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The producer/emcee trend continues as Killer Mike links up with El-P to drop this highly anticipated album. Rebellious African People Music (R.A.P. Music) is Killer Mike’s sixth album and is what many are calling his best. R.A.P. Music is receiving much universal acclaim among critics and has been well received by the hip hop community. What does Dead End Hip Hop think? Myke C-Town, Beezy, Kinge, and Feefo along with special guest Clutch Brady discuss Killer Mike’s latest effort and give you our breakdown on Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music. No Politics. No B.S.

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W&M says:

@Timothy Black said -“it’s not my cup of tea”. You gotta stop drinking tea holmes.

Phlegm187 says:

They are both so good do you have to just pick one? I got them both and dont regret it for a minute. If I had a gun to my head and had to pick just one I would pick the bullet.

Sr. Sacaninha says:

“that motherfucker is crazy!” yeah, it sums it up really well.

The Frantik says:

Love this record

Erik Bengtsson says:

I went in a record store in Stockholm last summer. I went over to the rap sction looking at albums, while I stood there I heard a song kill the stereo in the shop, I went over tho the counter and asked the owner who he played. he gave me this album and said it was his favorite rap album of the year. Looking back I totally agree!

27TheMunchkin says:

“Oh, Lord Jesus, Glory!” xD

TheLastSliceOfPie says:

AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare is actually a Spice 1 reference technically, but Ice Cube did the AmeriKKKA thing before Spice 1 did.

A Tiefling says:

Feefo straight ballin’ in his wal-mart skull shirt.

RealChristianSimon says:

I like the girl in the background at 6:50, She look good from a distance

Jimalax11 says:

Yes… he does.

saintyvisu says:

album artwork is amazing as well.

25bdizz says:

this album is fucking great

Jarred Swanson says:

Best album of 2012 was R.A.P Music love dis album

Myke C-Town says:


ja50n says:

Don”t worry about what the fuck I do cracker

Myke C-Town says:

I don’t think you read my comment properly. It had nothing to do with someone’s project. It was in reference to a commenter being upset about what someone else thought of their music taste. Ha..womp womp.

ja50n says:

this album is shit BUT ! niggas in poorest by mos def IS the best hip hop track this YEAR

saintyvisu says:

i don’t mind rappers having the same subject matter, but you gotta put your flare/angle/ wateva to add on to the subject. and i feel he does ok job on executing that.

Shemzinho says:


tgooch59 says:

Why does everything have to be overrated? Yes we have the heard that kind of subject matter before from other MC’s but the way he spit that shit is what got me.

Chris Ferguson says:

Does Kinge ALWAYS say he didn’t like a few songs, and then fails to tell us what those songs actually were?

Griffen Clark says:

HAHAHA i love myke, don’t die is my favorite off the album

Jimalax11 says:

Hahaha fuck. They all just say that Ice Cube feel. Why doesn’t one of them just fucking say it.


Weltall says:

This shit is incredible!

In closing:El-P is a motherfucking genius and Killer Mike is a beast!

PCHDX says:

I thought Killer Mike isn’t that great of an MC although I do like the feel of the album cause it has a old OLD school feel, reminds me of Run DMC. The lyrics and beats are excellent and complement each other in that Run DMC type feel but in my opinion over all the beats were more interesting then anything the MC was saying.

Teddy Grahams says:

How did i miss the release date on this album?? Cuz that Killer Mike Bang x3 mixtape was a damn masterpiece… Pay up…One of my favorite song to this day. Killer Mike is what hardcore-rap supposed to sound like.

Janzer says:

Agreed, everything but Jojo’s Chillin is amazing. I liked jojo, but I can’t hear it every single time. It’s a fun track that exists to break up the seriousness of the rest of the album, and I kinda wish it wasn’t there.

BigBangTheory92 says:

Dude why would you not care what somebody says about your music? If somebody called your project trash you wouldn’t feel some way? You’re lying if you say differently. You want 100 grades on all your projects… ALL OF THEM. Even Eminem’s legendary ass admitted he cares what critics say about his music.

King Rell says:

Review Stalley Savage Journey To The American Dream

Myke C-Town says:

Haha! No prob, dude. Mistakes are funny. Owning up to them is part of being mature. And I agree with everything you said. BTW we’re looking for writers on the website so if you’re interested inbox me for details.

superiorpatrician says:

I hope so. I really enjoyed that album/

Alex Little says:

Should I get this album or Cancer for Cure? Opinions please?

YaBoyDEgood says:

Logic[Young Sinatra] Undeniable Mixtape PLzzzzzzz

Ranger Kasdorf says:

Am I the only person who loves the hook on Anywhere But Here?

Lui_Vee says:

hope they put this album on there best of 2012 list

cloudparter says:

English mother fucker do you speak it??

Jimbothenoob says:


DenizenRD says:

Don’t Die was/is one of the greatest tracks ever since its creation. GOTDAMN

TheLebowski5 says:

Thank you Beezy!! Ice Cube! that is exactly what I was thinking about this shit….But like a wayyyyy better Ice Cube, like if Ice Cube was actually a kick ass emcee. This is modern rap with BALLS

imperialshalom says:

the dopest album Iv’e heard this year hands down

BigBangTheory92 says:

Ah! Excuse me my good man, I was remorselessly disturbed at first, but thank you for explaining. I agree, people shouldn’t take reviews so personally if it isn’t there project. YouTube commentators get butt-hut over opinions that shouldn’t even matter to them. But I enjoy your teams reviews as well. Help me write better journal articles, so once again I thank you my good man.

stan cool says:

im surprised nobody mentioned the el p featured track el went HAM on that track

PM2126 says:

I liked this more
I believe there is a stream available for each that you can check

auggie87 says:

4:15 Beezy’s rockin’ a joint!

dmoneylulz says:

Look at the way C-Town is talking about El-P’s production now that’s some passion lol

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