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The wait is over. Our t-shirts are on sale. You can get it here: Oh and while you’re at it, here is our review of Lupe Fiasco’s album Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part 1. Returning to join us is Naomi who was on our review of Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers. It’s a lengthy review but we’re not dropping many videos this week so go ahead and kick back for a few minutes and let us know what you think about this album in the comment section below.

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Everett Alexander says:

This shit album got a grammy nomination. Just shows how wack the fuckin industry is right now.

itachiovermadara says:

anybody remember what that song was called that lupe leaked from food and liquor II “part 2”, it was like around the year it came out, i wanna say it was on thanksgiving or maybe christmas/christmas eve. ANYONE????

wayne henry says:

logic.ab soul ,Kendrick Lamar ,jcole ,big pun ,Eminem ,dmx ,biggie,
slaughter house ,wu tang clang mobb deep 50 cent and Lloyd banks ,the game ,fabulous bone thugs harmony

Edward Polenzani says:

man there’s no way this sounds like the first food and liquor production wise that girl is in denial. Go listen to T&Y if you wanna hear Lupe back to form

Brian says:

Words i never said is Fucking amazing u all are idiots

wayne henry says:

for me I’m mostly a 90s person that when all the nice music was out and I love some 2000s music too and 2010s music as well but just not a big fan of this generation of music as much

dimitris bright says:

Naomi looks fineeee!!!

yonis gure says:

its true. The truth always hurts.

Harold Jones says:

I wouldn’t say this is an amazing or bad album, it just was forgettable and didn’t have the essence of Food and Liquor or The Cool

Harnoor Singh says:

The hook of ITAL, “And here’s some kisses for the babies.. More patience to the youth” connects with his newest album T&Y. On Adoration of the Magi, he said, “Why you so afraid to die? You just a baby!” .. and talks about the youth slowing down and not rush to their death, which is why they need kisses. Don’t think that hook from ITAL is corny it is very deep and meaningful.

Joel Joseph says:

This album is great

Brian says:

Words i never said is Fucking amazing u all are idiots

Trevor Estrada says:

His music does seem cool and collected on politically conscious tracks. Not like the fire Immortal Technique brings

Doriiaan says:

I think he dumbed down his lyrics. His message is positive the same way as it was but it just sounds corny on this album the way he delivers it in this oversimplified way.

Wheel Smith says:

new lupe album is pretty good …… some really good tracks….. love it

Harnoor Singh says:

Did they really not like Brave Heart?!? mannn that was the most under rated song off that album, I can’t believe no one is feeling it. It goes so hard, give it a couple more listens, such an amazing track.

Myreon Smith says:

big pooh made this album!!!

Peter Jetson says:

The fellow Chicagoan, No I.D was needed for this project.

Hiphopniac MusicKing says:

Whole album fire!

kathy kelly says:

some of the worst choruses ever, lots of songs I wanted to get into but I laughed my self out of listening to them when the chorus hits. 

Marques Cotton says:

Big lupe fan ppl misjudge intelligence because that intend to lack it themselves this man can bring a positive change to this world if ppl would stop judging his opinions and ideas because he’s a friend of the people not against them keep up the work lupe

bsmi1361 says:

food and liquor 2 is a classic in my book

Vegan Bari94 says:

Top 100 hip-hop artist of all time(IN MY OPINION)

The acquirement for this list is

4.)Notorious BIG
6.)Lil Wayne
7.)Andre 3000
8.)Black Thought
9.)Kanye West
10.)Dr. Dre
11.)Kendrick Lamar
14.) LL Cool J
15.)Snoop Dogg
18.)The Game
19.) 50 Cent
20.)Ice Cube
22.)Big Pun
23.)Lauryn Hill
25.) Mos Def
26.)J Cole
27.) Common
28.)Missy Elliott
29.) Big Daddy Kane
31.)Pharrell Williams
33.)Immortal Technique
34.)Busta Rhymes
35.) Fabolous
36.)Slick Rick
37.)Public Enemy
38.)Bones Thug & Harmony
39.) Run DMC
40.)MF Doom
42.)Beanie Sigel
44.)De La Soul
45.)Kool G Rap
46.)Gucci Mane
49.)Nicki Minaj
51.)Lupe Fiasco
52.)Rick Ross
53.)Chance the Rapper
54.)J Dilla
55.)Young Jeezy
56.)Ja Rule
57.)Method Man
58.)Kurtis Blow
59.)Big K.R.I.T.
60.)Meek Mills
61.)MC Lyte
62.)Big Sean
63.) UGK
64.)Talib Kweli
65.)Joey Badass
66.)The Beastie Boys
67.)Tech N9ne
68.)Run The Jewels
69.)Big Boi
70.)Freddie Gibbs
71.) 2 Chainz
72.) Nelly
73.) Eve
75.) Wiz Khalifa
76.) Childish Gambino
77.) Boosie
78.) E-40
79.) Lil Jon
80.)Heavy D
82.)ASAP Rocky
83.)Pusha T
84.) Kid Cudi
85.)Tyler, The Creator
86.)Injury Reserve
87.) Remy Ma
89.)King Los
92.)Fat Joe
93.)Queen Latifah
94.)Digable Planets
95.)Goodie MOB
96.)Salt n Pepa
98.)Warren G
99.)Doug E. Fresh
100.) MC Hammer

Controversial Mann says:

i like lasers way better than this album tho this album was jus ok slash good but it was kinda preechy and unrelatable and some tracks where borin

KosmoLamer says:

search OLD MAN SAXON – OFF MY MIND. do it now damn you!!

MillionaireRobot says:

Naomi is soo good looking, she don’t even know it. I wanna kiss her face

Trevor Estrada says:

His music does seem cool and collected on politically conscious tracks. Not like the fire Immortal Technique brings

TheHolyFlipster says:

I still don’t get why people don’t like F.O.T.P.? It was a solid mixtape for me.

Esharido says:

Most slept on album I’ve heard in since idlewild

Papa J says:

Tetsuo and Youth is album of the year

Desphinx says:

I liked this album a lot. The tracks I don’t like are practically from Heart Donor to Battle Scars. Then it’s smooth sailing from there.

Joshua Summerville says:

Friend of the people was sick as fuck

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