J Cole after a year and a half hiatus & putting together some pretty solid features we have his new album K.O.D. After the mixed reception he received from 4 Your Eyez Only & the mark he made with 2014 Forest Hills Drive can he deliver on this new album? Lets see

J. Cole – KOD Full Album
1. Intro
2. KOD
3. Photograph
4. The Cut Off Featuring Edward
5. ATM
6. Motives
7. Kevin’s Heart
9. ONCE AN ADDlCT (Interlude)
10. FRIENDS Featuring Edward
11. Window PAlN (Outro)
12. 1985

Best Tracks – 1985/ONCE AN ADDlCT/KOD/Kevins Heart/ATM

Worst Tracks – Photograph

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Cameron Stuurman says:

Shawn i don’t think that “Kill Edward” just randomly pops up throughout the album as he wants. He is on two tracks, Cut you off and Friends.. I think Cole deliberately did this, because both these tracks deal with people in Cole’s life and people he cares about. That is essentially his drug (demon that his dealing with), the love he has for people…that is also why in the title track he said that the strongest drug of them all is LOVE.. in once an addict- his mom’s alcoholism was a result of the LOVE she had for his stepfather, that why she tells him ” you better pray to God that you never get your heart crushed”, the guilt he feels for not doing more and the love for his mother may be his drug, because at the end of the songs he sing “somethings got a hold of me, i can’t let go out of fear, i won’t be free” . Then on Friends, i think there is a point were he addresses one of his friends (“I LOVE you cause you my friend”) rather than the listener, that’s why it sounds so personal and why you can hear the emotion in Cole’s voice.
So Kill Edward may never be defeated…

On a different note, at the end of the last verse on Friends, when he addresses his friend, he tells him “if you down to try it i know of a better way – meditate don’t medicate”, so i think he was recommending meditation to his friend and not the listener.

Dk Most - Music says:

Check a remix I did to J. Cole’s KOD song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7FXckeG4MQ

Shawn Cee says:

I appreciate all the love you’ve all shown this video but one thing I have to point to is my Meditation comment.

I was NOT saying meditation can’t help and I don’t think it’s limited to sitting down and breathing but MANY people find solutions in different ways and it seems as if Cole confidently came to this conclusion on the track “FRIENDS”. I like his recommendation but it won’t be THE SOLUTION for everyone as I believe he intended for it to be. I could be wrong on how Cole meant it but I do appreciate & have practiced meditation, some people just don’t find it to be a direct solution to all of their inner demons is all.

Ofri David says:

Melon gonna hit this one wit a 7 tho

Album of the year so far imo
*not a jcole fan

Tina Wilson says:

Meditation is actually a skill you have to keep doing to get better at. It’s not simple the first time or the second but the more you do it and get better at it you’ll be able to tap into you higher self and find the answers you’ve been looking for. Most people might not stick with it cause it may feel silly or it may feel like it’s not doing anything at first but you really have to discipline yourself to stick with it. You should do some research on it and if or when you start to try it you should do it at the same time every day and maybe give yourself 30 to 60 day period of trying it out. There are YouTube videos that can help and even app you can even go to classes and you can use crystals to help as well. Meditation is more then just breathing it’s tapping into your spirituality. There’s a lot of benefits to meditation It’s just that most people don’t have the patience or discipline to keep doing it.

Will Useman says:


Allijah Riley says:

THANKS FOR THE VIDEO DUDE! Appreciated everything you said

Adrian Lard says:

This was best reaction/review I’ve ever seen!

twizt tiez says:

I want to rape you Shawn Cee, you’d prolapse. Love, your fan.

King Kanger says:

Dude that line about being taught how to be black. I relate so much. At school in 8th grade I get good grades. I do good in gym because I’m athletic. Some kids call me a try hard because that’s cause I care. Anyways because I’m actually intelligent compared to what’s known as black in my school kids have labeled me the whitest-black kid they know. I get so offended when I’m told this. What right do they have to tell me I’m not genuinely black when they don’t go through the racism I go through daily. The amount of grit I have to put forth to endure the racist “jokes” everyday is unbearable sometimes. I once had to simply walk out of class and excuse my self to the bathroom to vent the anger I was feeling when kids were caught in the moment about plantation, cotton-picking and so on. Anyways don’t fall in with the idiotic stereotype and clichéd definition of a black male in an American society cause you cause more harm them good.

pain killa says:


Laurkiller says:

Anyone else who misses the old Cole? Idk I fuck with this too but it’s almost like a different artist.

Deludere says:

man i really disagree with BRACKETS, how tf can you complain about shit and then not vote? bruh the way you can change that shit is by voting

also, the money loving narrative spun on ATM goes completely against the taxation of the rich on BRACKETS

Warrior Jennings says:

I BUSTED UP LAUGHING at the Almond milk part lmfaooooo that was some super funny shit. Subscribed and errythang lol Great reaction/review btw

Lil Jug says:

Not better than FNL or The warm up

Dylan Kelly says:

Bro goes off for 4 minutes about a bar and slaps a 7/10 on it haha. Gotta love it.

OUTSS1 says:

listening to this album now. It seems very different to his other projects which can be a double edged sword depending on what type of cole fan u are lol

COMmiSS says:

please react to OTW by Khalid Featuring Ty dolla sign and 6LACK

Like so he can see

Ono P.I says:

I thought the i hope you slip and say something was a jesus returning from heaven tip

Morris Pusey says:

What did Shaun mean about Kevin harts situation?

Din.MF.D says:

Beard’s coming on good bro

King Kanger says:

Meditation isn’t just that cross-legged eyes closed shaolin monk thing. Meditation is to think. He means think about what you need to do how you plan to kill your demons.

Andreas Johansen says:

There Were Two extremely talented people in this video, you really opened my eyes, did not understand half the lines in the songs, before i SAW this video, Thank you verry much

Ja'Ron Rhodes says:

His singing voice adds to the pain in the album or the lyrical content.


Boooooy, you really chose photograph as the worst track?

Mbeha.M Situmbeko says:

I was going to give you the thumbs down coz i feel like you tryna dictate what homey was pose and pose not to say but i’d rather say J.Cole just as human as you are bro, maybe more creative then us all but that don’t change that he is human. The album is hot. Not what i expected but the album is fire that’s what it is. it is liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Allen Pander says:

1:50 when you found the best porn vid of your life

andre russell says:

Shawn was feeling the album as he listened to it but as soon as he got to the review he was like.. Na I fucking hate this shit lmao

Typical King says:

im peurto rican and mexican but ik how my african american people feel ik the pain they feel

Prim Delta says:

15:25 “kys” I love that reaction xD



Duorsa says:

You say this is his best work, but didn’t you give 4 Your Eyez an 8.5? I know you do these reviews quickly so I can only assume your opinion changed on that album. All of the tracks fit the album title and cover thematically. The cover has all three official interpretations of the acronymic title. As Cole tweeted, the rest is up to personal interpretation. Sure, most tracks discuss Kids on Drugs and King Overdosed, but why? Because of Kill our Demons. If any of the three, the album is about the latter and greater issue, and one of its facets; mental illness and difficulties. Photograph, Kevin’s Heart, Bracket and 1985 all fit into at least one of the three acronyms. You could also take King Overdosed a number of ways, although most will take it with regards to drugs. There are many forms of addiction, dosage, recoil, satisfaction, and coping.

Richard Legacy says:

No clue how I got here. Great vid, great commentary. Please keep telling us white rap listeners to chill the fuck out, lord knows we need to. Window Pane, for me, represents the fact that you can never really understand another person’s struggle. After the entire album of Cole battling with his demons he meets this little girl whose pain is far greater than his. That doesn’t devalue his or anyone else’s story. Comparison isn’t a thing we can do, life is fucked, we’re all fucked, we just gotta try to deal in the best way we can. We’re all experiencing each other’s pain through a window pane, sometimes even our own.

Qui Tuo says:

In 1985, when he says he wasn’t s’posed to make it past 25, and jokes on you mother fucka’ we alive, it’s a reference from the hook in Kanye’s song We Don’t Care. It’s from Kanye’s first album.

Kermit The frog says:

You’re dope at explaining albums !!

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