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►My review of the explosive surprise album “Kamikaze” by now iconic rapper Eminem. The Detroit native’s 10th record has lots of people talking, once again reinforcing the power of Em’s methods (for better or for worse)

Aftermath/Shady/Interscope Records
Release: 8/31/18
Rating: sorrybutwatch/5

►Favorite tracks: The Ringer, Greatest, Fall, Kamikaze, Not Alike, Stepping Stone, Lucky You

►Least faves: Nice Guy, Good Guy

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah: http://bit.ly/InfinityOnHannah

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

►Every review I’ve ever done: http://bit.ly/ARTVarchive

►Try it out: https://open.spotify.com/album/3HNnxK7NgLXbDoxRZxNWiR?si=4FWiyCtpQ-OHBGS05ZqYhg

#Eminem #Kamikaze #MarshallMathers

Eminem Kamikaze Album Track List

1. “The Ringer”
2. “Greatest”
3. “Lucky You” featuring Joyce Lucas
4. “Paul – Skit”
5. “Normal”
6. “Em Calls Paul – Skit”
7. “Stepping Stone”
8. “Not Alike” featuring Royce 5’9″
9. “Fall”
10. “Kamikaze”
11. “Nice Guy” featuring Jessie Reyez
12. “Good Guy” featuring Jessie Reyez
13. “Venom” from the Motion Picture


Cameron Spalding says:

Good review!

Jason Bryd says:

Wait for MGK’s wack ass try to respond to Eminem. I’ve been so tired of MGK for so long. One of my friends wants to be MGK so bad and I don’t get it. Who wants to be a strung out, pale twig that also happens to be the biggest pussy in the United States? Apparently my friend does.

Ajay Bhattacharyya says:

I just realized that the side of the plane on the album cover says “Fu 2”

ARTV says:


Klasse says:

I feel like this album lacks content that isn’t dissing people. Something like Bad Guy, Toy Soldiers, Sing For The Moment, etc

Societatea Ascendentă says:

Has Em actually tried to provoke this feelings he has now, when releasing Revival, knowing that People will hate it – come on, you can not tell me that he did not think of that, but maybe he saw it as an Album therapy just for himself, while in parallel fueling his Feelings for the next album. Man, I am no 13 years old, but artists did all Kind of stuff, throughout history, to revive sparks into their own Inspiration. And Em is one of the most clever dudes in Rap. Don’t you think that he could hire the best executive producers to help him make Revival a classic album, but instead he went the “I really do not care” therapy route?

D3ATH R0W99 says:

Are you going to do a Vinyl Theatre -Starcruiser review??

nobody important says:

Alkaline trio’s new album review?!?

David Tilling says:

Pretty sure Eminem is watching this video..

Ferdinan Ndo says:


Randomfools says:

I knew it was going to be far better than Revival about 30 seconds into Ringer but still tried to keep my expectations low. I’ve listened to it a few times and really like it. I think it’s the dropkick in the head that hip hop needs. Had Good Guy and Nice Guy been replaced with Chrloseptic (remix), Caterpillar or Majesty (with more Eminem and less Nicki Minaj – he completely takes over that) it would have been even better. Nothing was really unlistenable to me like Revival though. Strongest points are Ringer, Greatest, Lucky You and Fall. Stepping Stone, Kamikaze and Normal felt like MMLP2. Not Alike is a perfect send up of modern hip hop. Would also rate it around a 4/5. Was a really pleasant surprise.

fax0_max says:

Are u gonna review the new IDLES album joy as an act of resistance? For me is one of the best punk albums of this year the only punk album who is on the same level, in my opinion, is wide awake by parquet courts.
Sorry if my inglish isnt good because im 14 and im from Portugal so inglish is not my first language.

jaime s says:

i dont get the hate on revival. the first few songs are bad yes, but the second half of the álbum is really good

Furry Scythe says:

Lupe Fiasco – SLR is the best disstrack in the history.

ash horrigan says:

a lot of people say this and i think it’s very true, that when eminem feels backed into a corner, feels like people are against him, basically feels like how he felt back when he was losing rap battles, that’s when he makes his best shit. you can kinda tell though revival is an album that means a lot to him which, i think, is also why he’s made this record. he didn’t do this with relapse, he even went on to admit it’s not a good album, but with revival…. we get a whole album and him saying people slept on revival. but it almost makes me glad he got pissed off, and felt the way he did because we ended up getting a good project from him.

Bryan Lambky says:

Alkaline Trio new album review coming next?

Greg Campbell says:

Ahhhh Ems back . Imagine if he popped some pills and hit the Mic.

Robert_6- _ says:

I think eminem did revival on purpose

bmkproductions says:

Man I was waiting for you to review this album haha, this project is great! I’m one of the few people who enjoyed Revival(there’s a few songs I didn’t like on it). But this album is exactly what Em needed to do

vidella Delveen says:

very nice

The Gamemania says:


1-Step Fury says:

Have you seen MGK reaction to Em diss? He pop bottles and celebrated that he got mention.

DoktorZayus Fcuked says:

Why did he rip off the Beastie Boys album cover? WTF?

DMW Texas says:

Revival was one of em’s best albums. 2010 was em’s last great year SO FAR, with the bad meets evil album and the songs he featured in

Christopher Louth says:

I don’t see what there is to hate tbh, who has actually rapped better than this in 2018?

Devin McCreery says:

Good 2 see Marshal Mathers back and better.

Link says:

Revivel was not teribel but difrent i likt it

Tom says:

Emulator Nemesis best rapper

Cameron Spalding says:

NOt all critics and fans hated it: The UK Independent Newspaper gave Revival 4/5 and Unabashedly Reggie gave it a 7.5/10

HasanJF says:

Well, Fantano gave this album a 4/10, yet gives Lil Pump’s mixtape a 7/10. What the fuck is he smoking?

Cameron Spalding says:

4/5 completely agree

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