Mac Miller – Swimming ALBUM REVIEW


On Swimming, Mac Miller continues to work outside of his strengths without improving at all upon the obvious weaknesses of his previous album.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


cheekybigfoot42 says:

Thank you. I’m so sick of everyone saying this awful album is good.

2000 CREW says:

this album is way better than astroworld

Thadson says:


Berglind Thorarinsdottir says:

Nononono, this album is so good 😀 😀

anesu mahwendepi says:

Pretty sure you just hate Mac Miller , literally never given him a fair review

Alex Barron says:

fuck you Fantano

kavika13 says:

Fuck em up, mellon!

Adam Chahin says:

The album was great, you wrong

Ramzyrizzle says:

Yeah, that’s a *no* on your review for me chief.

Elchupa Cabra says:

I feel like this was too short you could’ve delved a little deeper into the album (Especially the clever lyrics and wordplay he drops throughout the album). Even though I respect your opinion, I really enjoyed this record. It just stands out especially in 2018 where Hip-Hop is very generic, lots of stuff sound the same. Maybe you’ll like it as it ages if you’re even going to listen to it. Personally I loved this album, some features would’ve been great but I get this album is very introspective and personal for Mac.

Devin Howard says:


Bad Captain says:

The album is not amazing but Shawn Cee did this album more justice.

Angel Nuñez says:

Ass review

Victor B. says:

ur best review

Jeremiah Vink says:

Loved this review Melon I hope Mac Miller stans lose sleep over this

Ian Banda says:

Boy I’m witnessing *history*

Anubhav Khanna says:

youre like that old english teacher that really hated that one kid in class and just picked on him or her for their work more than the rest.

Thomas Curry says:

I disagree. But respect your opinion.

KGM says:

Let’s Get that melon boys

ragiiin1 says:

How dare you melon

Mr. U says:

Kamasi Washington – 6
Deafhaven – 5
Mac Miller – 3

Oh boi

Marco Henriquez says:

damn Fantano, taking the L.

Joe Glacken says:

ok so who dropped the Melon? hands down one of your worst reviews.

Jakewray says:

Damn 6k dislikes huh

anon03030605 says:

melony disliked the divine feminine, which was a better album, idk why yall were expecting him to enjoy this

the meatman says:

why do these hipster mac miller fans think that the opinion of a middle aged melon is the end of the world

Daniel Bro says:

y’all some bitches lol. How come its so hard for you idiots to understand that everybody has their own opinion bro. Its like 7 billion people on this earth and u get mad when one person doesn’t agree with your opinion ? Lol bruh this shit funny. I personally thought the album was cool, but u don’t see me leaving butt hurt comments on why melon is wrong. If u honestly triggered by this review, your either really young or your an adult who hasn’t developed the mental maturity to understand and Accept that everybody is different, your views will be opposed, thats just life. If you go to a restaurant, does everyone in the drive thru order the same food ? they don’t.. because people have different tastes. Do you get mad a people for that ? … Exactly…now shut ya bitch as up lol.


Sadly as someone who appreciated Mac Miller’s music much more than Anthony at most times, I must agree with him this time. Wish Mac Miller could come out with something like Faces or Good AM again, not boring gay shit like this.

aAaAaAaAaA says:

review trippie redd’s new album ” life is a trip”

Anubhav Khanna says:

what the fuck dude.

Davnar Ragnar says:

Ease up guys, it’s a fair review. Describing the album as mediocre is generous. I’d describe it as a sack of shit but, Regrettably, there is no sack.

S Mac says:


Mont Sombre says:

I wasn’t a fan either… faces/ watching movies was the best era of Mac

gidioter says:

“Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?”

Paul Gonzales says:


Toru Watanabe says:

I wholeheartedly agree, this shit is boring trash

Zed Lovin says:

The growlers review? New project out

JohnD says:

Anthony could fart on a mic and it would be better than this album

Matthew Quellin says:


Joel Givan says:

Really loved the album but I’m not going to shit on you and dislike the video because you gave your opinion we are allowed to have different views and I understand some of the points you were making even if I disagree wholeheartedly with them

Dylan Ginno says:

Gotta agree with Melon, album is a bore-fest with no personality and emotion. Instrumentals sound sound very basic and Mac’s singing/mumbling sounds terrible. Only a few interesting tracks 3/10.

Callum Cole says:

Absolutely fucking not m8

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