G.O. #139: Eminem’s Chloraseptic Remix and CupcakKe’s Ephorize Album Review

00:00 Bruno ft. Cardi / In Living Color / Jim Carey’s career
08:53 Eminem “Chloraseptic” Remix
30:55 CupcakKe “Ephorize” Album Review


Bae J Styles says:

17:33 I had minimal beef with what was said until this point. This man has the nerve to not only claim false statements about subject matter of songs, but then calls out other youtubers (the majority have a substantially larger sub/view count) literally saying that people who do the same as him (discuss music) just in a different manner as if they were not important enough to be held in the same breath as himself. You since clearly em was calling him out directly considering how offended he seemed in his explanation for critiquing the music.

Alan Lurhuma says:

Y’all misquoted/misunderstood the fuck out of Joe Budden

Rex Peze says:

ayo my man do Jocelyn Flores

Ondřej Machovský says:

did that motherfucker just compared logan paul’s scandal in that japenese forest with eminem’s conten on untouchable?

Panther God says:

Anybody else want him to RC Kings dead with future and Kendrick Lamar and jay rock

Sebastian Vera says:

Mues is painful to listen to

Luke Ó Reachtagáin says:

You know what I’m sayin

Behind That Suit - Reviews says:

Kinda sounds like Mues was quoting Anthony Fantano’s opinion.

Nathan Dem says:

Y’all better but some respeck on Murs name, dude gets too much hate. Keep up the great work!

Dunder Muffin says:

Rap critic just do your own review please

Logan Bell says:

dmx and em collabed

Jeremiah Fyan says:

Who ever the other guy is, not rap critic, does he know he is dissing joe budden with the YouTube video thing. Not nobodies. He is going after hidden specifically in most of the verse

Unknown Jones says:

can you guys start uploading to google play podcasts?

Anthony Abosida says:

do a review of “Ambivelant” by Sam Lachow feat Wilson Luxurious

OddMaq says:

Revival Is growing on me I love it Now

Ren says:

Eminem should’ve stopped making music after Recovery. He’s so washed it’s not funny. He used to be my favorite rapper, too. Revival was ass garbage, fitting that it sold under a million albums (MMLP sold 36 million and even Recovery sold 15). This was Eminem’s first album under Aftermath that didn’t go platinum. I don’t think it was even RIAA certified.

I never want to hear him rap again. It’ll just disappoint me.

Channel1Mind says:

I love how they can call someone else ignorant.
No idea what Joe Budden said, no clue of context and so quick two white knight Eminem rap critic. Please do some research before you speak about platforms bigger than you.

DamonLillith says:

Ever given any thought to doin’ a review of a smaller artist? For example, I found Dan bull and after listening to a bunch of his stuff, I loved it. So I thought why not bring to the attention to someone who actually reviews music. Here’s one of his earlier raps think you would like (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL9-esIM2CY) Give it a listen. I hope you enjoy.

random135246 says:

Mues has a right to feel the way he does. That being said I don’t like how his one point about how he felt Eminem was being petty dominated the whole conversation about the song. Rap critic didn’t even really get the chance to vocalize what he felt about his verse though the implications based on his reactions to what mues said are telling.

Also the hiphopdx article criticizing his flow is weird since from what I’ve gathered everyone seemed to love it on the remix.

Nick Hadjipateras says:

How did this comment section so cancerous. I love this podcast but when I go to the comments all I see is people hating on muse. If you don’t like him don’t listen to the podcast and watch rap critic reviews.

G- Money says:

Do this shit solo dude. This white dude is annoying and isn’t half intelligent as you.

SHAYR says:

Im A subscriber : ) PLEASE speak on futures verse on Kings Dead!!!

Hazel Ninja says:

Eminem is not perfect guys.

daniel johnson says:


Wrath says:

this white dude is so cringeworthy

slimjimihendrix says:

Honestly, I think CupcakKe would be dope as shit with some harder Kanye beats.

winders95 says:

This Mues guy is annoying…
He’s so whiny and doesn’t seem to understand the music he’s talking about! Completely butchering backstories and complaining that Eminem is going at people (as he always has) that do what he does. Rather just hear you Rap Critic! You know what you’re talking about and are actually funny! Good comments from you man!

SayuriEra says:

Am I the only person who thinks cupcake sounds something like eve – that is to say her rare rawness? Her power? Loving that honesty.

Cleanframe says:

4/5 or 4/10?

Jeremiah Fyan says:

Em also beefed with everlast and benzino. Don’t forget about them

William Drake says:

It would make since because Eminems first real album came out in 1999 and Party Up by DMX came out in 2000… So now that he said that i get his whole correlation between the two…

robert henby says:

Ayy shout out to midnight oil didnt expect that

Adam Hinds says:

Mues doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

Tyra Ellen says:

How is he saying that people work there way from eminem? I worked my way up to eminem, the highest form of rap today, let’s be honest

david ortega says:

Wow. This Mues guy is just… no. Please stop putting him on here. Just do reviews and stuff by yourself, rap critic. If you you go into a song/album wanting to hate it, you’re gonna hate it. He’s not a fan or unbiased fan of Eminem. So he offers nothing positive to the conversation other than bitching a whining.

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