Eminem – Revival ALBUM REVIEW

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This is bad.

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FAV TRACKS: CASTLE, parts of FRAMED, parts of OFFENDED, WALK ON WATER before I heard the rest of this awful album




Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Kyle Rath says:

I like this album. Everyone wants him to be like his first albums..who is this guy to judge. Idiots.

MuscogeeWolf says:

I did find a couple of the beats and hooks to be lackluster. However, I def caught myself nodding my head to most of the songs on the album. For the most part Em’s verses and delivery were pretty dope. The album wasn’t bad in my opinion.

he chit says:

I thought; Relapse was a good album!!!! Encore sucked, Relapse was good

Nix says:

He starts with album with “why” and ends the album with “now I know”.

Sinisterage says:

What I find hysterical in this whole hatenado that’s come along for this album is that Em predicted the whole shit. Knowing that NOTHING, NOTHING he does is EVER good enough for anyone outside of his core fan base anymore. No matter what he does. He could fucking resurrect everything about the Slim Shady everyone claims to have loved in the early 00s and motherfuckers would still pick it apart and give it 3’s and shit. Once you’ve reached that level of legendary, the only place to go from there is down. Nothing you do will ever fucking please anyone anymore. Except for the people who ride for you regardless. That’s why Biggie and Pac are Lucky to have died so young. If they lived as long as Em and Jay-Z they would have lived long enough to see their music be shit on by people who haven’t the talent to make anything themselves. Interesting.

KnoJokeVino says:

Fantano please tell me you joking on these bars. This is ridiculous

untouchable Tee says:


mccmixes says:

Eminem fans writing essays in the comments trying to defend I.t

User IsAlone says:

Lil Pump gotta better review than Eminem…..

Hamza Montana says:

eminem is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overrated

Shady X.V says:

This dude doesn’t explain why the “Album is really bad” he just explains what annoys him.

Andrew Thomas says:

I like river and walk on water, and nothing else.

Sam Gallegos says:

So many good bars in this album. Seriously ranked it a light 2? You gave Foxing a better review.

Louis Costanzo says:

I thought the album was good. did i like every second of every song – no but I saw lyrical quality within each mixed with some genius – as I did 15 years ago. Waste of 5 minutes listening to this bald negative emo fuck

the annoyer says:

i must say first i was like santano was a bit of a dick but now that i took the dick in my throat it feel a lot better listening to your dick riding .

Fabian Torres says:

This is my favorite album

imnotkylehillman says:

not bad, but okay. people just dont know talent, now maybe this is bad for eminem, but this is good imo

21Empark says:

“Walk on water” was a terrible single for the album, Beautiful song but, it could’ve served as a hype song, even with Skylar.

But from there on, it’s a smooth ride until “tragic ending”. The ride includes stops like “Believe”, which should’ve been the opining single. Sick dark song, and it builds up to an epic last verse. “Chloraseptic” is a great follow up song, again with dark bassy tune telling rappers to stay humble.

“Remind me” is a great rap/rock in reverse. A rapper rocking, not a rocker rapping, and it’s very well put together by Rick Rubin, listen to it with open mind, knowing it’s not a rock beat but I trust you, it’ll grow on you.

“Framed” is very “3am” like from replase, pretty sure it was written back then. It’s another Eminem horrocore song portraying his lyrical ability.

“Offended” is just probably the most complex song Em probably has ever written. Very underpowered beat with Eminem flowing in all different directions.

This all leads to what I think should be the second single from this album,”In your head”. Everyone recognises the chorus from “Zombie” by the Cranberries. Probably the smoothest song on the album. I don’t know the producer Scram Jones but good fucking job.

I’m all, great album, just be patient with it because there’s alot to absorb.

Garcia'sSun says:

so pretty much angry because his album isn’t like every other rap album? And because he is trying something new?

PowerInControl says:

You fucking bitch. You clearly dont get eminem or his music. So your opinion is irrelevant. Fuck off yout cunt. Look like some old potato with glasses. Your reviews are terrible as usual.

Rhys Bfield says:

Slim shady needs to come back

Drew M says:

This sucked…. when did his music begin to suck such ads

WGravesX says:

Watching this is exactly how you felt about the album, a waste of my time.

James says:

Do you got an IPhone 5?????

Lefty says:

What happened to Em?

michael turner says:

Hey buddy go put the cock back in your mouth. Your opinion is straight ass.

Justin Emmanuel says:

I liked in your head

Aj Pippin says:

Worst album ever. A dumpster fire

William Bieber says:

Hey Anthony. What’s the album you have in the back? Been focused on it the whole time….great review as always

william chen says:

Honestly I haven’t even listened to this album. Not sure I want to.

Mr Rivera says:

Can’t take u serious when u say the album is mixed like garbage… who mixes better then Dr Dre I’ll wait

ravenouspali says:

i dont know, its amazing album

Uncle Jesse says:

Sorry, But I stopped at “The Eminem Show”… Yep I skipped the drug rehab over dose albums with rihanna, the goofy song with Drake and Lil Wayne, yes, I skipped it along with the dumb rap god shit. The last thing I know of good ole Eminem is “I Think my Dad’s gone Crazy”

Awymer says:

Eats while talking never watching him again

TheRoboticGamer says:

I can’t believe the comments
I actually enjoyed the album sure there were 2 bad songs and 3 ok songs but the other songs are amazing
His lyricism on this album is amazing and his speed on Offended is like no other
In River he proves he could team up with pop singers and still make an amazing song
Castle and Arose go together very well and Arose made me cry  Like Home freaking destroyed Trump and Believe and Chloraseptic show how he could still be great on trap beats 
Sure Remind Me and Heat are crap but songs like Framed (even though that hook is eh) are great
Bad Husband was unexpected and really great and Tragic Endings is powerful and I really like Nowhere fast
Untouchable his delivery and beat on the first half is strange but he makes up for it on the 2nd half and the message is great 
I could go through every song but you should get the point
Eminem is an amazing artist and no I am not a dickriding white fanboy I just don’t get why people are so blind from how great this album is 
Although I give it a 7.8

Nine 5 says:

Eminem has 4 Great albums (MMLP1&2 ,Eminem show Slim shady LP) and 4 shitty albums (Revival,Recovery,Relapse,Encore)

Uncle Jesse says:

1:19 CLONE….

roger thaAlien says:

go fuck yourself you fuckin faggot ass white guy

Hey, isn't that Devon Graham? says:

I tried. 20 secs into track 2 and I felt dumb for thinking he could be great again. Fact still stands, he’s been trash since he stopped featuring Dina Rae on track 13.

Got' Emmm says:

Someone needs to go after Slim so he can attack that person. To many people are afraid of him (which they should) but it would “Revival” his career.

Anth t says:

This album is fire. This review was terrible to watch because you think your a music expert

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