J. Cole – KOD | Album Review

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►My review of North Carolina rapper J. Cole’s 5th studio album “KOD”, referring to addiction and aptly released on 4/20.

Dreamville/Interscope Records
Release: 4/20/18
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: KOD, Window Pain, ATM, Once An Addict, Kevin’s Heart, Friends, 1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”)

►Least faves: The Cut Off, Brackets

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah: http://bit.ly/InfinityOnHannah

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

►Every review I’ve ever done: http://bit.ly/ARTVarchive

►Try it out: https://open.spotify.com/album/4Wv5UAieM1LDEYVq5WmqDd


David Cremin says:

The production for me was just TPAB done wrong I know he does do jazz rap but it’s just so much worse production like the deeper voice he did too. Also I feel like his rap style and his fanbase is very similar to Logic if you don’t like ether they just start talking about how you must only like mumble rap and shit like that

Alessio Music says:

The album art is actually a reference to the ghost of Christmas present in A Christmas Carol. He carries two children under his cape they are “ignorance and want” and they represent the result of the way humans conduct their lives without worrying of the consequences. The children are the victims. I think that’s where he was going with it.

sal awn says:

A 6/5 for me, each song is a total banger for me especially KOD and window pain and the overall message of it amazes me

Trickstar Elite says:

Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang

Bobbie Woody says:

You missed the mark . He is talking about black mumble rappers. You really have to have experienced black life to get it. Don’t do j Cole again until you change your racial thinking. You are viewing this all wrong. I rate you an Fffff1.1

Jim Johnson says:

Are you not going to do a video on Avicii

MatchBox Music says:

Once again not really impressed by a J. Cole project. I appreciate the ambition, but the lyrics lack real depth to resonate with me.
It‘s certainly okay, but I‘ve heard better hip hop this year

Josiah Bell says:

What song does that lick from the opening in this video belong to? Sounds frustratingly familiar…

ToneBoneTrain says:

I love Brackets. It’s obviously relatable to anyone who pays taxes.

Jackson Ward says:

Are you gonna review the new perfect circle album?

Kyle Guija says:


Joking aside Jon it’s great to see your channel growing

Just another Edgy teen says:

I don’t know why everyone hates the cut off. It’s actually my favorite track and I love the vocals

Ben Early says:

controversially, Forest Hills Drive is one of my favourite rap albums, so I instantly assumed J Cole was the second coming of christ, so you can imagine my disappointment in both 4 your eyez and this ( I know that’s an unrealistic expectation but still I expected more) 1985 was the only track I’d score an 8 or above, and the rest is either merely good (light 7) or meh (5/6). I’d probably give it like a 6.5/10

Eliza Anderson says:

Will never understand why this guy is compared to Kendrick. J. Cole’s songwriting is so pathetic and his flow is supper unoriginal.

vhiz kandy says:

Why don’t you review starset and the plot in you

MJNation says:

Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up. Count it up.

Anyways, yeah I think this album is alright. Previous two albums are WAY better but it’s a decent album. I’d give it a 3/5.

Ishaan Marjit says:

It deserved a 4.5

BrenDon says:

Agree with the 3.5 rating

Eddie Rattlehead says:

Hey jon have you heard of this band called I Don’t Know How But They Found Me

Hamiltrongames says:

Are you gonna review the new A Perfect Circle album??

Alextromagnetic says:

Boneless TPAB

Jacob Bretz says:


Anyways, I was surprised you did this, the thing above was a joke. Nice review. Not really a fan of hip-hop but 2/5 for me.

Ed Diaz says:

Considering how much you bash these new kids like lil pump and lil yachty this album should have been a 10/5 for you

The Negan Guy says:


campfire247 says:

Honestly this is the first J. Cole album I have loved since “Cole World: The Sideline Story”.

Adam Here says:

Hey Jon, can u review Nathan Sharps 2nd album “paid in exposure” it’s coming out June 1st

david mckesey says:

thanks for expanding to hip hop reviews

xxAWESOME BROxx says:

EYYY I’m from North Carolina too


“U ned a serten levle of intelajens 2 undrstnd jay call.” Entitled j Cole stans.

Thraitor says:

Bro not 5 u must lack intelligence you dont see how deep he is cos ur not black

Billy Neville says:

regarding the album cover I think he also used it to mock mumble rappers tbh

ELGEN23!? ELGEN23!? says:

New Tesseract please

Brad Buckland says:

I think Intro to the fall off doesn’t mean he’s making another album, but it’s an intro to these new rappers falloff literally

TJ McCracken says:

Not a bad album, but easily his weakest. I like the tracks Kevin’s Heart and Photograph, but overall I felt like this was a significant step down for J Cole. I was actually pretty disappointed. The beats, hooks, lyrics, etc. all were worse than material he has released before. I became a big J Cole fan because of his really strong lyrics and the unique beats he created by using harps/pianos etc. for his songs on Born Sinner / Forest Hills Drive. Nearly none of those elements are present on this album. I give it a 2.5/5

Kat's Weird Adventures says:

I have the same score. He misses the mark just a bit for me, but there’s some good tracks on here

xo frnk says:

Oof i don’t know if you’ve done this already, but it would be cool if you reviewed Half•Alive’s “3” EP

Jacob Patrick Poulsen says:

I will give it 3/5. It´s pretty solid for me. I enjoyed some of the tracks. 🙂

Ichsuka says:

Its a solid listen, has sort of washed over me but I think I’ll give it time…. 6.5/10.

Trevor Rightor says:

Honestly hearing your well thought out opinion on this album made me go back and listen to it more depth (reading along on genius, shutting out interruptions, etc.). This helped me enjoy the album to such greater lengths then I had previously and I just wanted to thank you for having a review style that I vibe so well with.

Brandon Johnson says:

NC is the goat state

/mu/ fag says:

1/5 from me. Holy moly what a repetetive, watered down album, and in the end he “”””roasts”””” someone with the same accusations. He should’ve also really gotten some features and not this kill edward shit. On top of that, he just doesn’t fit those generic trap beats. A total of 2 decent verses I enjoyed, so after 1 listen my cursor went straight over delete

Daniel Simpson says:

Rip Avicci

sam wise says:

This album was released last week at the store I work at. I haven’t listened to it yet. Maybe I will someday.

Brendan Peahl says:

I think this album is great but for real he took a big influence from DAMN especially with the first two tracks “follow” the same vibe of blood and dna

AlwaysMarijn says:

I think I’m the only one who really likes the album art

KoaAbyss says:

Great review, tried to listen to him but I just couldn’t, definitely not for me

Spliced Up says:

Dude. A Perfect Circle’s new album is absolutely amazing. I’m sure you’d love it!

Pragyat Futela says:

This is all fine but when is the Kimbra’s new album’s review coming?

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