:

React to ski mask the slump god”s album STOKELEY brorooooooooooooooo

Lit Jay says:

Red water is my favorite

Danny Neidert says:

Im waiting for ski masks album reaction on this channel

David Israel says:

I like the bad mixing. Its real dusty like that griselda sound. I fucks with lo fi hip hop.

luna cll says:

8/10???? this album is trash!

Cpajak says:

Ummm where is the suicideboys ep you promised

zachandbro says:

Some of these raps songs were pretty good

Cactus slay says:

Please react to Em’s Kick-off freestyle

Adam N says:

I just listened to this album after seeing its high rating on metacritic and holy hell do I feel like I’ve been lied to on a massive scale.

This album is nowhere near as good as everyone’s saying it is.

The Chosen One says:

Where the stokeley reaction at?

Ali Samir says:

You need headphones for the album

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