Freddie Gibbs – Freddie MIXTAPE REVIEW


Freddie Gibbs’ eponymous mixtape mostly finds the rapper spinning his wheels.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Tyler Mooberry says:

review the now now by gorillaz you sexy hoe

dead.cell# says:

Definitely agree. I really liked Pinata and You Only Live 2wice, but this album did nothing for me. Really hoping the return of Madlib in Bandana turns this around…

taquila yang says:

Freddie Gibbs is a different rapper when he’s with Madlib! I think he’s a better rapper with him. Can’t wait for Bandana!!

King James' Marj says:

I’m not surprised u didn’t like this, but that being said this album was at least a 7 – 8 out of 10. You said the same shit about YOL2. This is a dope bang in the whip type of Album.

kitches says:

i dunno man…. i think gibbs seems to shine more over those obscure sounding madlib underground type boom bap beats rather than the typical trap beats he raps to. he should def link up with more underground boom bap producers in the future

travis eubanks says:

this mixtape is dope as fuck


Where the fuck is the drake review melancholy

Diego Sebastian says:

this album went over the melon’s head

Niv Bavarsky says:

Definitely feel differently about the album than this review (I think it rules) but having a Behold… the Arctopus record in the background of a Freddie Gibbs review is very much my style

beflygelt says:

I give this meh a nothatsjustwrong/10

Off-White Taper says:

anthony, pardon me if i sound rude, but drop your fucking review of scorpion already!

Musically Meditated says:

It’s a summer mixtape. Let’s not forget that. It’s short and sweet. It bangs, and it’s perfect for a summer crusade. It’s some gangster shit. His content has been the same for a hot minute. Perfect mixtape to pop in at 5th in Broadway all the way to route 30. Gary Indiana. Forever.

bapesta481 says:


Crazyboy916ful says:

Review The NowNow from gorillaz

24 Carrot says:

When are ya gonna review the new jay rock?!

Doctor Outer says:

He need them Madlib beats……….period

DJ urthbownd says:

busdriver dropped the best album of his career last month but you just gonna review this?…

Jake Westenberger says:

Where’s The Now Now?

keanu carson says:

fuck off melon this release slapped harder than almost all other rap releases this year so far. his career come up was with dirty south too which you always seem to ignore, that Pinata was a detour from his regular style.

Malique Mclean says:

Freddie was a troll tho, Bandanna is coming soon

nko. says:

i understand why you’d be underwhelmed because of lack of progression, but you have to give Freddie credit; his style is consistently his own, and i think he’s truly great at what he does.

james a says:

This is filler til Bandana. Still solid imo.

Cameron Goz says:

freddie clapped u wild

Sharif Hamid says:

Agree with this, was a fun tape, love death row. But felt pretty meh. Didn’t get the energy from the last albums.

Also 78k of you watched and didn’t thumb up? Disrespectful to our melon.

Sean Callahan says:

I actually enjoyed the production on this alot. Those are the hardest 808s ever. The bass begining in weight moves me

JayInHisPrime_ says:

Who need beats doe?

JHDurh says:

Do Jorja Smith Lost and Found

johnnycage435 says:

This is for fans just slappers for the whip nothing serious

TheQuatchman says:

Bandana next Melon

Mini Squidward says:

Lmao that track with greedo should remind you it was a direct homage to Boyz in da hood. Greedo used the flow for a bit too

Screw The Media says:

The cover is dope, reminds me of old school records. Is it worth it?

Erebos1 says:

Where is the Kamasi review

Gwrightproductions1 says:

I hope you criticized Drake for no growth too…cause this album bangs!

Joe Glacken says:

give us a number melon man

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