Eminem – Kamikaze ALBUM REVIEW

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Eminem falls just short of ending his career on his latest album, Kamikaze.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


MARCEL% says:

Taking shots at budden ahahahaha Listen man, that only works the first couple of years your famous

Tyler Calhoum says:

Eminem is clout chasing. He is dying out so he needs to diss the new age.

Person Man says:

Anthony come on man. This album was very good, strong 7 to mid 8. I don’t understand how u can rly dislike it. Kinda disappointed u have pump a 7, and kamikaze a 4 ;(

Brandon Smith says:

Really curious to see a worst to best for Eminem, so you can articulate what his early albums have that his newer albums don’t

alex says:

this is easily a strong 7 to light 8

LegendaryBago says:

Do people actually like this album? I thought the general opinion was that this was dogshit, but no let’s hate on Anthony because he gave a homophobic, whiny, hypocritical album a negative review.

JJ KK says:

does fantano only critique music? or does he make music? seems he’s dwelling in words instead of reflecting on actual music. how can we be sure he actually has taste or tonality if he cannot produce results he praises so much? Oscar Wilde wrote numerous criticisms of his peersx he also went on an American tour…he also produced mind blowing poetry and and one of the greatest novels of the fin du siecle Portrait of Dorian Grey. If Melon-Kampf here would take all his insight and convert it into practice, he should be able to drop the hottest album of this millenihm

Melon also pays far too much attention to artists histories and personalities. The less I know about an album/artist the better.

snapperman7 says:

What the fuck is the matter with you you fucking melon.

C Mac says:

I watch the Melon for entertainment, he seems intelligent, I like his personality, and occasionally I strongly agree with his opinions. Sometimes I disagree.

Seems like 99% of his viewers watch his videos so they can be told how to think about the music, then they have a meltdown when there are inconsistencies in his logic or in his ratings.

Learn how to think for yourselves, or at the very least, listen to the albums before you watch Melon reviews.

Nova Cronum says:

good post melon

Eren Nazir says:

U a joke fool

Finn Purcell says:

everyone butthurt melon didnt give a better score but all his points were valid and reasonable, eminem is just trying to throw it back to what his fans want from him but he cant re-create what he once was as he has become out of touch

Rich Givhan says:

I liked it a lot made up for revival to me

Holden Brooker says:

Is it just me or does this guy have such a punchable face

Kyle Joseph says:

Think you missed the point of this album. A 4? Way off on this one bud.

LucyWonderland says:

**Insert Hannibal Buress wack gif**

Mario Alvarez says:

I wish Eminem fans would understand that dissing everyone who criticizes your “art” doesn’t make for a good album. People act like just cause he dropped names that all of the sudden he’s the best and what not again and no he still made another shit album dude hasn’t made a good album for over a decade . And the “oh you must love lil pump” etc reply is so damn weak get off your pedestal. The Lil Pump album was much better put together than the past five Eminem projects

Felipe Palomares says:

This melon is salty AF, such a bias review.

Andi Indi says:

Perhaps you should stick with reviewin’ shit you actually know something about?? Like the best methods to lure children into a van?

VicaMOOR says:

Eminem’s album isn’t for the casual listener. I feel that Eminem has already shown what he can do with his songs and has done it well. Now, he’s experimenting with what he can do with lyrics. He’s a lyrical genius at this point and only a few will be able to follow him and understand what he’s presented. However, I do feel that he’s trying too hard to recapture what he was and that’s simply not going to happen. The times have changed. The audience is different. What once worked won’t work anymore. He needs to let that go, and in my opinion, be more positive in his music like he was in “Not Afraid.”

CaH6633 says:

Come on Melon. Surely this was better than Lil Pump.

Don Eladio says:

What a Fag

M Hunter says:

400k views in 6 hours and it’s not trending…

Ban Fernandez says:

My problem with Eminem was that lately he didn’t seem to have a target or topic for real. And that he was just trying to smash bars into everything.
Funny enough even though he sounds bitter and petty as hell on this album he found a target. Best Eminem album in a while.

SamerPo says:

Why are so many people upset about this review he’s been doing reviews forever this was no different. Just because you thought it was too harsh doesn’t make it a bad review. Maybe you just disagree and find that frustrating which is understandable, but I mean no music critic is ever gonna make a perfect review. These were just his thoughts and opinions on an album, he’s been doing this shit for years

Drudge says:

Ill give it a 6. Revival was a 3 (for the 3 songs I enjoyed on it)

Im not feeling your music taste anymore though fantano, been listening to too much bubblegum rap.

kaide melloch says:

Remember he also gave lil pump a 7. Yawn lol

Asis202 says:

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

Richard Sedillos says:

Trump paid he off to hate the album lol

ghostkicktdenbeat says:

Don‘t get it why people say Em sounds bitter. To me he just sounds hungry and angry again which is just what I wanted to hear. And don‘t tell me about his age when he‘s rapping like that! FOH Fantano you hating

Jarrad Hurley says:

I don’t think anyone is silly enough to expect absolute maturity from Eminem. He’s always been juvenile and while that used to be his charm, now it’s to his detriment. I think the album is decent if you detach yourself a bit from Eminem’s lore and enjoy it for what it is. I’d argue it’s his best album since Recovery, which I thought was better than most people thought.

YouTea says:

6/10 for me. 4 is way too low just based on the bars.

Serious Bismuth says:

Wow Melon… you’re taking an *L* from Me on this one man. You got Shady and can’t take it.
I’m giving this review a *Soft 4/10*

Rajveer singh says:

You have it bad review cause u think he’s overrated

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