Eminem known for his insane rhymes, eccentric rap alter ego and ridiculous flow has decided it’s time to watch the world burn. Eminem’s new album REVIVAL is rumored to be released next week but FIRST he has a new single out with called WALK ON WATER with singer Beyonce. Will Eminem show the world why he’s one of the greats, or confirm that he’s “washed up”?

Eminem – Walk On Water ft. Beyonce Full Song

New album coming soon. If I had to rate this song I’d give a 7/10
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Pugglesworth says:

Review Daniel Caesar he’s awesome

Dennis Parkinson says:

man… dont do all the fucking cuts…we would like to listen to it with you and hear what you have to say, the cuts legit ruined your video for me. junk.

Gladitorian says:

fam what was the first song … now stop trippin… I know the song just forgot the name .. switched to Apple Music from Deezer

Bole Manson says:

yo shawn do a first reaction of maxo kream unless you have heard him already then do a review of either the persona tape or maxo 87

yoChubs says:


Alex Paulino says:

An true artist biggest critique is himself

Memphis Grizzlies says:

This dude is EXTRA!! This song is Art & sound amazing and not for everyone

Martin Gomez says:

Shawn Cee can do more $uicideBoy$ reaction. I know a few song that you would enjoy!!!!

chol bu rap says:

musica linda salve do brasil 🙂

sharon conyers says:

This Sooong trash

Kyle Sinclair élève says:

Do a video on 6lacks three new bonus tracks!!!

DOA Music Official says:

best review ive seen man. most people just review the song without going in depth on both sides and pointing out pros and cons of every opinion. its nice to see someone actually analyzing a track. you got a sub from me definitely!

D Augustin says:

Review the new Jaden Smith album!!!!!!!! Or Ima have to unsubscribe fam.

freja dart says:

Nah, I’m an outsider and I don’t see this song as whiny, more like insecure or worrisome

Nik Feldt says:

Beautiful lip synch performance by slim. Skylar sang live btw

Majdh Otb says:

Put some respect on Beyonce’s Name ?!!!!!!!!

Jacob Reed says:

You should review Mac Lethal congratulations

Tommy w says:

Ngl this song made up for that freestyle

Humble says:

I can only walk on water when it’s frozen means that he only can reach his bar when certain conditions have been met. It can also mean that he can reach the bar if it isn’t that high.

ssbm_player1913 says:


Ethan S says:

I really don’t like this song. I don’t know why it just doesn’t sound good to me…

legendary MJ says:

I didn’t like the fact you cut out some of the best parts of the song oh well u do you.

Dustin Moore says:

Why didn’t you just watch the song , why the cut outs man?

Josh T says:

Honestly people how do any of you dig this garbage? It is so bad. Almost worse than his Trump freestyle.
This guys career is dead.
Just terrible


and im not a stan or beyonce fanatic

iftahaj says:

this was trash

Michael Fortman says:

Man you should react to just about any of upchurch’s songs

Wesley Gray says:

Far from washed up.

Esmée Visser says:

Its a good one

Francisco Castillo says:

When you gonna react to night Lovell ?

UnKnowN says:

The ending. Epic fail

Timi Sallu says:

React to wretch 32

Steven Brown says:

When do you plan to review the greatest lyricist of all time and his best album. The Teacher’s Back – Vybz Kartel (2008)

William Pope says:


rand0mletters1 says:

Would you ever open this channel up to something other than hip-hop? I would love to see you react to classic albums from other genres.


“ill take yo bitch” is what im promoting FOH

Tyra Ellen says:

The last part was slim shady and the rest was Marshall Mathers..how did he not get that?

Trainer Ronny CR says:

Yall needa actually think about the song. Ok. Once yall can relate to this you will think its amazing. This song shows how all these other rappers are “Amazing” and how Em used to be “Amazing” and yall hold him to those expectations when its impossible to stand up to them. Even tho he raps about him being a god and stuff, yall needa take into consideration that he can’t hold that position and always be on top. The rap industry is changing durastically and Em aint the auto tune bitch ass rapper that everyone is now a days and yall can’t hold him to that standard. Think deep into every line of this song before calling it shit. Also with all of this on Em you cant expect him to throw out his feelings. No human can do that.


you ought to make some musicanddrop it whenevr you want to and quit telling hall of famer’s how they should run there camp. has the world gotten that sensitive greedy that an artist is disrespectful if they drop music when they feel like it instead of when sean c from youtube said so. your words not mine

OOH 2 WEE Productions says:

Yo great reaction review, whats the name of the intro beat you used?

miguel munoz says:

walk on water is eminem

but in the end when he says he wrote stan was/is his evil twin
slim shady

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