Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions is The WORST RAP ALBUM EVER! (Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions Review)

Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions is The WORST RAP ALBUM EVER! (Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions Review)

If you are a hip-hop fan who considers a rapper’s talent as directly proportional to the size of his or her vocabulary, and for whom the phrase “back in the day” is always accompanied by a wistful sigh, prepare for your worst nightmare in zeitgeist-surfing 19-year-old Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty. There are certainly some idiotic moments on his 21-song debut LP. On one chorus, he just says “Harley” over and over again, while, on Better, presumably floundering for a word that rhymes with “whatever” and “clever”, he shoehorns in the name Trevor. His mum will be charmed by the song dedicated to her, less so by him telling a female house guest, on DM Freestyle, that

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yung xanie says:

it’s funny how almost all his hits are on Lil boat and not on summer songs 2 and especially teenage emotions

An O2 Creation says:

Dirty Mouth & DN Freestyle are the best songs on there

YoungLungs/robloxplayer17 says:

yay i got to hit the 500th dislike

SuicidalDemon G59 says:

there is a bunch of good songs on here that have so much replay value

Master Shock Value says:

He was too worried about having two guys kissing on the cover.

Asia Izzard says:

That’s exactly what he did domis th, he a kid

Beerus Sama says:

I fuck with yachty but the album is a flop

Cameron Pinson says:

Lil Yachty doesn’t say his songs are Hip Hop he says he wants to bring the Nautica music back… you also need to listen to the album more than one fucking time and then give opinions. Your to quick to judge. Smh

Glory Boy says:

Lil yachty album the best hip hop album ever

Beau Bowss says:

70’s pop wasnt in Vice City because Vice city was in the late 80’s….

John Pearson says:

he’s trash period

nintendude 64 says:


Cameron jeskewich says:

Haters #boatgang

Stupid EdBoi says:

His favorite songs on the album the weakest songs so I understand why you feel like the album suck but it’s actually new vibes honestly

jailbreakent says:

He dropped the ball on his life

Marius Sønnervik says:

The album is fire asf

Aaron Richardson says:

but he ain’t a rapper

Jared The Artist says:

Lil Yachty album isn’t rap lmao his album is mediocre at best but there’s a few songs on it that’s good but that’s really it

King ShadP says:

I like it, I feel like ppl won’t agree with it the first 10 times around but when you hear that 11th time, it’ll grow on you. DN FREESTYLE is the best song on the album tho..

ilikespacedinosaurs says:

You don’t know what you’re talking about, listen to more music.

Ty Kendrick says:

I liked more than a few tracks off the album.

TheLongboardKid says:

Like a star lady in yellow forever young all great songs

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