Lil Xan’s Total Xanarchy: NOT GOOD


Total Xanarchy is way too drab to be even dumb fun.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Swahzy says:

Don’t come after my boy like that with that hairline

Jackie Lombardi says:

he tore this album up LMFAOOOO

Chris Haire says:

I seriously could not agree with this dude anymore. This review is more entertaining then the album

StardustMan says:

at the end of the day, this album is, ironically, like taking xan.

eden sinclair says:

I was so disappointed in his album tbh i was rooting for him, we we’re all rooting for him i hope he learns something from this

Nicholas Pigues says:

funniest video on YouTube

Carlos Villalvazo Puentes says:

lil sad

Barack Obama says:

Nice Fleetwood Mac, “Self titled” and “Rumors” !!!


His old songs are so good, but to be honest, from betrayed and up its pretty bad…

Casey Smith says:

Melon the type of nigga to give Lil’ Pump a 7 and Lil’ Xan a “Not Good” review.

Crayawn says:

I’d love to see fantano review seth sentry, best australian hip hop artist imo

Jordan Lonsdale says:

Idgaf whether Diego likes 2pac or not but his music is ABSOLUTE CRAP

Piper Chauvin says:

I feel like xan can make good bangers but this album proved that xan needs to develop a lot more before he’ll be a good artist

Oliy says:

He’s gonna die now good job

Isaac Ford says:

I see that yur bussing it open for views now lol

But this is facts

Juan Horta says:

please do the world is yours by rich the kid

Gage Yandle says:

uh oh, a “not good”, he may die soon

Oipeeepwns says:

honestly my biggest issue w lil xan is that i love the beats he uses so much that his garbage vocals almost balance it out and make it somewhat listenable

Jordan Lonsdale says:

I love your humour here

Leyza Villarreal says:

Do Isolation by Kali Uchis

Doge says:

Lil xan is the embodiment of what old heads hate and think we all are

Menthol Kratom says:

“his voice is like a never ending creaky door” hahahahaha best analogy ever….you are a god, sir.

AR15 says:

Dex Meets Dexter

itsthatfox says:

Still here waiting for them all to O.D, so that the rap-game becomes unsaturated again.

Marcos says:


Piper Chauvin says:

Diplo song really disappoints me. That beat deserves better

Guy Person says:

Digging the Fleetwood Mac album in the background.

TaySoGlo says:

Dex Meet Dexter next

Nicholas Pigues says:

funniest video on YouTube

Jade Sanchez says:

What’s funny is the fact that he knows so much about lil xan, and he knows the lyrics when he says lil xan isn’t good (pretty much)

Lil' GarlicBread Vert says:


Nicholas Pigues says:

funniest video on YouTube

Carlos Villalvazo Puentes says:

review ASAP Forever

Emilio Esteves says:

Damn. His lack of hair

OKS ZEDD says:

lil can trash , let’s hope the not good claims another lol

Riley Morecraft-Upoko says:

You gonna review diplos new ep?

Mecomomicaca Alv says:

Total xanarchy but call’s the police when hes in danger

Morgan Freeman says:

U better watch out xan ur next

Mateo Cort says:

This is so true but I’d be hurt to see this video about me lol

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