Eminem – “Rap God” TRACK REVIEW (“Berzerk,” too!)

Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7cQ3b0iqLo / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab9176Srb5Y

Eminem’s major singles leading up to the release of the sequel to the Marshall Mathers LP have underwhelmed me a bit, honestly.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


VenomShock33 says:

why does this guy in the thumbnail look mentally disabled

Mercutio says:

This album was a disgrace to the first MMLP

kieran p says:

“It’s not hip-hop it’s pop, coz I found out hella way to fuse it” – Eminem.
“Rap is not pop, if you call it that, then stop” – Q-Tip

Paul Olsen says:

keep pressing 0

TeamFruitSalad says:

I grew up with Eminem so I was really looking forward to seeing what he could do on this.

sinparis says:


jack james says:

well your whole point is completely nullified when you got the lyric concept wrong, he never said take it back to real hip hop and then directly referenced the beastie boys , he has a beastie boys influenced instrumental (which isn’t the point of the song ), the lyric actually says, “lets take it back to real hip hop and start it from scratch”, Scratch – DJ, Mixing reference, a double entendre so suck my thumb

viranga perera says:

Love it.

TheJCghost says:

Love all three just my opinion.

Dick so small, I piss on my balls says:

This comment section is tons of people who don’t know what lyrical acrobatics is

AaronW says:

I thought rap god came out in 2004

ramon salazar says:

Lil B is the real rap god

Young Sushi says:

Reveiw the song on my page. Real raw

thebeatleswin1 says:

This new eminem song. It’s got bars

cameron utt says:

Dude you know that the “crunchy guitar sound” by “Rick Ruben” is a stupid ass statement. The beat is just a re-sampling of Billy Squire’s “The Stroke”, a true classic that ANY music critic should know. Also I haven’t seen all your vids l, but the only album I’ve seen you “like” was by Tyler the Creator and he’s straight up garbage. I’ve even seen you hate on Aesop Rock…WTF?! No disrespect but I find your taste as a critic kinda questionable at times. The one thing I somewhat agree with is that mainstream music is mostly Trash. In my opinion you gotta go underground or independent to find music that legitimately tries and has any kind of an edge to it, with a few rare exceptions thrown in.

Thicc B says:

Can’t tell if theneedledrop is completely shitposting or serious

Roguelike Music says:

hi everyone

Mr. Chomsky says:

I loved both the tracks only because I took them for face value. Personally I don’t feel he has ever been as real as he was in Infinite. I still use “It’s ok” as a feel good track. For those who don’t know em attempted suicide after the failure of that record. Sadly he succeeded in his attempt. He managed to kill a raw real version of him that we never got back. He is a rap god, but there are many gods and will always be more than one.

MrMultiAlber says:

tran-ny… shut up

Siraël Sombrelame says:

Goddamnit, I don’t think even Eminem himself gives a damn fuck about Berzerk’s lyrics, the one and only point of Berzerk is the actual music! Like, this is music, not a poem, you’re not just listening to lyrics, you’re listening to music, and I think Eminem only focused on the musical aspects of the song, resulting in an incrdibly energic, groovy and catchy song! In most Rap music, the actual music is written to come along with the rhythm and the atmosphere of the lyrics and its meaning, but Berzerk is the opposite, the lyrics are mostly adapted to the rhythm of the music, the actual groove, just enjoy it goddamnit!

Ameer Khan says:

came here for the thumbnail.

Kanra x Izayaa says:


Mr. Chomsky says:

Dammit Leon recently taught me YouTube comments aren’t for feedback. What the hell was I thinking. Oh well……………..

Zachary June says:

“Windows 98 on a brand new iMac.” That makes no sense.

Ruben Rundqvist says:

People here saying Eminem is overrated. Bitch name one rapper who is more successful than Eminem, you can’t name one, do you? I agree the old Em is 10x times better than the new Em but to say that he is overrated is just pure autism.

ogbmt says:

Unfortunately Eminem is made of rubber so everything Anthony says is bouncing off of Eminem and glueing to Anthony.

Mikispike says:

There’s slot of em haters in the comments

Patrick Rasmusen says:


JackGetsBored12 says:

couldn’t agree more

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