Lupe Fiasco- Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 ALBUM REVIEW


My review of Lasers:

My take on the Lupe / Pete Rock tiff:

Though Lupe Fiasco is as sharp as ever when it comes to social commentary, production continues to be a problem for him on Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?





Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


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Austin Goodrich says:

“She’s like a Blonde in the first movie and now she’s like… a Redhead” lol was that done subconsciously?

Bianca Vera says:

around my way is one of the best songs i have ever heard

ibesweetp2 says:

I really wish Lupe would do whatever the fuck he wants on his mixtapes and make them amazing and just do straight up pop garbage on his albums as sort of a “wink wink nudge nudge – get the mixtape not the album” sort of thing.

RaisZar Official says:

Light to decent 7

Lunar Orbit says:

Illmatic (Iphone 3), The Cool (Iphone 4), Good kid Maad City (Iphone 5), Tetsuo and Youth (Iphone 7)

james jobber says:

the fuckboy always hating on lupe

kenterminatedbygoogle says:

I disagree with his rating.
I think the album is really good with Bitch Bad and other singles that really carry it.

gerod ford says:

I really liked this album and I still listen to it.

Juan Solorzano says:


Pamela Dials says:

this is stupid and so are the people who don’t like this albulm. the instrumentals and chorus are raw as heck. absolutely dope. lupe speaks truth in his music. non spiritual ignorant stupid ppl who know little of life or what really goes on out here could never understand lupe. I love this album. bump it everyday. so ppl who don’t like. you and your trash rap artists can all screw off

gio says:

Review Jon Connor Unconscious State and QuESt Searching Sylvan

Team Pants says:

Tetsuo & Youth has pretty good beats.

AlbinWest says:

“Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Black Star”


funnyboyi says:

ur fuckin stupid, period.

Dean Richards says:

bitch bad and lambo angels instrumentals were dope. but some production was bland tho

Imran Sa'id says:

What’s everybody’s beef with ‘Unforgivable Youth’?

Gregory the 6th says:

Okay, so now you really have to do The Cool. That by Lupe Fiasco is an absolute classic, will always be able to listen to that.

Carl Sanchez says:

The cool was lupes best album

11LuStar says:

I think you forgot to put up the album cover

Tom From Scranton says:

this review sucks. this album isnt near as poppy as lasers. he didnt even listen to this thing all the way through. the lyrics are outstanding and its not like a lot of the albums out now

Akira Phoenix says:

I agree with this rating
and I’m a huge Lupe fan

Abdirahman Ahmed says:

I give it a 10/10

Abdullah Anwar says:

All his albums are PURE CLASS!!! END OFF

Pamela Dials says:

I freaking Love heart donor. strange fruition, around my way, ital roses, battle scars, how dare you, cold world, hood now and unforgivable youth is like one of my most fav songs of all time. I love this whole album. love it . one if my fav of all times. u ppl need Jesus. u ppl better realize there is a higher power who is our creator, get to know him, seek and learn truth. appreciate truthful good music and stop being stupid like ur trash whack rappers with hard bumping trap ass base but no lyrics. and no real stuff. Lupe one of the realest left

dfm Don't Fear Music says:

I’d give it a 7. It’s solid, but not great.

7sixesssss says:

Music nerd yet you focus a little too much on the beats and not on the complexity of the lyrics.

Triiichomes says:

Everything is subjective. “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” I liked all of Lupe’s albums but there were some songs I just didn’t enjoy. I definitely liked the majority of songs on all his albums though (including some of the ones you criticized) Cool video though. Interesting to see and hear your perspective. “To each their own”. One love (~..~) (V)

ExperienceLOS7713 says:

I know this comment comes up every so often, but why does everyone get so offended when Fantano gives a review that doesn’t blatantly worship big name artists? He wouldn’t be much of a critic if he gave a 9/10 on every major album that came across his way. Even when I strongly disagree with his opinion, I still find his thoughts insightful and thought provoking, but for some reason everyone seems to get their panties in a bunch.

End Of Fate says:

At the end of the day its just a boring album..The songs just dont grab you like F&L OR T&Y.


Didn’t once mention the lyrical monster that is “Form Follows Function” smh. But for the most part this review is spot on

Alessandro Montenegro says:

Audubon Ballroom

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