Goin’ Off #69: Saddest Rap Album Ever (Fatlip “The Loneliest Punk”)

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0:00:00 Moving Forward
0:03:00 Rich Homie Quann Fucking Up Biggie Lyrics
0:15:25 XXL Freshmen Classes Throughout History
0:42:02 Lil Dicky, Anderson.Paak and Desiigner Freshman Class Cypher
1:00:26 What Rush Limbaugh Believes What Used To Make America
1:09:51 “The Loneliest Punk” Album Review


badasstetrisblock says:

When you mentioned what’s up fat lip, I sat there wondering why it sounded familiar. Then I checked the song and remembered it from playing a lot of Tony Hawks American Wasteland. It also always sounded very down beat to me and now I know why.

Nova Fusion says:

I don’t want to live in Rush’s America.
We’re supposed to be a melting pot. What a moron.

Devyn Beardmen says:

I would love to see you guys shit on the freshmen cyphers! I’d fuckin pay to see that.

Travis Shingleton says:

Denzel Curry and Dave East are the only spitters on that list

Neem the Martian says:

If you’re reading this drake review or take care drake review please

Logical Juan says:

When I heard Desiigners part, I thought I was tripping. “He did not just repeat himself”, but he did.

A5HW!N says:

I have sympathy for rich Homie Quan. He was given the song 8 hours before the perfomance and in his area, they played a lot of Tupac and not much Biggie

Trendbeast says:

the porn company rc is talking about is west coast productions and yes they have one rapper who raps on all of their porn

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

desiigner only changed one bar in that whole 4 repeat rap

Billboardguy1 says:

Actually, Young Dro is mostly known for “Shoulder Lean” than that song Rap Critic pointed out. He was just another generic rapper that was capitalizing on the rap dance craze of the mid-2000’s and brought nothing new to the table. It’s pretty obvious why he didn’t last.

Kuumba Films says:

Why didn’t MGK get a machine gun?

Logical Juan says:

Anderson Paak is a great singer, but a shit rapper.

Ricky Fondo says:

53:51 But RC, I waited rhymes with I waited which rhymes with I waited which also rhymes with I waited. Best verse of the decade!

S Jones says:

yall need to need to listen to mgk

kool kreeps says:

please talk about trapped in the closet

Mike White says:

Rush Limbaugh is a fat pig

Skrewz says:

You can’t do visual gags in a podcast. Still a fan.

robin devily says:

asleep in the bread aisle is good;

chicagoakland says:

22:54 Real talk, that Blu & Exile album (Below The Heavens) is the truth. Go find it. Now.

Mostafa says:


CharlesAHanna says:

Old Internet often does disappear though. I keep meaning to learn more about link rot and related stuff, so thanks for reminding me.

Damidgettt says:

Review section 80 by Kendrick Lamar?

michael johnson says:

Nino!!! ITS NINO

Dauri says:

y’all forgot about Dave east and g herbo. how do y’all watch the xxl freshman freestyles without these two . they were the best of last year

Nicholas Tricarico says:

Thanks, you mention that MGK has had no solo success, 5 months later, he has a legitimate hit with freaking Camila Cabello. Thanks guys.

yung J says:

Lil Dicky’s not the best

Tenebyss says:

I actually enjoyed what I have heard from tink. ratchet commandments is a fantastic song


a drunk ass fatlip jumps on stage in jarrod carmichaels set

darkMasterJordan says:

Keke Palmer is 22. Not THAT young.

NotAwesomeME says:

(DeJ Loaf) She had this one lyric in Try Me that was so fucking funny, she was talking about niggas meaning people just trynna fuck and said “I don’t fuck with nigga’s, I’m a nazi”

NotAwesomeME says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjfspM5sDIA omg You might not see this but the avalanches, danny brown and Doom? you need to see this plz

Agent Of Apathy says:

This album is way better then you give it credit for

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