Joji – Ballads 1 ALBUM REVIEW


Joji’s Ballads 1 has some great songs, but a thin appeal, as most of the tracks don’t function beyond their moody vibe and lo-fi aesthetic.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Adrian’s LiFe says:

lol “the track xanax”

toffeebomb says:

Why do people expect fucking Filthy Frank to make good music. I can’t believe people complained he stopped making “serious music”. His serious music is cringeworthy, while his comedy is fucking funny as hell

empty-ohs says:

I know it’s not entirely up your alley but I’d like to see a review on Greta van fleet’s new album

Hyper Tendencies says:

I do recommend:

Please listen to this album with a good pair of headphones. give it a chance. I found that when I was alone I appreciated the music a lot more.

stop just stop stop it says:

Slow dancing in the dark was the first song I listened to and honestly I had to let it grow on me before I really liked it.

Carsten Sondergaard says:

I sometimes, not always, feel like Fantano’s analyses/critiques of vocal performances or musical choices in general fail to factor in the context and intended message of the song or album. He often talks about disliking songs because they don’t shine or seem half-baked/ lazy, but often he fails to realize that it’s THE WHOLE POINT. “Yeah Right” is a perfect example. The criticism of underwhelming vocal performances is reasonable but calling out “Yeah Right” as an example of failure neglects the fact that the message behind the song calls for that kind of delivery. I appreciate Fantano’s opinion but sometimes think that a little more analysis and thinking could go into why an artist did something a certain way before he criticizes it.

Lee Sumirat says:

i liked the album but there was some songs i really didnt like ..
test drive

Colin Bazzano says:

just remember for the most part he listens to each album once before reviewing

Elocuencia Enigmatica C says:


Robbie Beatty says:

How are more people not into Yeah Right? That is one of the best songs!

Siwmaes says:

Anyone notice he isn’t actually in that room.

Tfq 016 says:

i fuck with the album, cant belive he didnt mention comethru tho

Lucas Rump says:

I do love Test drive a whole lot and do feel that it is still a “Joji-esque” song, but I couldn’t help thinking that it did sound a bit like Post Malone while listening to it for the first couple of times as well. Slow dancing is really great too and I really like the style he went with for yeah right, but the rest of the album is were I will agree with our melon. When the In Tongues ep. came out, I just thought “oh well. just gotta give him the time, still great tho”, but with Ballads1, I do feel kinda disappointed tbh, and that’s coming from someone who is a huge fanboy of George Miller in general, and even bought the merch before the album came out. Still happy with the few amazing songs that we got.

PThorGamer says:

Highkey hope Joji makes a rap album (like a non-idiotic version of Pink Guy).

Justin Why? says:

_Can’t Get Over You_ was by far my favorite track. In my opinion, even though _Dancing in the Dark_ had substance I think it really lacked the originality and ingenious instrumental pairing that _Can’t Get Over You_ brought to the table.

Mason Hawthorne says:

review : Mamaleek – Out of Time

Aimee Mena says:

I have never heard an actual Joji album that was good, sometimes I think he’s just trolling his fans with shitty music to see how many of them will suck his dick over it.

Harley Pickens says:

Did that thumbnail perfectly flow to the beginning of the video?

I’m not going crazy right?!

Felix Neri says:

Little gay nerd

Andy Dempsie says:


jacob romero says:

Peach pit

The Nomad says:

I really feel like he just catered to modern SoundCloud beats and mumble rap style. He has real talent, and has shown this, but he got lazy. I don’t know why he decided to shit on such a great thing to be yet another SoundClouder.

phill mcgroin says:

Dude you didnt have to call him that word, he isnt even black.

Find Some Time says:

you didn’t have to give us a tour of your slave factory but okay

Tom Murga says:

This album is a sure fire direction to depression, but as a huge fan of Joji’s voice I love: Wanted U, Yeah right, No fun and See you in 40. I find Joji an acquired taste so I downloaded the whole album to:
1. Support the creator
2. Hear them over to better understand which songs stand the test of time.

Camp.Spaceship says:


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