Lil Dicky – Professional Rapper ALBUM REVIEW


Lil Dicky’s Professional Rapper doesn’t exactly make a case for the Philly jokester’s career change.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Hazza T says:


Kazekagelee says:

You fail as a reviewer

TheDragoonFactor says:

I can understand that you gave it a 2, but PLEASE do not compare Lil Dicky to Hopsin.

Uknowin says:

Why all these lames like Lil Dicky? he corny as hell

Ra1tzU says:

Aaand his next album was even worse than this.

Mayo says:

A light fucking 2? Really? I liked this album but thats your opinion dude

Michael de Tremaudan says:

He says he wants to spazz but he doesn’t even know what to spazz about “So what the fuck am I mad for?
What’s some other shit that I could actually spaz for?” I think its an embarrassing representation of someone who wants to make music that matters and have a reason to be angry about something. He doesn’t even know what to be mad about. He just wants to be like rappers he looks up to who actually rap about shit that is meaningful. “The funny fact about this shit, I gotta rap about the fact I wanna rap about this shit to even rap about this shit.” He doesn’t even know what he is trying to talk about. That song fucking sucks. Yeah the beats alright, yeah the flows are okay, and no I won’t say he is very clever or interesting with anything he is saying. It is stupid. You can’t just talk about something you want to talk about without even knowing what you want to talk about. It is retarded. Music that actually matters and tackles a subject doesn’t need to talk about tackling said subject. The artist just does it. Blacker the Berry is a perfect example of that.

F Society says:

How didn’t you get this dude?! It’s corny, it’s weird, it’s “Jewey” that’s the fucking point! It’s self aware about these things! He’s carving out a niche to get noteriety and popularity. There’s no contradiction between that and wanting to progress to more serious shit in the future. The key is WANTING but it’s a step by step process. He grabs attention first then changes it up. Yeah, he plays up the corny, weird, awkward, loserish , middle-class Jewish white boy schtick in this album but you let it slide ‘cos he knows, we know, he knows that’s what it is. I like it. It straddles the line between dorky comedy and real talk and he’s got nice flow and clever bars to match. Real simple shit. Also, get off this “legitimate” hip hop trash. Music is representative of all facets of life including humour. You went full melon on this one.

lastchild06 says:

Dude every rapper makes a bar about how they will change the game lol

johncerasi says:

I think Pillow Talking is a lot funnier than you give it credit for, but you’re right it could be shorter. Have you ever heard him freestyle? That’s not good.

Oskari Rintamäki says:

Whaaaat the fuck are you talking about man

Andrei Simionescu says:

I watched Pillow Talk. The animation was amazing, the girl was hot as fuck (lil dicky aint bad either ya feel me), but holy shit. I’m physically sick after getting through that garbage. Incredibly retarded concept and “music”.

here we go again folks says:

professional rapper was the only good song on the album

Bunku's Place For Hidden Music says:

50% Fuckthony Youtano
50% Thankthony Youtano

Jack Light says:

The album was dope!

Vladimir Klizschko says:

Best thing about this album is the GZA – Liquid Swords Vinyl sitting in the back of this video of the review

Escapism says:

“i think it’s disrespectful to hip hop. I’m a white youtube critic sporting a wu tang shirt and glasses, which makes me a hip hop scholar.” fuck outta here hater, pillow talk is brilliant and hilarious. can’t help but wonder how different this review would be if LD was black

Chris Daly says:

This review is coming from a guy who doesn’t get Ween either

Madcat says:

Out of all the bad anthony fantano reviews i can’t believe i missed this one, this is why white people shouldn’t have a say in music…yo jk, jokes aside this was another awful review from someone who can’t seem to be unbiased when rating something, give a kendrick album to a comedy rapper lover and he will give you a 2/10, give a lil dicky album to someone who can’t understand what comedy rap is about and he will give it a 2/10….oh….wait

Toxic9mm says:


C heidebrecht says:

I for one thought that pillow talk was hilarious

Kevin Mani says:

Can someone tell me why or how can I take this guy seriously?, He’s hating on the whole album, like wtf, some songs are good and some are bad, but in the end this guy just hates on the whole album, is he like some kind of knows it all hiphop critic?

5aq says:

Came back to here from the I’m Brain review, Anthony, what do you want him to do to succeed? I mean let’s be honest hip-hop at Dicky’s level is a money chase whether one wants to accept that or not. I don’t blame him if he makes what he doesn’t want to in that pursuit.

Caduceus says:

If you are going to embrace the mediocre, average white guy lifestyle then why should you expect anything other than a mediocre, average art form? You can’t be both “I’m the next great rapper” and “I don’t take life too seriously.”

Erocktyle says:

Make Earth go hard again

Big Nig says:

lil dicky: 2, lil pump: 7

barnowl says:

Ok that was by far the worst review from my boi melonhead. Tran.

Tone Vlogs says:

thank you so much needledrop…. i subed right away when i heard your straight up views towards this ass-clown… lil dicky is straight up cancer formed into a person

Oh Heku says:

listen to russel westbrook on a farm. probably his best track. And when he says this isnt the type of music i want to make, hes saying more that people lovehim for his silly, childish humor, type of rap. and if he became serious out of no where, his big fans wouldnt like him. he knows hes mainstream and popular for that, but he could be taken serious as deep story rapper, but he doesnt have a following for that.

lemon heds says:

lol everything that I like this guy trashes it rip


The ending of truman is kind of a call back to his previous mixtape material so it would seem completely uncalled for if you haven’t listened to his mixtapes. I don’t think you looked into Lil Dicky enough here when you make claims like he is disrespecting hip-hop. Also when he talks about changing the game his focus is on taking away the necessity for rappers to be hyper masculine and I really don’t see why its offensive that he wants to change that specific perception of rap. I’ll agree that tracks like classic male pregame are completely novelty and cornball but theres a good deal of solid tracks on here as well. 6/10 from me.

Brogan says:

A few of my friends were obsessed with Pillow Talking about a month ago and it was honestly annoying since they would always play it. A track like that shouldn’t be 10 minutes long. Dicky can do comedy rap but he shouldn’t act like he’s the first to do his thing.

Chris Daly says:

“I think it’s disrespectful to hip hop.” Get the fuck over yourself dude. Are you the fucking high preist of this shit? Come on

Dan MacLean says:

More dislikes than likes on this? Speaks for itself.

weathercircle says:

Lmao this guy’s opinion is so ass backwards, Truman is lyrical genius.

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