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J. Cole brings a lot of heart and salient points on KOD, but it’s yet another mixed bag.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Actually Not Nick says:

I’ve said it before in previous videos and I’ll say it again I find it hilarious that melon keeps rating all my favourite music low and rates the music I find too weird high (well, not always… we do agree on some but most of the this is true.) We seem to have two opposite tastes ha! Yet I still come back here anyways everytime a great album drops just so I can see how he decides to tear it apart. It’s entertaining.

RTMelissa says:

Yeah the album was mostly filler garbage

ATM was decent

Javier Cruz says:

The fuck do you know about hip hop skinhead

grant pheil says:

I feel like you missed the theme and the connectivity of this project, but hey maybe it’s me.

OscarElite says:

This is where you can’t compare cole to Kendrick anymore

Andre Brown says:

Did he say Russ’s name in a Cole review

Ricarl Benjamin says:

This album is a great album .

It'sYaBoiMason says:


David Ison says:

Honestly I think I agree with you about the album mostly and it really feels lackluster but I still really enjoyed it and I think personally in the end of the day that’s all I really care about.

Uncle Ruckus says:

Fuck you, you have the wrong opinion

Joshua Harris says:

J Cole’s playoff promo song was more exciting than this whole album

Michael Fighter says:

This album is timeless

Michael Fighter says:

lol, zero fucks…. this album was myyyy shit.

chase ruel says:

get on the new sleep mellon boi, its fantastic

Ty D says:

Really great video Anthony. But was it necessary to call j Cole a cotton picking ninnymuggins?

Mr. Super Fly says:

Cole fans really need to read the description where it says “Y’all know this is just my opinion right?”

Katakuri says:

Lol all JCole fans trying to explain the album in the comments half y’all didn’t even listen to the full video anyway

fitwhistle1 says:

haha can someone show me an album this dude actually likes lmao

Cole Coaker says:

From the low effort choruses and hooks, to the shitty trap beats, this is not a good album.

Assbub says:

I’m glad i’m not the only one underwhelmed by this album.

SnakyIndiana says:

this guy hates Cole


Cole gets a 10/10 for wokeness in my book. #FUCKTHEMELONMAN

Vet Martinez says:

Dude I’ve been watching your reviews for a LOOONG time and it wasn’t until now that I realized you’re a fuckin idiot, within the first 2 minutes you completely missed the concepts of the album.. were you even listening ? “CHOOSE WISELY” isn’t him telling us “do the right thing”, you literally sound like you didn’t do shit but complain about the album as you listened to it. He didn’t make this shit for your generation nor mine, think outside the fuckin box, this album is a solid 8-9/10. Yes this is your opinion and I respect that but WTF are you talking about.

Ayanda Gumede says:

Kill Yo Self

MightyDesperado says:

Yeah, I’m sure Melon didn’t get the totally not ham-fisted ‘underlying’ themes at all. Edgy-teen psuedo-deep is my favorite subgenre too.

Gabriel Hudson says:

But what was your opinion on “Kevin’s Heart”? I thought that track would at least bring the album to a strong 6

Daniel Ruiz says:

I wonder why tf I keep watching your videos

Threat says:

Look Melon, I love ya, but this trolling has got to stop, Melonhead. You called him a nigga? Why? To top it off, you gave a 5 because he’s a “mixed breed”? Lol come on, Melon.

Jordan Hughes says:

If Lil Pump made this album it would be a 10

DoktorZayus Fcuked says:

ATM = Ass To Mouth?

Bad Dog says:

Photograph is not him singing, he’s singing as the youth of today

RedPandaMaster 75 says:

How come this guy never positive. Like damn bro stop being so negative

Jordan Beverley says:

How dare you have an opinion melon, how DARE you.

xanedikt says:

Q: what is your video making routine like?

JognDasHerbNA says:

Vid not showing up on feed or channel for me. I had to search it

The Wraith says:

Bro stop critiquing rap music you dont know what the fuck your talking about seriously go review maroon 5 or bruno mars or some shit

haha topkek says:

yall cole fans stay heated this shit is hot garbage

Zach Smith says:

You don’t go into an album blindly you judge before the song ? Affects your review

JohnnyOmm says:

brackets was kinda sleepy but that 2nd verse made up for it.

Eimke Remonvil says:

nigga do u make music?? NO ! so STFU

Chinedum Odunukwe says:

@theneedledrop i like listening to your reviews however, your review on this track sounds very isolationist i.e. it sounds like you listened to each track on the album as a whole thought as opposed to as a partial thought. I mean to say: you rushed this review and have not let the album, it’s beats, the artists delivery, in other words context establish itself before rating. Anyways you do good work, will say I agree with your ratings alot but not on this one.

JohnnyOmm says:

kill edward is the bad singing emotional demon inside of him. its fine bro. plus the cut off “GIOMME DRINK GIVE ME DOPE IF I DIE ” singing is dope af that melody is wonderful what u meannn

Carson Gehl says:

Despite all of J Coles great work, I have yet to see a review where you are not nitpicking the smallest things and finding anything to complain about in his work. You’re a music critic, leave your bias and just review the damn album for what it is.

brenard henson says:

You forgot about #7 Kevin’s heart best song on the album.

Nicholas Yenowine says:

Aye listen to window pain again. It’s deep when you see how he’s reaching out to a girl who saw her cousin get shot

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