G.O. #137: Eminem’s Revival and BROCKHAMPTON’s Saturation III Double Reviews!

00:00 Here Comes A New Challenger
07:07 BROCKHAMPTON “Saturation III” Album Review
25:47 Eminem “Revival” Album Review


Diogo Paciência says:

36:09 Bill was gonna say something about Day, what was it?

PrOt0typ3-V says:

It sounds like RC was in a bad mood listening to SATURATION III lol this album is amazing

Trevor Henry says:

The Eminem Show

MAD MAN says:

The worst thing about Revival was Eminem singing his hooks.

Lil_Bad_Bubba412 says:

Eminem had Ed Sheeran’s part of River for well over a year. He didn’t get him because he’s as huge as he is right now, he got him a while ago before he had any of these tracks made.

Where does the line get drawn between clever and a dad joke? Because a lot of the lines that were clever to me (and apparently Rap Critic) were dismissed as trash. The “spite her man” line was clever. “I’m stiff as a statue you set on a shelf. I feel like I’ma bust. Maybe I’m just ahead of myself” was funny as fuck too.

Walk On Water – Eminem letting everybody know that the criticism is getting to him but he isn’t going to stop making music. He doesn’t like being seen as a god.

Believe – First off the opening lines for this were clever as hell.
And I started from the bottom
Like a snowman, ground-up
Like round chuck, and still put hands on you
Stayin’ wound up is how I spend time
Copying the Genius annotations:

“still put hands on you”

The last thing you’re likely to add to a snowman would be some sticks for arms then some mittens or gloves for hands.

Before, Em makes a reference to beef (ground beef). Now he will “put hands on you”: A common slang term for hitting someone.

“stayin’ wound up is how I spend time”

There are watches that, instead of running off of a battery, have a wind up mechanism.

“Wound up” is a common phrase meaning tense, anxious or fidgety. Em spends his time being wound up, or restless and anxious.

“Spend” is a homophone for “spin”. A watch being wound up is what makes the hands spin. In other words, the mechanism being wound up spins time.

All of that is within the first 4 lines and nobody thought it was anything noteworthy. The rest of the song was essentially a better version of Walk On Water but instead conveying that “I’m still killing shit whether you turn your back on me or not, and if you do give up on me then don’t come back”

Chloraseptic – Eminem taking the newer style of rap and showing that he can do it too. The lines

(Like?) Like your bitch when she gives me brain
Like she thinks I’m dumb
Grabs the crown of my dick and blows me to kingdom come
‘Til I feel anointed
She makes iller noises
When she’s with me, must be from the Windy City
Pretty apparent, she’s a MILF when blowin’ me
‘Cause I conned her into
Rippin’ the condom in two (woo!)

Gives me brain like she thinks I’m dumb | crown, kingdom, annoited & come with cum | windy city ties in with the blowjob | pretty apparent (a parent), MILF, rippin the condom in two (thus making her a parent because there is no protection).

What kind of nut drives a Budweiser truck
Finds a slut, tries to surprise her, cuffs, ties her up
Binds up, cuts, slices her twice?
But the muff diver must just like it rough
Fuck right in her vagina, blood
Flies up on the visor, like a geyser, uh

While there is no wordplay here like the last one but there are maybe two-three syllables in all of those lines that don’t rhyme on paper but Eminem made those fit the rhyme scheme in the actual song. That is actually amazing that he rhymed “What kind of” roughly 15 times in a row.

Untouchable – I can see how the hook on here is corny, as well as the dragged out lines in the first part of the song. While I don’t think it makes the song bad in any way, I can see how others would feel that way about it. However, the entire last verse of the song more than makes up for the average first half imo.

River – Amazing hook. I probably haven’t listened to a single full Ed Sheeran song but the man can fucking sing, I don’t care who he is as long as he does his job well which he went above and beyond in. The song was about abortion and while enjoyable wasn’t my favorite on the album.

Remind Me – Eminem was having fun and I had fun listening to it. Simple as that to me. I thought Rubin did fine on the beat and the chorus was great. It didn’t sound as fucking abysmal as Mues tried to make it sound. And besides, “fake tits are still better than real ones”

Like Home – You guys covered it in the video but it was a good political song, much better than Untouchable. The beginning felt very odd to me “You don’t have to agree”, yet he told all Trump supporters “fuck you” and specifically told them to pick a side. I can see what he means, “you don’t have to have as strong of an opinion as I do or see it exactly as I do, but fuck you if you *support* him”

Bad Husband – I really enjoyed this song except for maybe the last verse solely based on how his last verse was. It flowed very awkwardly and could’ve been worded much better but as far as it goes, this was Eminem’s Headlights for Kim. His first full apology song for Kim. The “I don’t care anymore” argument confuses me. You don’t like him rapping about nothing and using all of the punchlines he can to just rap but when he raps about a topic he feels deeply about it is just dismissed as “this isn’t interesting”. This is a woman that he wrote a song about killing her, which he performed at a concert that he knew she was attending, had their daughter in a song about disposing of her body, and a song that is nothing but him saying how much he hates her and wishes that she would die, and he is apologizing for all of it.

Tragic Endings – This song sounded really good. Skylar is an amazing singer, but I will say that this song sounded like a more generic version of Love the Way You Lie, similar to Rap Critics point. I enjoy it but it doesn’t stand out.

Framed – It sounded a lot like Relapse and it sounded great. The hook is hit or miss with a lot of people but I loved it, it’s fun as hell to sing along to. And while I can agree with the War Machine line in Nowhere Fast being too much, the “Just escaped the state pen for rapin’ eight women who hate men” isn’t too much at all for a song that is about killing people. The song has these lines for fucksake
She’s unaware in no underwear, she’s completely bare
Turns around and screams, I remember distinctly
I said “I’m here to do sink repairs.”
Chop her up, put her body parts
In front of Steven Avery’s trailer and leave ’em there
Cut my public defender’s jugular then stuck him up in a blender
Another dismembered toddler discovered this winter probably
‘Cause I disassembled the body

Rape is less graphic than dismembering a toddler so I don’t see how that was too far, but maybe it’s just me. Oh, and the line

When I break in your basement
Under your baby’s play pen, I lay in, wait adjacent
Facin’ the door, remainin’ patient while stayin’ complacent

Is making a play on “wait adjacent, facin’ the door” and “wait, a Jason face in the door”. Takes a few listens to catch certain things.

Nowhere Fast – First verse is meh, second verse is good (except for the War Machine line). Not that great to me.

Heat – I liked this song. I can see how it is bad but it’s similar to Remind Me in that it’s a Rick Rubin rock beat that turns many people away. Also like Remind Me, it’s Eminem just having fun. To me it is fun to listen to but apparently not to others.

Offended – Eminem saying offensive things with almost no beat so that his lines are heard more clearly and a nursery rhyme as a chorus that is intentionally juvenile in humor. I can’t see how the chorus can be shit on for being childish when it’s supposed to be the most inoffensive chorus possible while still maintaining the same idea.

Need Me – Pink did a good job here but she did too much. The only non-Eminem verse on the album was for Pink, allowing her to take up the first half of this song. After Offended, which is nothing but bars from Eminem, this break is nice but it goes on for too long. The rest of the song was decent.

In Your Head – Good verses, lazy but fitting hook. Not much else to say.

Castle/Arose – Letters Eminem wrote to Hailie in 1995, 1996, and 2007. 1995 when Hailie was born and Eminem talked about how happy he was that she was born. 1996 when Eminem had just released Infinite and it failed, forshadowing the Slim Shady persona. 2007 when Eminem was apologizing to Hailie for bringing so much attention to her as he never meant for her to be in the spotlight, followed by him collapsing from drug overdose. Rap Critic seemed to be the only one that noticed that these take place when Hailie is born, 1 year old, and 12 years old, while Mues was confused as to why Eminem was apologizing to his 22 year old daughter still. Arose was Eminem on his hospital bed voicing his thoughts as he wasn’t able to speak at the time, trying to say sorry to his daughters but being unable to as he was dying. The final verse of Arose says “I’m rewinding the tape” and picks up half-way through the last verse of Castle where he changes the ending of the song so that he flushes his pills down the toilet and doesn’t OD. Some amazing writing from Eminem doesn’t get any positive comments from anybody but Rap Critic. Also, 2 of the best songs on the album and Mues mentally checked out, knew he did, and thought that the songs were so unbearably shitty that he couldn’t listen to them to actually review them like a critic would.

Kenneth Frierson says:

I just listened to revival and Rap Critic is trippin its a 2 if you’re feeling generous

Tarik El-azim says:

Encore is the worst work eminem ever did. Ya boys are buggin.

Miroslav Kajgan says:

I don’t like muses disregard for this anythig eminem has done on the whole album is just abysmal to me

TheGalfwong says:

Kevin made a tweet saying Follow’s only gonna be available on the drafts disc

Jeeses99 says:

This album is way worse than Encore. By miles.

Just Malicious says:

Rap critic is such Eminem apologist

Jm87 says:

You know god damn well TRC is defending revival because of untouchable

MAD MAN says:

The so called “Rap God” Making a pop album just doesn’t add up

Vercingetorix king of the Arverni says:

I have failed to put into words my opinion on Revival. I must thank the rap critic dearly for doing that for me.

Segway says:

Rap Critic is letting the politics get to his head.

Leo Cachero says:

The tone of Eminem’s voice is annoying then what it was before. Plus anything he’s saying hold’s value, but I agree with Mues and Bill that package it’s delivered in is awful. I love Saturation 3 btw. The rhymes don’t matter, plus I think the sentiment of their verses matter more to them then making a cohesive lyrical theme. This is not always the case. For example, Star.

Brandon Rayson says:

rap critic you must have been on that sherm bruh bruh during this podcast. those punchlines are meh.

prestontv says:

I agree with RC.

daniel johnson says:

Rap critic has AWFUL taste, untouchable beat sounds like a fucking wwf theme song.
this album is terrible and easily his worst, only good tracks are framed and the last 2 joints
all you em stans in the comments are weird too, the man has dropped a dud

Mhm Sien says:

I hate Encore but it had some pretty good songs, Yellow brick Roads , Like a Toy Soldier , Mosh and Mockingbird

The_other_black_guy says:

The way rap critic feels about this album and the frustration he feels is how I feel when he reviews NF

TheOneAndOnlyNAB says:

Eminem hasn’t made a good album since The Eminem Show.

Encore has some of the worst Eminem songs ever. (1st Single, Big Weenie)

Relapse is ruined by the ridiculous accent and was the beginning of bland, dull writing where Eminem doesn’t talk about anything relevant or interesting and/or rehashes incredibly dated topics.

Recovery upped Eminem’s corny punchlines and was a straight up pop-rap album. 1999 Em would have made diss tracks about Recovery Eminem.

Marshal Mathers LP 2 was bland, poorly produced, and the worst mix of pop/rock beats, lack of lyrical substance, and lifeless artist features.

And now we’re at Revival…which is just a fucking mess. Em’s voice sounds broken. His lines are absolutely garbage and we would CRUCIFY any other old rapper who did this (Jay, Nas, Black Thought, Andre, anybody). And the production…what the fuck happened?

Why are people being Yes Men about this album?

Hazel Ninja says:

Rap Critic you’re full on Stanning in this episode wtf

Richard Wallace says:

Why do people dislike Revival? I didnt like every song but there are songs on there that I’ll be adding permanently to my music library.

Kuumba Films says:

Bruh, for me, BOOGIE, ZIPPER, BLEACH, RENTAL, TEAM are gonna be classics in a couple months.

Abraham Pena says:

React to I’m not racist-Joyner Lucas

Vasco Carvalho says:

You can tell RC is a liberal leftist…
The other guy gives points while he just screams.
Damn just admit Revival was trash.
He just likes Revival because it’s liberal leftist trash

Dan Karlin says:

“Castle” and “Arose” as a two-part song is one of my favorite things Em has done post-hiatus, but this is by far his worst post-hiatus album overall.

david ortega says:

Please do a review alone and not with these two A holes. They’re just hating to hate and went into to it wanting to hate it. That’s this whole new generation. They go into something to hate it. Out of the 17 songs on the album I only thought 5 were bad. 8 were amazing and the rest were good.

DankDaddy says:

Rap Critic is the whitest person on this podcast

Tim Wilkie says:

You can’t drop Revival, Recovery, and Relapse almost damn near in a row and be called the greatest. 3 GARBAGE albums

Mike WOP says:


Sean says:

I love recovery lol

Rap Critic says:

See the Top 10 WORST Lyrics of 2017 NOW for only $1! https://www.patreon.com/posts/16037767

Addison Davis says:

saturation was an amazing trilogy all in my top 5 albums this year. 3,1,2

The_other_black_guy says:

Loved revival but he coulda removed 5 songs from this and made it tighter

Pats 4 Life says:

I agree with Rap critic

The Grim Keeper says:

I fucking loved revival

Noah Kim says:

48:38 he didn’t get it come on now

Hazel Ninja says:

Encore is truly better than Revival who wants to argue??

Group Hug says:

More serious evidence that Rap Critic has lousy taste. He’s funny and writes a good diss on his show but what he LIKES is suspect. Plus he made no effort to understand where BH is coming from, so he can dismiss them outta hand. It’s like who he pays attention to and is willing to put effort into he’s already decided are good and therefore worth his time. Man, “the first 10 tracks”?? That’s just some doggeral taste right there

Super Duper Murph says:

48:59 made me laugh harder than it should have

Stephen says:

Mues’ entire argument against Revival was, “he’s already done all this, so now its boring.” So if a new artist had done this, it would’ve been highly reviewed. What?

James Valaitis says:

I really enjoyed Recovery. I also really enjoyed SATURATION III and NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES.
I’ve heard enough people trashing Eminem’s latest album that I would have enjoyed hearing even more positivity from Rap Critic.
Enough people hate the album that it’s clear people aren’t saying it simply as backlash against Eminem, but once again, I genuinely thought it was brilliant.

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