Gucci Mane – Mr. Davis ALBUM REVIEW


Gucci Mane’s latest album is long and chock-full of big-name features, but it’s little more than a glorified mixtape.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Zane Kushman says:

hi, pls review Land of Pleasure by Sticky Fingers

kre fish says:

this was most definitely an album and a very good one. There is not a single track that disappoints on this except for The Weeknds feature just because it’s the same cliche sound we always hear from him. I thought Money Make Ya Handsome was a song that Gucci pulled off amazingly as a solo song, he had a new sound on that i hadn’t heard from him before. But, i agree that an hour is too long, it’s really too long for most rap artists now a days and Gucci still does have his same cliche lyrics that you can expect on a Gucci tape or album. So i agree with you on those, but i think this was a very solid project with a lot of hits melon.

strong 7/ light 8

melon out

mightybazooka says:

reviewing shit like this but still yet to review ben frosts album… makes sense


Although I agree on some points, and I respect your opinion, I believe the only difference this mixtape/album has from his previous albums is that Gucci literally sounds cleaner. He doesn’t sound like a slob on the mic. I love this project but with like 75% of his projects, some have fillers and some have corny, odd sounding lyrics and/or instrumentals.

I’m sure our scales are a little bit off when it comes to rating an album but I believe this at least deserved a 6, to a light 7.

I would like to see your opinion on the new Wu review.

Mike Harambe says:

Mr Davis, 60 min, Too Long. Droptopwop, 37 min, Too Short!? Quit commenting on album length if yer gonna be so fucking picky

conboi says:

shut up about lil pump you virgins

Lilas alm says:


Marcos Garcia says:


young braap says:

Hey Melon head I was just wondering if you could review 1 Up Top Ahk by Mozzy

Dylan Guzman says:

Gucci hasn’t had a #1 where he is the lead artist. I think that’s what he was going for with Mr. Davis. I will admit tho, the album does feel a bit lack luster.

william hummerick says:

Idt melon fully understands rap music anymore. This is an album.

YOLOBaycon says:


Humberto Ortiz says:

Review big krit 4eva is a mighty long time!

Logan Bragg says:

Review Thinking Out Loud by Young Dolph

The Notorious Michael Jackson Shakur says:

bruh can u review Young Dolph’s new album plz

Wrong Collective says:

Is this the new thing now? Calling him a melon until he acknowledges it lmao he already reviewed a vagina

Buck Norris says:

I think you should review the new young thug future super slimy

Sayeed Morgan says:

Droptopwop is the shit.
Shoulda done a full review on that hoe

Hylton Gordon says:

Your opinion sucks!

MoistodomeNetwork says:


Bayaz66x 4 says:

So this album gets a 5/10 but lil Pump gets a 7/10… okay.okay.

kevin scotton says:


Atom Martin says:

Hey Anthony. Love your videos. Please do a review of DVSN – Morning After.

Fabricio Seminario says:

no offense but why is it for bands, or singers or anything in that group you give a longer elaborated review but for any sort of rappers it’s usually about hate if not it is short? i would like to hear more than a 3 minutes review for rappers like u do 6-7 minute videos on any sort of band.

The Bizness says:

I like the mixtape, it’s what I expected but I agree on the love songs I weren’t feeling that shit. 6/10 for me

Joe Dorben says:

Ya know what I used to disregard the reviews i didnt agree with as a matter of him just having either higher standards than me or just a different opinion, but i cant look at you the same way after you gave Lil Pump a 7. You hurt my heart you poisonous melon

Euan unmentionable says:

Loved this album tbh

DJ Ditty says:


Jared Rollins says:

Definitely not that good

Payne Musically says:

Please review p!nk beautiful trauma! It’s her new album are 4 years. And it’s flawless. Raw. And has Eminem on it!

Mario Cario says:

i appreciate this

bruh, says:

I liked it. maybe even a little more than drop top. I immediately restarted the album when it was finished and listened to it again. I could do without the love songs but they come with the territory of a Gucci album so it’s whatever really. i’d give it a solid 7

Daniel Bravo says:

Why don’t you mention Chris Brown as a big feature and also why don’t you ever review a chris brown album?

Mads Offergaard says:

Review giggs wamp 2 dem

TrillTV says:


Jason Hernandez says:

How about NF new album dude? lol

Courtney2020 says:

What Gucci projects aren’t like mixtapes.

George Budd says:

Mr Melon

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