Jesus Walks – Kanye West (Rap Critic Reviews)

Rap Critic reviews one of Kanye West’s most celebrated songs, and sees if it’s worth the hype. See episodes EARLY on my patreon!


TailzP says:

wait, did D12 sample the same Curtis Mayfield song?

Black Gemstone says:

Yes, most of his samples are a message to the song

Eric Michaels. says:

Do Lucid Dreams or All Girls Are the Same by Juice WRLD

Jontreecko 2.0 says:

Bro I haven’t been seeing you videos lately :,(

Dom Inic says:

I agree with you what you said about Curtis Mayfield, but saying that more Jews deserved to die in the Holocaust? I don’t know man, unsubscribed…

SpenceIsAChef says:

Critic, you have to run your content thru the white people filter when you’re not confident on a Caucasianese topic. Our folk would totally have caught that Kathy Lee goof and given you a far too nuanced breakdown of the hosting history of ‘Live!’ and why the rhyme was actually masterful.

A Dizzy Mage says:

RC is slowly turning into Bob Ross.

Wu tang regect163 says:

You look like you just came from church

Knee zus says:

fyi it wasnt written by rhymefest. rhymefest had the sample and told kanye they needed to do smth with it. kanye agreed. rhymefest also had a verse on it but kanye scrapped it. the first 4 lines were from an old ryhmefest song and kanye liked them so much he used them. the rest he did himself.

Ya_Boy .Dre says:

Am I the only one who noticed he didn’t drop the Worst lyrics of May video

Val Ataraxia says:

Im not even a christian and this song resonates with me. But yeah you gotta accept some dumb lines here and there

Diego Wagner says:

I’m glad you’re doing a review and analysis of a song you really wanted to talk about, rather than a reaction to a song suggestion. This feels a lot more real, and I hope you bring back the channel to this style:)

Preye Yinkore says:

Wasn’t expecting you to give it such a positive review. There is so much in “Jesus walk’s” that explains the fabric of who what and how Kanye is Kanye and will always be the same Kanye. The KKK part I also just noticed a month ago, so many years later. Kanye is a producer turned artist, his words are a maze that patience only will unravel.

Frankie Russell says:

Kanye shopped “Jesus Walks” to multiple A&Rs and they rejected him. Fast forward to Kanye dropping his first album under the ROC, and it was a CLASSIC.

HYPSTR says:

Dude, your only 27?

Damon Eans III says:

Hey RC I got an album for you John Cena You Can’t See Me 2005

marked look says:

Do lucid dreams PLEASE

ShadowOfTheSea says:

I sat through Jarhead for this song. It wasn’t a bad movie, but still…

Will Levy says:

I don’t believe in Jesus for many reasons but it’s a decent song

Dustin Young says:

Bro you we’re born in 1992?! I thought you were more DEHH age!

Braillionaire says:

Great review (not just because I agree, but it was very well done lol), and the fro is looking mad dope my man! Out of that in between phase! (I’m sorry if you like the in between phase, but imo only Bernie Mac, and Steve Harvey have ever pulled that off lol I hate that phase hahaha)

Devin Birdsong says:

Holy shit that afro

Big Saq says:

Anyone who wants to get into Kanye west music this would be a top ten track by him

kats938 says:

Love the fro!

eric mastadon says:

Man ill 100 percent admit. This video reminded me of God’s forgiveness

Theyungcity23 says:

He called himself a God on Yeezus. Its like when Eminem called himself a rap god. That was no controversy. At least he isn’t saying that he is actually the Black Jesus like Donald Glover.

MyBlackis B-U-T-ful says:

You are quite loquacious, but I reckon that’s your thing

Retro 80's says:

Oh shit it’s that cuz I got high guy

Richard Vargas says:


Ian Laue says:

Sorry Rap Critic, Kathy Lee is so interchangeable and out of the zeitgeist you confused her with her younger, blonde-r replacement. Point Kanye on that one.

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