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Jaden Smith’s latest film is an auditory one, exploring the lyrical follies of a rich-kid-turned-mediocre-rapper in desperate need of perspective as he produces 70 minutes of egotistical propaganda in the hope it will launch his rap career.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Trevor Estrada says:

Imagine if you released music at 19. Think of the cringy subject matter you’d have. Gives me chills. Btw ofcourse it’s “fake deep”, it’s Jaden

Christian Larrazabal says:

YES! Thank you for saying all of this!!!

LopperUK says:

I’d give this a 4.5/5. Jaden is one of the very few rappers I can actually listen to and enjoy, I’m not much of a music guy and I don’t listen to everything but I know what I like and I fuck with this dude. One of the best albums I’ve heard. If you really want to say that he’s being fake deep and talking nonsense then fine do that but it’s not like he’s serious with half the shit he’s saying. Stop reading into shit and just enjoy the music.


BLUE is a Kanye track
Breakfast is a Brockhampton track
Hope is some Kid Cudi
Falcon is Vince Staples big fish theory
Ninety is some Post Malone
Lost Boys is some Frank Ocean
Batman is some Drake
Icon is Logic
Watch Me is some Yeezus writeoff mixed with new eminem rap rock
Fallen is some more Drake
The Passion literally sounds like mr motherfuckin exquires LP Passion and Pain
George Jeff is Gambino
Rapper is some general mumble rap
and SYRE Is some 2deep4u album closer with a lofi beat

watching Jaden Smith attempt to patchwork the whole rap game in a single album, it’s just, it’s too much man.

YoRBG says:

A pseudo conscious rap album.

Mahmoud Abdo says:

review the new hopsin album

Nick G. says:

It just sounds like some LA garbage you’d expect a privileged child of a Hollywood star to spew out. Most people just aren’t going to gravitate towards it. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t like it either. I know young kids will like it though..

Donald Graham says:

this guy isn’t hip hop. stop supporting him. he has no understanding of it.

eric brunson says:

This album is speaking to a youth demographic….he’s tapped into the youth angst( overblown confidence scattered modes of thought search for validation search for self identification manic moods) it’s not designed for the generation that came beforehand jaden designed his own structure and I like it….so many time artist are encouraged to follow a blueprint or template (mumble rap) and he is doing it his way with superb production…. does it have mass appeal IDK….however jaden’s public persona has attracted a particularly interesting niche following….stepping out of the box can be costly be he sparred no expense it going to garner attention

Alexander Arez Martins says:

My hatred for Jaden Smith is so big, I can write a 1000 word essay about my hatred.

TheSusLer14 says:

“The boy who chased the sunset until the sunset chased him.”

A K says:

When were the building 7 “conspiracies” debunked?

Asimthande Majola says:

He’s the culture

eDDymOnStRo says:

Lol some trash

john majdic says:

You killed lil peep, bitch

Seito Stockman says:

WTC7 bruh

MatheusHammes says:


Cynima Rapscallion says:

Despicable review. You’ve given 6’s to Future projects.
That’s pathetic.

Yung Hoe says:


Charles Stevens III says:

Jaden CAN’T RAP!

Jim Nastics says:

2:27 “He would certainly like the audience to come away from this record thinking that it’s as great and spectacular as like, a _My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy_

ChrisJ Fox says:

Call it mediocre but I’m game for the fact that he’s trying to be deep. If anything, it shows that over the course of the next ten years, he’ll probably get to where he needs to be as experience teaches him some hard lessons that money can’t buy.

BUT I will say that outside of this album, he is a relatively deep person..and that’ll only grow with time as long as he doesn’t bloviate himself above educating himself.

Grim says:

Fanthony Antano here.

wizya silupumbwe says:

are you kidding me, the album was great.

Jerrod Williams says:

Way to make it clear that you have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about lmaoo. And no shit nobody knew he had a record label, he literally says in the song that he JUST did it.

dizzy says:

anthony you cant fight the viral marketers

Free Ray says:

fuck you. good album

Lisa Zoria says:

All these butthurt Jaden fans tho.

Tyrone Parra says:

Did someone say
B E K F E S T ?

JOseluis garcia says:

that intro

Beraiah Yisrael says:

I take back everything I said previously. I disagree with this guy in so many ways. Jaden boasting about how good he is, is the foundations of rap. who doesn’t inflate their ego right or wrong. he’s not deep, bs. He (Jaden) talks about racism, black on black crime, gangs and materialism. He talks about how children are in prison. He talks about the for profit prison industrial system. And so what he can afford the best beats. He still spit fire and switched up flows 2 to 3 times in the same song. This has got to be the best experimental hiphop albulm of the year. Tyler did his thing but Syre is amazing. but Carry on sir.

Queen Moon says:

Damnit FARVA!

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