Lil Peep’s Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1: NOT GOOD


The future of emo is looking bleak…for the wrong reasons.



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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Frostymankills says:

Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad people like it for a reason. I’ve watched you for awhile but I feel like you are just hating on shit now for the views. Unsubbed

lul Pepe says:

Shut the fuck up N suck my left nut

sidney kile says:

fucking die

BeltedFool says:

I h8 u. Die

toxic gamer says:

Shut yo ass up

Patrick Chamberlain says:

Do you know nothing about music people in the legend he will live forever

jon rad says:

I feel like when you submerge yourself into this album it’s really good. I didn’t like it either when I just let it play without really paying attention to it.

zion chesson says:

Fuck you , you fuckkng piece of shit

Nick Galvan says:

Dude you’re way off. You are so narrow minded it’s confusing you get views. Maybe you hate it because you can’t relate to any of it and because you don’t understand the youth. Idk but melody and relatable lyrics is what we like right now. How the music makes you feel. You’re looking at it so wrong. I want lyrics I can relate to, so when I’m screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs I really feel the music. I feel like you’re comparing him to just 90’s emotions and not early 2000’s em. You gotta know it all to be stating like this.

Anthony Dead says:

It’s all opinion my dude you like what you like but respect the talent respect the effort put into it and base your opinions on facts

Place Real Name Here says:

When does part 2 come out?

Conor Maloney says:

I feel like the majority of those dislikes were after peeps death

Aye Jake says:

Even if you don’t like Peep ( which is fine ) you gotta admit, he revolves rap. He made emo rap normal.

TheDigestivo says:

very little hate in these comments. I love lil peep but Anthony speaks about the mixing and shit. He is not just saying ” hes trash ” . You cant really be mad at him

ocelot hayes says:

It was a decent switch up from all the complete trash lately

RandellBeckhamJr says:

This guy is an example of people only looking at the surface of people. Also peep has a good voice search his acapelas.

It's Kermit Nigga says:

This review is trash

Patrick Chamberlain says:


FekSwat clips says:

Shut up this is wonderfull u fag

Ronnie Haase says:

I actually dislike you for this review due to my personal bias

Uppity Nigger says:



xViLE says:

Son of a bitch what do you think you can judge about others

Michael Glowacki says:

Hopefully his next album will be better

WhatAm IDoing says:

Go grow some hair you bald fuck

the bobo says:

how the fuck does this bitch know sadness the only sadness you felt is when you went bald

Drew says:

Glad he dead

Fissi0n Is a nerd says:

I couldn’t listen to this album straight through but I still think there are some bangers off of here

TheGreatGordinio says:

shit I loved this and I loved his previous music as well

BeeEmCee says:

You’re on something you faggot

NarcoleptiNinja says:

Lil peep is a legend rip lil peep

BasedBobby says:

you’re a fucking idiot stop making money by degrading artists that actually have talent you balding pedo looking fuck

Caleb Veta says:

Bunch of sad gamers in the comments crying fantano didn’t like their messiah lil peep

poti pota says:

Yeah pt1 was pretty bad but castles 2 is excellent

SAYwhatIwant says:

Peep is one of my favorite artist dude had talent. He had a problem and it took his life. What album does thing guy like? Shit he said Em’s new album was trash..

patorikko sutampo says:

i agree with everything he said and yet i kinda like the abum welp

NawLZEE says:

lil peep kind of sounds like a mix between simple plan and good charlotte

510 says:

Fuck off

Michael Gattis says:

You a price of trash. Trying to hate a somebody that did way more than you’ve ever done at such a young age. Didn’t know you were a famous music critic now.

jeannie lynn says:

What? Sorry but this guy is MF crazy. I’m speechless!!! Lil peep is a MF visionary who the f**k is this guy????

Caleb Gp says:

F’ a rap critic he talk about while I lived it

everythingwrongwiththeworld says:

rip peep and f#ck this dude

messiah says:

Fuck you,
Kill yourself fag

panscraper gamming says:

I feel like you’re jealous because you are a no life with no money and everyone that you’re saying is that trash making more money than you ever will in your whole life

Justin Louw says:

Just say that you dont like it instead of labelling it “not good”

Lex Carrillo says:

You’re just wrong.

Famous Dex's son says:

I love Lil Peep’s music and seriously one of his is my all time favorite, but this album was pretty bad except for Benz Truck.

Tomuch Pancakes says:

oh shit lil xans is next

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