Jonwayne – Rap Album Two ALBUM REVIEW


With RA2, Jonwayne delivers a disheveled set of alternative hip hop tracks that have potent senses of humor and emotion.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


yaro kior says:

wasnt the best album, but infinitly better than what they play on detroit radio stations

multigrooves says:

The album is fuckin solid….Thafuck you on, Fanta Boy?!

It's the Kid Jeff says:

Yesssss he reviewed this he’s so underrated didn’t expected a review tbh.

RomeJay857 says:

Anthony, did you review the latest Fat Joe/Remy Ma project?

Pyramid Never says:


robert anderson says:

what are your top 3 favorite/ highest rated hip hop albums/ point me in the direction to the faq or whatever where i can find said information sorry to waste anyones time @ theneedledrop

Jay Foster Guitar says:

blah blah fuckety blah

King Mitus says:

i always here ppl talk about doom and dilla but never quasimoto :/ their all badass

lordQuaz says:

hes going places

N L says:

“The Single” was annoying. That beat is nice and the fact it didn’t play out left me vexed.

Lausten Found says:

I’d appreciate it if you give The Amazons’ debut album a listen.
I think the production is solid, very whole and satisfying sound throughout the whole album. British rock group, who released an ep in 2015, leading to this debut.

Jon Doe says:

the single is not a inability to communicate. its a outtake. considering that the same melody is used for a later track on the same album. Also there were 5 singles released for this album witch only 2 of the 5 were on the album. So the comments about the single make no sense.

No mention of the cassette series, jonwayne is retired, From the vaults part 1,2,3 and 4. wayneaic Mondays on sound cloud where he dropped a free song every week for about 3 months.
I think you should give this one another look, there’s some stuff you missed.

dyldragon1 says:

“I spit that mic in the China Shop and spit that bull shit”

I’m already in love this album after the first verse.

robert anderson says:

the type of style i like are anything wutang clan, mobb deep, nas, guru, and jet life are my favorites if that helps

Man yeah says:

tfw fantano completely misses the point of a lot in this album

Jamal Awadallah says:

review a homeboy sandman album. Veins just came out. you’ll be glad you did.

yaro kior says:

imo this dude looks far way into the albums, just listen if you like the music if not turn that shit off

AgentJayHere says:

i think this is the first video that the “red clip” appears. i just want to know why it exists, its so small but so intrusive.

Jedisponge16 says:

The melon lookin more like a kiwi in this one

Garrett Gauthier says:

Is anyone else besides me absolutely NUTS about JonWayne? I listened to all of his albums at least five times each and he never ceases to amaze me.

German Del Villar Jr says:

Wow, I’ll be honest I’ve unsubscribed to your channel not because of your music taste but because I got sick of the memes on your channel. However, you really hit the nail over the head on this one, I totally agree with this album. I resubscribed after this review.

yezra says:

That motherfucking intro made me spit my food out my mouth. God damnit Fantano!

DeathTrap says:

I like how the the placement of the album cover with your face is like “HIPSTA NIGGA WHO DA FAQ IZ YEW?!?!”

Felipe Garcia says:

Please do jay electronica I beg you

george says:

glad to see this guy’s doing ok after selling minecraft

Zach Hagen says:

City Lights is my favorite on the album

Felipe Garcia says:

Revue jay electronica

ripb1b says:

lmao this dude was on the eric andre show!

babyslide says:

Really love this Album! I think you should be more positive with people who stay true to theirself. You sometimes kinda sound like it’s negative NOT selling out, and then I’m also sure you don’t think music should be about money. But! you often give pretty positive reviews to some artist who are obviously out for the money, and pretty hard one, like 6 and 7 to R.A the Rugged Man and Jonwayne. The fact that those albums with old school sound, come out when it’s the new shcool that is popular, just that makes them way awesome and They are a great influence for ”real” hip hop fans, to keep it alive in 2017. and blah, blah, blah!
I love your videos! this is just a part of my opinion on hip hop.

nigotheboss says:

Theneedledrop got a pretty chill life
Wake up, listen to music, tape yourself speaking for 10 min, sack in youtube money

robert anderson says:

actually i lied striaght up anyone whats your top 3 hip hop albums that are more oldschool

pooo624 says:

guys, we should start a petition to get Anthony to review earl sweatshirts best project from back in the day, his mixtape earl. I’ve always wondered what he would rate it

Cesar Gerardo says:

Hey! are you antony fantano? you know, I’m with this girl and she is a huge fan. I was wondering if you could just give her a strong 8 real quick. It would mean a lot to her vrau…

Georgi Marconi says:

Jon Wayne is such a loser. Vanilla the blandest type. Soft serve the cancer kind

ascen chin says:

kill yourself. you can rate the man a seven but he is getting the shine he deserves

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