Lil Pump “Harverd Dropout” – ALBUM REACTION/REVIEW

Lil Pump “Harverd Dropout” – ALBUM REACTION/REVIEW:
Hey guys!
So Lil Pump just released his highly anticipated Harverd Dropout/Harvard Dropout album, which has been delayed a few times but it’s finally here!
The album was supported by 7(!) singles, those being Racks On Racks, I Love It, Butterfly Doors, ESSKEETIT, Drug Addicts, Multi Millionaire & Be Like Me. Additionally the album contains features from artists like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Offset & YG.
So, was it worth the wait? Well, this is CDTVThaG, and watch my first reaction/review of Harverd Dropout to find out!

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Lil Pump “Harverd Dropout” –

Harverd Dropout Full Tracklist:

01. “Drop Out”
02. “Nu Uh”
03. “I Love It”
04. “ION” (feat. Smokepurpp)
05. “Fasho Fasho” (feat. Offset)
06. “Racks on Racks”
07. “Off White”
08. “Butterfly Doors”
09. “Too Much Ice” (feat. Quavo)
10. “Multi Millionaire” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
11. “Vroom Vroom Vroom”
12. “Be Like Me” (feat. Lil Wayne)
13. “Stripper Name” (feat. YG and 2 Chainz)
14. “Drug Addicts”
15. “Esskeetit”
16. “Who Dat”


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finesse nation says:

Father of 4 Let’s go

dandzrega says:

This album trash don’t even need to watch the video to know that

Yxng Massacre says:

Why didn’t you just get yourself some clear tape and just tape the lights up?

Aquillexx says:

Bring back your first reaction to rappers series, and review IAMJAYCE

Jackson Hicks says:

still waiting on that leg reveal…

So Many Questions says:

On vroom vroom vroom, I thought that shit would go hard


Tc is a G says:

Can you make a backtrack reaction to Smyle an album by Kyle in 2015 it’s really good I think you’ll like it

finesse nation says:

Offset let’s go

CookieInBox 01 says:

The G stands for got that faze banks head

Janne Raitanen says:


That Pickle says:

The g stands for
G react to father of 4

capten GALAXY says:

I think it was an aight album is just felt like a disappointment because it was heavily anticipated

Legend Loaf 6969 3 says:

I Wass gonna go to schkoo Bu den I pop xan

Prince Mozart says:

I need Higher Brothers album reaction!

MCFRURRY69 says:

Some real weak tracks, but a lot of fun ones too, overall happy with it, 7/10, decent.

CDTVThaG says:


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L0ST5OUL says:

React to pump academy

Ripu Daman says:

Shut that mumble rap mouth

TNL Spider Gang says:

It is a pornstar named Alexis Texas you know

James Bepis says:

React to the higher brothers new album!

Scarce Hyperion says:

React to Father of 4, it’s really damn good.

Made To Make says:

16:27 yeah *vroom vroom vroom* was the WORST song lmaoo

KG Slump God says:

Vroom vroom vroom sound like a comethazine song

Jxmes says:

When lil pump said “off white white rice Fortnite pew pew pew” I felt that

elias salminen says:

Takeoff not left off, he just dont want to work whit this sucky ass pump…

Nate S says:

stripper name slap fuck you mean

Tommygun123 Q says:

I’m a millionaire, *but I don’t know how to reaaaaad*

Starzerz Playz says:

Wait a minute, a misspell? *Cough* *cough* Harvard.

Clean says:


Luis Hernandez says:

This album is trash and can’t see how you don’t address that

dandzrega says:


NorCal Eevee says:

Yea it’s not thought provoking its thot provoking

Jonavi JLMA says:


the Truth says:

Please review Roc Marciano.

? ? says:

Bring back the LED’S

thicc negro says:

anyone else think vroom vroom vroom sounds exactly like bands by comethazine?

Wiliiam Gallant says:

The g stands for gay

Blake Sucha says:

The beat in too much ice sounds a lot like “I am” by xxxtentacion

young RYU says:

This album was trash vroom vroom vroom

Jerry Hyvönen says:

The G stands for react to GOODNIGHT LOVELL

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