G.O. #133: Waka Flocka Flame/Pete Rock Instagram Beef and Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music Album Review

This week, we talk about the fued between Waka Flocka Flame and Pete Rock, 21 Savage’s input, and review Killer Mike’s 2012 album.
00:00 Intro / Looney Tunes Commercial
01:49 Old School vs. New School (Pete Rock vs. Waka Flocka Flame Instagram Feud)
31:20 “R.A.P. Music” Killer Mike Patreon Requested Album Review


Aliyah Warren says:


Anvilized says:

Just found this video listening to R.A.P. Music you guys are really charismatic and easy to listen to glad you were as big fans of Reagan as I was

Gg0ver9000 says:

Talk about Joyner new song

The Pirate Gamer Show says:

Pete Rock is just begging for attention by “calling out” the younger generation. I despise old heads who don’t have anything better to do than trying to put down young artists on the come up (Not that Flocka is “on the come up” anymore). They don’t have to enjoy the music (I’m a fan of trap myself but I could see why someone who’s accustomed to G-funk and the like might struggle to get the appeal), but they can at least respect the movement and the artists making up said movement. Regarding that hall of fame thing, Kendrick is most likely going to go down in some sort of hall of fame eventually.

infernotyger says:

Do a rap critic of Dave – how I met my ex please, it’s English rap so very different to what you normally do but I’d love to get your perspective on it 🙂

DOMINER 2004 says:

Early squad

King Eazy says:

Hypocrite, you said it’s good that the new age didn’t have to struggle then you giving props to the new age for expressing their weak struggle.

CCSconnor says:

Please do an rtj review

8 Bit says:

I thought it was annoying at first
But ive grown to love rapcritics inability to talk without laughing

Ursula Rogers says:

I really like this podcast. Y’all should check out the SNL skit with Chance the Rapper. Basically it pokes fun at old and new school rap.

Dee Tee says:

You keep calling Waka flocka young, He’s 31

Miles Prower says:

All you are focusing on is the generational divide and completely ignoring the growing divide between mainstream hip-hop and underground hip-hop culture that happened post Biggie and Pac.

You completely ignore the ‘underground renaissance’ that happened in the late 90s and early 2000s. The Rawkus era and the time when De La Soul dropped Stakes is High, MF Doom and when Stones Throw artists like Madlib came along with the Alkaholiks and the Lootpack. Stakes is High for many was also the introduction to J-Dilla (who helped solidify neo-soul as a genre) and Common. Seeing it from this perspective you can totally understand the argument that Trap is a decline in the quality of hip-hop. How this shit is just a walking minstrel show.

Seeing this shit as just a generational divide is completely ignoring this BS. How can you ignore Rawkus???? They are a label that released Soundbombing. One of the most influential albums in hip hop. It featured Eminem FFS. You act like nothing was fucking happening during the late 90s. Like it was all Jay-Z and DMX. In a talk about the growing divde between mainstream and underground the influence of labels like Stones Throw, Rawkus and sites/communities like Okayplayer cannot be just ignored and tossed to the side (the narrative of bitter and skint old boom bap producers being too simplistic)

poison dart says:

Look I’m a younger person I get ya’ll are trying to kiss my generations ass to keep your podcast going but the music nowadays is garbage compared to the music that came out in the 80s and 90s

Rap Critic says:

Worst Lyrics of 2017 coming soon! Wanna suggest a lyric from this year that I might miss? Go to my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rapcritic

Larry Knicks says:

People talked about this when Jack Black “asked” Dio to “pass the torch” years ago. No old head is going to let a young buck get in as easily so they wanna check his authenticity nowadays. It seems like it comes across as bitter in my opinion

Rowan Crump says:

Rest In Peace, Lil Peep

Kai Pierce says:

Mues can be serious that social media is a hard pill to swallow keeping up with and so forth. Social media made these guys big. Think if Soundcloud was around in the 90ties if Big L, or Das Efx would not have been ten times bigger than they were. If there was no social media Xxxtentation, Trippy Red and etc would have had to jump through far more hurdles to make it big. I’m just sayin.

Jlo Zone says:


Hector Guzman says:

My school’s Digital Audio Production Class said to listen to a podcast and critique It. Then I see the YouTube Notification ….perfect timing

Chain_lamar says:

did u do bank account magnolia rubbing off the paint and ugmmm idk

Peter Lafranchise says:

just call him x

Satan says:

You need to review shiners 13 please!!!

Bosnien Battlefielder says:

hopsing new album is fire.male a review

Wave says:

Do Lil Peep

The Comrad Camp says:


The Sauce says:

Good podcast

Dee Tee says:

I feel Pete Rock’s frustration comes from the fact that the new rappers want accolades and props for things they haven’t accomplished. Only time will tell if any of these new artists will reach the heights “golden era” rap has. This is the generation of participation awards, not for the actual merit of the work. I feel that in PR’s day artists, rappers had to struggle for opportunities, that rappers of today just get handed…and with them being handed these opportunities, they still make what a lot of people deem as sub par music.

Ian Miller says:

Do baby wipe please

Vladimir Klizschko says:

Damn that album came out in 2012….fucking dope as shit but isnt it pretty late?

Bee See says:

Snoop also called out new rappers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMRkxidQO-M

cool kid87 says:

I like mues opening statements pertaining to the wacka, p rock situation

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