Hopsin known for one of the most self righteous discographies in the world of rap and those bright blue contacts has decided its time for a new ILL Mind Of Hopsin and a brand new album titled NO SHAME. Leading into this project we have singles like The Pvrge and the ever so off-putting Happy Ending. Was this a successful attempt for Hopsin or is he doing what Eminem did better years ago?

Hopsin – No Shame FULL ALBUM
1. “Hotel in Sydney”
2. “Right Here”
3. “Twisted”
4. “Cute in a Suit” (Skit)
5. “All Your Fault” (Remix)
6. “Money on the Side”
7. “I Wouldn’t Do That”
8. “Black Sheep” Feat. Eric Tucker
9. “I Must Be on Somethin”
10. “Tell’em Who You Got It From”
11. “The Pvrge”
12. “Happy Ending”
13 “No Words 2” (Skit)
14 “Panorama City” Feat. Joey Tee
15 “Ill Mind of Hopsin 9”
16 “Marcus’ Gosp3l” Feat. Michael Speaks
17. “W1tch Doctor”

Best Tracks – W1tch Doctor/Twisted/The Pvrge

Worst Tracks – ehhhh

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Can't Be Fucking Bothered says:

Hopsin’s literally the only rapper I don’t mind telling to kill himself.

Jacob says:

Don’t watch this review… it’s trash. If you give someone a 3 out of 10 your basically saying they can’t rap. Horrible review.

Cynima Rapscallion says:

A bitch faked bein hit, banned him from seeing his son for life.

I don’t know how he’s not the victim, but… okay.

Dante Moody says:

I respectfully disagree with you. I enjoyed the album and I think it was better than his previous work. Also I respect your opinion but 3/10? jesus that’s brutal. Was it really that bad? I listened to the entire album and I liked every song except for happy ending. Also his flow is still great on for the majority of this album and he produces the whole thing by himself except for one song. I honestly don’t get the hate around hopsin, the man is an amazing lyricist like it or not and I respect that more than mumble rappers to be honest.

Your Daily Hash says:

You’re bugging his hooks were way better on this album

dog bark says:

los Angeles isnt a state but ok

Frizzyy says:

why do so many people have so strong opinions on hopsin lol

dah500 says:

Damn this album is at least a 7/10 fam. A 3? God damn. That’s just some straight crazy shit.

YungEch says:

Hopsin underrated

Ray Kesty says:

You’re so shady in this

Manuel Delgado says:

React to I’m not racist by Joyner Lucas !!

Jacob says:

Hopsin has been shit on his whole life, now he’s just returning the favor. Just imagine the black kids saying he’s too white and the white kids saying a bunch of racist shit to him. Be bullied to that degree and be called retarded isn’t fun. He’s not playing the victim card. He’s just saying fuck you to everyone that hated on him.

monsta says:

Kendrick —->Best rapper
Hopsin ——->Realist rapper

rubberbans fou svn says:

since when u got 150k? good for you B

Ivy N says:

you shoould have a podcast or sum

Bobby Snake says:

It’s Hopsin if you do actually listen to his music you know what you’re gonna get and if you like his music you’ll like it if you don’t then you’ll hate it. Yea he’s corny yea some of veiws are slanted but he’s really not as bad as people paint him out to be. It’s like everytime he comes out with something people can’t wait to shit on it idk it bugs me but figured you’d shit on this anyway.

monsta says:

I really like Shawn Cee he is geniune nice intellegent person but i dont think this review is good.He always sting on this review.cant really see objective anything,sorry


Hopsin said in his Instagram live that this album was trash and don’t know what he was thinking when he made it and I agree I tried to force myself to like the album cause he one of my favorite rappers but I just couldn’t

*WAIT BUDDY* says:

I’m conflicted with Shawn Cee as of late. Eminem doesn’t do any wrong, but Hopsin…

MaxAero says:

This dude gotta get better beats

SirJack of Camelot says:

My man, why? Hopsin album review> Ab-solo and Early sweatshirt, brah.

You’re killing me, you’re really killing me


It’s a great album, I dig it

Cokedup Normies says:

Hopsin is the greatest rapper ever you need to have a very high IQ to understand his music. He’s hip-hop’s answer to Rick and Morty, since stupid plebs like you don’t understand, and call us, his biggest fans(I got a dildo shaped like his dick), stupid. Talk to me when you’re doing quantum physics while an all time classic like Pound Syndrome is playing in the background. Did you know mass deficiency is formed when a nucleus weighs less than it’s sum of masses of it’s constituent particles due to binding energy? I figured that out myself while listening to The Purge. Hell, that song just got stuck in my head as I imagined the force of repulsion between two protons, two neutrons and a proton and neutron, and realised it’s almost the same. Hopsin is more than just woke. He is an artist for only smart people. He shares a heritage with Albert Einstein, Karl Yung and Bayek from Assassin’s Creed? In fact, he has blue eyes because he is a demigod, and one of his closest imaginary friends is Percy Jackson.

But I bet you didn’t know that Shawn because you’re too stupid and don’t have the brain capacity to understand his music(which may be because you’re black, unlike Hopsin). I hope one day Allah blesses you with a wet dream of 72 twelve year old virgins, so you finally get woke and see the true poetic beauty in Hopsin’s music.

POLK says:

Happy ending is the best song. Single of the year

Yung CB says:

The second half of the album was taking about the perspective of the dude that his girl cheated with. The first half was on him being disrespected by his by his girl that he stayed with. The majority album told two sides of the story. A few songs showed how much of a power house he was since he got over those situations. No Shame was those experiences he had faced while being gone from hip hop. And now he’s coming back with “no shame” on how he presents himself now. The whole album was great (Especially Happy ending and No Words). And about him contradicting himself with no words and being bullied in school because he was different… Look… Hopsin is mad about how artist can come up without trying while he took years to perfect his craft (I’m in the same boat tbh). And hooks usually don’t necessarily matter if you’re a political rapper (Unless you’re Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole). So you giving this album a 3/10 isn’t fair. You can at least give it a 6. In my opinion, the album was an 8/10. A few songs on the album could be tweaked and made better, but for the most part, it’s an overall good album.

Kirandeep S.S says:

Hate hate hate

SOOP says:

that happy ending song was racist as shit

monsta says:

————–> 5:26

Please go watch this to understand Hopsin

kill yourself says:

Where the hell is that DG vid

Dgaf Srh says:

disliked the video you have the right to give an opinion I have the right to not like it

Crowbra D. Crow says:

*Personally I’d give it a 6.9, the Pound Syndrome was a way better album.*

Josh Troyer says:

Hello how you doing I can give you good massage

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