Jaden Smith – The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TepNlbdS0UM

The Sunset Tapes just sounds like it doesn’t matter.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Es Juan says:

so u just gon ignore the absolute banger of which is Better Things

JacopAndersen says:

I actually loved and still love SYRE, but this sunset tapes are not the best. But i think you too hard at him.

Naji says:

RIP Jaden Smith, we live in a society

truvultur bb says:

put a NOT GOOD stamp on this shit

Beth Lowery says:

Furry feeder inflation gestation dragon vaporhall porn

Robin Moody says:

Wow, a Review just 100% more exciting than the reviewed Album! BASHED!

RandomDude473 says:

Cool vid but the part where you described your sexual fantasy with Will Smith was a little uncomfortable.

Zapam wamba says:

Do you wash your flannels?

Phoenix says:

please can your nose be a tad bit longer

Juwan Reddick says:

The implication that jaden is only good bc of he can afford expensive production is a real disrespect to him trying to be creative. With all the shit out now we gotta support the ppl trying to be real artists.

End My Suffering says:

Should do the album Unheavenly Creatures by Coheed and Cambria

Ghost says:

“Vaporwave and Dancehall”???

Somebody please make vaporhall now

ActionFilmTherapie says:

This album blows like a cello.

Hiraeth says:

We Live In A Society



in a seriousness, syre is better

Dark Hymns From The Cold North says:

I don’t get this whole “mixtape” thing in rap these days. Especially considering most of these people weren’t alive when tapes were common. Maybe it’s just me. Seems pretty pretentious.

Adam M says:


Randal says:

mountain fountain mountain fountain mountain fountain mountain fountain mountain fountain mountain

CisforCock says:

Boy, the way he talked about this thing made me expect a 0.
Im disappointed…

BrokeBoyTV says:

Ah so now red flannel = bad. Gotcha.

Jonathan Varlamov says:

One of your best reviews

D.D.O.S. says:

I suggest people listen to:
1. A Calabasas Freestyle 2. Plastic 3. Distant 4. Better Things 5. SYRE in Abbey Road and 6. FALLEN Part 2
If searching for the decency in Jaden’s latest project.

The other songs aren’t terrible they’re just hard to navigate through without the thought that they’re filler interrupting enjoyment of the album.

If looking for the story telling in the project only Distant, Better Things, Fallen part 2 and Play this on a mountain at sunset are needed

I always listen to every album from beginning to ending so there are never really any favs but I do think Better things is the best song on its project but that’s not due to it being the song I enjoyed the most as the experience of this project was well received by me.

My issue with this project (btw if I enjoyed SYRE in an 8-10 range this project debuting ERYS was a 5-7) lies within its immaturity in respect to execution.

You can have weaker songs within a body of work but if either their subject matter is not engaging or relayed in a manner that is up to par then their allowance on the project is baffling.

This project feels very raw and Jaden gives off the vibe that when SYRE died at the end of the breakup gone through in the last project what was left was all these emotions like heartbreak, jealousy, and best wishes while also this sense of needing to move on and prove that he’s strong enough to evolve from the experience and that’s my biggest issue with this project: the execution of that need to prove that he’s not what people assume was poorly done and felt incomplete (which might be purposeful as he’s still growing from it) but it seemed like he wanted to wrap it up nicely yet certain tracks could have been left off and the verdict would be the same.

I don’t know but all-in-all I’m looking forward to Jaden’s evolution throughout his discography. If he executes concepts better in the future (and realizes that just because it’s a vibe doesn’t mean the track has to last a sc rapper’s career) I believe he’ll be shown the respect and admiration he’s searching for by those of us who aren’t MSFTS.


You can see in the album cover he just wants to leave, hes tired, he wants to go to bed

TheDiabeticGameMaster says:

With all that money his dad has you’d figure he’d at least be able to spring for some CD’s and a burner. Oh how the wealthy have fallen.

Kris Owens says:

BROCKHAMPTON is gonna jump Melon

Review Screw says:

turned the review off when he said jaden was trying to emulate a bhad bhabie sound

this review and its subsequent comment section is full of dorks salty that a rich kid happens to be talented as well

it’s worth noting that jaden doesn’t even wear his privilege on his sleeve, he goes out of his way to cultivate his own thing. this review: cornball/10

Charles Nowell says:

I’d give it a 2.5

m40dotcom says:

It’s Clipping, Bitch

Miles Beyond says:

Jaden Smith must’ve drank sprite as a kid

pkmcburroughs says:

Look, Fantano–in this context, the butterflies are clearly a metaphor for bats. That’s how he sees them at night. Jeez.

Manuel Alexander says:

I guess he should just turn to mumble rap. Everyone likes that

DefterSun says:

Average guy: Hi how are y-

Harlowe Kim says:

guys fetish is also an archaic english word for a spiritual icon meant for worship. two common fetishes are pregnant fertility figures and dragons. the only reason i know that is because i took comparative colonialism in college and read christopher columbus’ journal excerpts ok you’re welcome. i think jaden has an above average vocabulary but he just tries too hard to be edgy.

Alvin Anis says:

8:36 Melon is an oppressed gamer

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