Earl Sweatshirt has come out with his new album SOME RAP SONGS after a tease feature with Vince Staples off his FM! album we couldn’t wait much longer. The IDLSIDGO Rapper has been dealing with a lot lately & we gather here today to hear him out.

Earl Sweatshirt – SOME RAP SONGS Full Album
1. Shattered Dreams
2. Red Water
3. Cold Summers
4. Nowhere2go
5. December 24
6. On The Way! f. Standing On The Corner
7. The Mint f. Navy Blue
8. The Bends
9. Loose
10. Azucar
11. Eclipse
12. Veins
13. Playing Possum f. Cheryl Harris & Keorapetse Kgositsile
14. Peanut
15. Riot!

Best Tracks – The Mint/Shattered Dreams/Peanut/Riot!

Worst Track – Red Water

Thanks for watching & have an awesome day.


ASteelo says:


Tp Vex says:

i feel like when ur talking about the production is a crutch for earl or that he sounds out of place is literally the opposite… I think the beats fit him perfectly and that the old out of date dirty muddy samples make his voice sound like he his seperate from his dark past and that he is both reflecting on it and moving on from it

zach walker says:

I love this album so much

Jack Hedeman says:

Its not for everyone. Personally i love it but i feel like if ur not a huge earl fan, u wont feel the same for sure

AyeBuddy says:

I fucking love this album so much, I can’t understand why people don’t like it but I think it’s aoty

Hidden Gem Chess says:

you cant just make a review after one listen

Cozy Vlogs says:

i wish the vocals were clear other than that i fucking love it

Dezz Carter says:

It’s not for you but that’s okay this is definitely a 9 tho.

toaster says:

ski mask reaction?

Newman's Own says:

This shit was a Master Peice . . .Period

Tyrique Carney says:

I have been doing consecutive replays of the entire thing since it dropped. I get your explanations and respect your opinions. I think the album should be consumed multiple times consecutively.

Czaki Al Czikemwi says:

For me, it’s like a piece of music you can just sit back to, after a long, tiring day, smoke a blunt and chill. I like the dirtiness of the production, makes it rather unique one. The lyrics, which ain’t so great to me (at least after the first listening), they are very personal but that was probably the point of the album. For me it’s 8/10 when listened fully consciously, and I think 10/10 when high.

Tywan Williams says:

Wasn’t really feeling this one tbh, hopefully it grows on me

Renny Fernandez says:

React to Treehouse by Token. Or doozy. Or Dirty Flesh. Or Code Red. React to His new Project coming out Dec 7th!!!!!

Tp Vex says:

i think bleeding out is him talking about his anemia.. possibly

1 23 says:

Ifwu bro, have been for a while. I really appreciate your way of reacting, you really put effort into listening and trying to understand music( even songs and artist you aren’t into). When I first came across your channel I thought you were kinda harsh on somethings and even condescending, but as I grew my look on things matured(I was only a ignorant 16 yr old when I came across your channel)and now I can go back and understand what you’re saying. Sure it’s fun to watch reactors love and turn up to the music I love, but it’s also cool that a person can actually have their own opinion and put into words the way I feel about certain tracks when I cannot. Long story short ifwu bro keep doing u.

unknowngeek777 says:

Keep listening. That is all.

DreDaDon__ says:

Review longer than the album

Jacob Maner says:

As someone that both didn’t really see alot of his father growing up and ending up in a terminal relationship with their father to the point of spiraling into a depression and anxiety, I think he captured the feeling of that perfectly in his music. This isn’t meant to get hype to. It’s art, that’s why you’re struggling with a comparison for it, though MF DOOM was a perfect attempt as many of us felt the same way just from the singles. You have to just let it happen and piece it together bit by bit. I appreciate the discomfort of having to dig through the sounds which are so pronounced to try and hear his voice which is so retreated on some of these. To me it’s how it feels to try to dig through life which can be loud and in favor of others, while for you it may be harder and you have to struggle to find the meaning. I think you nailed it on the head when you said of the one song it’s something he felt, not something I felt. Thats exactly the point. It’s as pure of a musical expression as I’ve ever heard and having it be about the pain and suffering of going through what many of us have gone through, it speaks volumes where as others wont understand it at all. I would honestly recommend sitting down, have nothing else going on, nothing to pull you away such as commitments, strap on the headphones, and give the whole thing another whirl. This time not to critique every portion of it, but digest it in it’s entirety.

keegan says:

Please react to Lil Ugly Mane – Mista Thug Isolation

Broke Frog says:

Shawn i feel you on this one chiefy.

The Gaming Moose says:

This album is incredible

Andrew Feminella says:

I dont think is an album you can get in one listen.

ponocolo says:

Earl is getting better, but still has a lot to improve. This has no replay value for me. Looking forward to his next project.

TheShankPimp says:

if u dont fuck wit lofi hip hop then u wont get it

MF DOM47 says:

Just staring at all y’all niggas that gone switch up when Fantano give this a 9+

A-Deuce xMusic says:

Guys , I promise you , THIRD time listening to the album it clicks, Earls a genius, super replay value

Eymon Miller says:

Nah Buh READ THE LYRICS……………………………………… Motherfucker

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