EMINEM Destroys Mumble Rap & Critics [Kamikaze Album]

EMINEM Killshot, EMINEM Kamikaze Album, EMINEM Destroys The Rap Industry By Dissing Mumble Rap & Critics. Eminem lucky you. All Disses On EMINEM’s Kamikaze Album (Review/Reaction).

Rappers Get Dissed By EMINEM on the songs The Ringer, Lucky You, Not Alike and Fall

When Eminem dropped Kamikaze on Thursday night (August 30), everyone’s jaws dropped. EMINEM destroyed the industry. From the first syllable he utters, it’s clear Shady came with g*ns blazing.

Album opener “The Ringer” essentially blasts all those who had anything negative to say about Shady or Revival, while several rappers caught his wrath as well.

From Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Pump to Joe Budden and Tyler The Creator, no one was off limits. For good measure, he called the 2018 BET Cypher “weak,” told Charlamagne Tha God to essentially kiss his *ss, obliterated Trump (of course) and ridiculed the Grammy Awards.

Oh — and in case anyone forgot what makes Eminem a rap god, he lays it all out on “Fall” with, “I belong here, clown/Don’t tell me ’bout the culture/I inspired the Hopsins, the Logics, the Coles, the Seans, the K. Dots, the 5’9s and oh, brought the world 50 Cent.”

So, without further adieu, here are all the rappers Eminem calls out on the 13-track project.

Eminem disses Drake, Eminem disses Lil Pump, Eminem disses Tyler The Creator, Eminem disses Vince Staples, Eminem disses Lil Yachty, Eminem disses Charlamagne, Eminem disses Joe Budden, Eminem disses Lil Xan

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Tiama Mc Farrin says:

Jamar, get yo racist ass outta here talking about hip hop belong to black people. Hip hop belongs to ALL people. It’s music. Music doesn’t have a race or color. Him and star both need to get they racist selves outta here making us black folks look bad.

Thanos Fonias says:

Hip Hop has been dead for a decade… all recent stuff is just crap floating around in the sewer..

Beavis Williams says:

Eminem should’ve retired after Relapse because every album after that was garbage. Kamikaze is garbage. Rap Devil>Killshot. And none of you delusional STANS will change my mind.

Rooy kan? says:

Eminem truly brings hip hop back to life, Just look at how Many people are getting in to hip hop/rap after em’s Kamikaze/Killshot…

RegisteredGamer says:

MGK is basically full blown spastic!

Max Mac says:

em’s the best, get over it

rochit SEVEN THOMSON says:

Eminem is RAP GOD
He’S the king of HIP-HOP!!

Christine Filippo says:

My kids are 16….. They have no idea what greatness is! Eminen is the King of Rap! Mumble Rappers = Brain Damage Rappers!!

DeanRendar84 says:

Everyone is mentioned, the “beef” marketing ploy alive again. New people get associated all are compensated for entertaining in their respective medium formats.

ChrisCo says:

Eminem will always win!!! Haha

Maximilian Löf says:

Nonsense. This guy al jahadar or whatever are saying Eminem ain’t black? Whaat? So black. Hijackin ur whaaat? Shutdown. Mumble rappin ur lambooooo???? Who gives a shit? We liked Eminem when we were younger sue us.

MrAnthonyramon says:

Lord Jamar is petty and dont know anything

Hip-Hop Universe says:

First thing I’m gonna say is R.I.P. Machine Gun Kelly. EMINEM came back unexpected with another fire album! The song I like most is “Lucky You” with Joyner Lucas. I’ve been supporting EMINEM since day one and I will continue supporting artists that are actually able to take this culture to the next level. There are a lot of parallels between me and EM when it comes to our perception of todays Rap game. We both hate Mumble Rap. I’ve been “beefing” with the entire industry for disrespecting mumble rappers since the day I started this channel. But there are a lot of people disliking these dumbed down rap songs, including Rap Legends. Watch the video I made for Mumble Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuRSOnrwPQA

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re tards says:

Is this some sort of parody? Are those people real? I know of Eminem but have never heard of any of those other knuckle heads, lil pump? the freak at 1:30 he cant be real, must be someone taking the piss, this shit is hilarious

Harvey RSMOO says:

*Eminem not the king of hip hop*

No one else step up….

*eminem is whack*

James Flagg says:

I’m not into Hip Hop and even I can tell that this new shit is whack ass retarded. When did it become cool to not have talent and act a fool? lol Good to see Shady is still ripping new assholes out of these jokers.

Rufus Gautreaux 2 says:

Fuck I hate rap just wanted to see what stupid shit they came up now.

Rukhsana Syed says:

Eminem is the king of rap

Yalokin says:

dayum. those guys talking about eminem are simply racists.

Nicolás Vargas says:

2:52 Songs name?

PhotographyJo- Taj Alami says:

Look how racist those black rappers are to eminem. Aren’t u again racism cuz ur black, guess not but ur ik that ur but hurt cuz someone is better than all of u combined at what u do best

dash4800 says:

God, I watched about two minutes and I think my IQ just dropped 50 pts. That shit is the most embarrassing thing to happen to the music industry. The type of people who like that probably also like slamming their heads into a brick wall.

Jonathan Orozco says:

Miller IS a real rapper, McCormick earned that tittle. He’ll exist through audio forever, meanwhile, if any of these Mumble Rappers live long enough to look back- They’re forever labeled as such. The best thing they could do to reinvent their names is switching up their style. But each their own.

tom choi says:

These are some racist mother fuckers

Grozny Entertainment says:

True artist indeed

Asif Rahman says:

Why cant come black people so against emenem .. just accept the fact emenem is the best … won’t make u small

cory cruse says:

Mgk really made me like ems kamakazi more. Been on repeat since he made that diss song and em responded and lyrically murdered him!

RegisteredGamer says:

It’s only small game that tries to fuck with Em. All the real artists and big game know not to fuck with Em, he is not king because of his name, he is king due to mass respect from EVERYBODY but some few small time haters that just want their name mentioned.

K7san says:

No one writes and no one raps better than Eminem.
Its hard to accept but it is a fact.

jeffcon123 says:

I like Em I ain’t crazy but for real other rappers in the game hear some of that shit and they r like.. well fuck it’s trash.. cause deep down it’s way more fire than theirs

Kiki fromAtlanta says:

I love Eminem’s music but let me clarify something. Tupac is the GOAT and Rap, Hip Hop, Country Music, Pop, and Rock n Roll WERE ALL CREATED BY BLACK PEOPLE AND YES EVERYONE ELSE IS A GUEST.

KatyNoodles says:

Like so many mumble songs are memeable

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