J Cole – KOD (Reaction/Review) Pt.1 #Meamda


Intro Raisi K. – The Session #1 (Freestyle Beats)

After about a year and a half since his last album J Cole releases his 5th studio album titled “KOD” which primarily focuses on the mindsets of rappers of this era. He addresses many issues that the younger generation are facing such as drug addiction,irrational financial decisions as well as the trendy trap “hip hop” we hear in today’s newer artist. Honestly you could say Cole gave a word of advice to the “future” ^_^

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Shemar Pierre says:

KOD is kids on drugs, king overdose, and face our demons

Official 0 says:

Tidal Wave should’ve been on the album but it’s too short

Im Camron says:

how the fuck did 30k people not make it to part 2 did they get lost or some shit

Shamoc says:

“Patikis” got me dying ahah

nocturnalstarboy says:

anybody else feel like their video froze from 21:59-22:07 ?? Lmaooooo

Connor Olson says:

24:24 when you pump a lil baby in the face on fortnite

Dark Ninja says:

Dude, this album is weak! The worst j Cole album ever! and your whack as fuck too!!!

king jakobe says:

When a reaction turns into how to get girls tutorial

Dem Boyz Gaming says:

Just realized that some of the GOATs have started using them aye, yuh, or yeah adlibs

Kendrick on Humble
Logic on 44 More
J Cole on Photograph

th3on3thatb3atu says:

What order y’all go in? I go
1. Meami
2. Tabby
3. Sean Cee
And then if I really like the album I started watching random niggas lol

Beats By Light says:

Can I dm you in Private? Instagram maybe? I want to ask you something in private

202arian says:

nigga you talk too much

Haytham _92 says:

Cole said KOD has three meanings,
Kids On Drugs,
King Overdosed,
and Kill Our Demons.

freddie stompy says:

He 5’8” gotdamn he looked like 6’2″ chest up

Lawjik says:

Bruh ik ur busy but I really wanna see that flatbush

Romel Echarry says:

That’s the best like advice ever gheee

NewbPhil says:

Liked for the FCAT reference lmao

Ric0 says:

#meamda gets to skrrt when he wants

it's ya boi skinny penis says:

J. Cole + Henny = A drunk ass Dominican chick
For Meami

Hit Universe 6 says:

Like that dragon ball super reference small world

Aidan Francis says:

*T H R O A T Z I L L A*

jorge torres says:

love the pep talks

Van Lucas says:

I love how I get these references like FCAT and Publix

ButThatsNone OfMyBusiness says:

Not even gonna hold u it took me 2 hours to fully react to this album by myself

Basil Barnaby says:

Nani! #Deceased hahahahahah …..#subbed!

Darren Francis says:


Bryce Boyer says:

KOD is kids on drugs

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