How To Rap: Making A MIXTAPE Sound Like An ALBUM… The Review


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Donnie Santiago says:

nigga look like a 2k face scan

Al Franklin says:

what’s up this is AL Deluxe I’m going to the studio in two hours I’m doing my first and now track
Closer I’m on fire

Tom Haviland says:


Alexia Stephens says:

I couldn’t really hear it that well but sounds like you had Soulja Slim playing in the background?


oh yea bruh got some skills foreal tho #salute drew for supporting him

Riah Jones says:

Hey, check out my little mixtape. I think you’ll like it!

How To Rap says:

You aren’t a real rapper until you get off of your couch and start feeling the power of thousands of fans hanging on your every word… Let my online course “The Exclusive Group” explain why [FREE VIDEO]:

Imperfect's World says:

Its like you have a lightskin complexion but a darkskin voice lol, its dope man great quality video

Firstpersonstupidity says:

gone off that liquor intro sounds like bitch don’t kill my vibe

Heugi-J says:

First comment lol

Sylas Cuthill says:

what rhymes with wolf?

Noah La Tronica says:

did you make a video on how to make a mixtaoe

SwaggBoyReek says:

Who Mixed And Mastered That First Track ?

Dee Cool says:

do a video about how to rap like tupac

Caneron Mooney says:

How do I deal with haters who are people just trying to bring me down.

Siem Scholman says:

Is it oke if I put old school and new school and some shit inbetween on just one mixtape?

-Seem Static


I need a singer on a track for my project

Phil Swift says:

Your the sharktale soundtrack of rappers

johnathan nieves says:

I’m up next


yo check out a couple of vids I did just fucking. But I need someone exactly like you to knit pick my flow & rhymes.

CerebralDataJack says:

Providing value for free again. Thanks Drew!

Kladza says:

Vashaun is the next big thing I’m sure of that!

Denylson Avila says:

So it’s ok if I take a whole lot of instrumentals of from rappers as long as I don’t get money of from it?

ether150 says:

this is just a 8min infomercial

Beckham says:

Making an album/ mixtape sort of thing. Call it ‘One and Only’. About me being the only true homie. Course I’m gonna rep. Big homey drew

Dustin Wilson says:

Vashaun is awesome.

Michael M says:

Rolling In My Monte Carlo is a real dope track.

Justin Jones says:

Off topic of the video. Can you help? I can freestyle. Well. But can’t ever seem to write. I can’t seem to find the structure and organisation like you advised in a previous episode.

Love bro

Josiah Lawson says:

MAJOR pac influence!!!

Rahsully says:

How do i join your group? If I could

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