Lil Skies – Life of a Dark Rose MIXTAPE REVIEW


Lil Skies’ debut mixtape is a standard SoundCloud rap affair.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


ColdBloodedvet1 says:

How tf does this trash ass album remind your bald head ass of bryson tiller. Smh

gomery says:

dime-a-dozen/10, owie, ouch

Spence Thompson says:

Fredothany Deadtano here

sp1tf1r321 says:

Damn you really don’t have an ear for shit, you lost some credibility on this one smh.

Zer0 Music says:

Review Dedication 6

Yung Stomach Pump says:

This fucking guy is literally your standard soundcloud rapper and I cannot Fuck with it. Music for 12 year old girls who don’t even wanna think enough to listen to something with any type of creativity. Ima give this a no/10 but thanks for trying buddy

Papa Desch says:

I loved it

Koolkix says:

Lil skies just plain as you said

Addison Davis says:

doo doo tape

tHe Negusdrop says:

Real talk on March 3 I’m dropping a fie SC tape as Paulo Bob.SS title phase 6

stupid gorl says:

lil skies is my dad but i was very disappointed with the tape as well.

Just Your Average Gamer says:

Mr Fantano, I must disagree with you. I think the songs on the mixtape are very different front hat of his contemporaries and are much more lyrical. This sets skies apart from most of the other sound cloud rappers coming out of Florida. It seems that those coming out of Florida focus a lot on the beats being absolute bangers but skies focuses on the lyrics much more than the beat, not to say that the beat isn’t good. The beats usually are used to set the tone of the song for skies, rather than putting something up to rap to like with someone like lil pump or smokepurpp. For example on skies biggest song, red roses, the beat is very calm but somewhat melancholic. The lyrics of the song and the melody of skies voice combine with the beat to form a track that’s primarily filled with the emotion of longing, at least that’s how I perceive it. I believe that’s what sets skies aside from his contemporaries and that’s what makes him good. He’s much more conscious of what he’s doing as an art form rather than as something to do that makes money.

Dylan says:

just a old head lol stay in yo lane n review indie rock bands

Don't Know, Don't Care says:

Why don’t you like reggae?

MixedMusic Trash says:

thank you, i thought i was the only one thinking that this album was pretty boring. i don’t understand the hype on this mixtape.

Darius Varize says:

very plain sheet of paper

Croviel says:



Can you do the new Dave East project, surprised me a lot.

Joakim Lamo says:

review 6 dogs tape

Jon Piers says:

Onethony Taketano

theneedledrop says:

Waynesboro, not Philly. my bad

Terry Dactyl says:

Worst haircut in the game!

adam sightler says:

No Anthony, lil skies is fire, this project is fire, lil skies is next up it’s easy to see if you follow him and the SoundCloud wave

Camille Smith says:

Ayy Lil Skies is where I’m from

Mike Driggs says:

I’m gonna say lil uzi vert like that forever

kyle oster says:

Review Shoreline Mafias new tape one of the best projects of 2017 IMO.

Hugo C says:

Gonna disagree with you this time, melon whore

sirpsychosexy says:

Dude has a terrible rapping name

Hamad Hashish says:

RIP Fredo, press F for respect

robert sanchez says:

You goofy Bruh GOOFY

The Church of Lucio says:

Redthony Rosetano

Landon Valestra says:

Lil Skies more like Lil Soundcloud scene officially dies

Flash Giordani says:

Review the Maxo Kream album

Bameron Blackbird says:

You gonna review that new maxo?

Voretti says:

Lil Skies look like a bootleg down the sewer long lost brother of the dolan twins

Alex says:

the first track showed a lot of promise but the rest just made me more and more disappointed. :/

Avery Zullo says:

Not a Philly rapper you piece of shit of a person

Tilman Fiedermann says:

yung pinch >>>>> lil skies

Avery Zullo says:

Lil skies fire suck a dick

Andrew Olsen says:

Review the cuphead soundtrack

Travis Beck says:

Ive noticed the most interesting thing about his music is Landon Cube the guy who sings the hooks on a lot of his tracks.

Darius Baker says:

my mans said standard “rap, trap, pop, hip hop” cmon bro

daxerbreh says:

i may be late but not as late as this review

Lil Boat says:

Nothany Scoretano

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