Machine Gun Kelly “Rap Devil” (Eminem Diss) – REACTION/REVIEW

Machine Gun Kelly “Rap Devil” (Eminem Diss) – REACTION/REVIEW:
Hey guys!
So Machine Gun Kelly just dropped a diss track against Eminem titled Rap Devil, after Eminem took some shots at MGK on his Kamikaze album (specifically on the song Not Alike). This beef originated in 2012 when Machine Gun Kelly made some inappropriate comments on Twitter about Eminem’s daughter, Hailie, when she was only 16 years old. So, did Machine Gun Kelly clap back with a good response?
Well this is CDTVThaG, and watch my first reaction/review of Rap Devil to find out!

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King Dominican says:

HiZ fUCkiN BeERd Iz WEerD

Pj Zip says:

Your bias I’m unsubscribing

WorgenatorWoW says:

“twice as young as you”, good job Kelly

jöö says:

Well em was trying to be grown man and ignore mgk and avoid controversy and beef, but then he people said they miss old eminem and revival didn’t do well and he said fuck everything and he made decision to diss anybody and everybody and he remembered what mgk said about hailie and dissed him too. That’s why it took four years to diss him for that comment

Sketch301 says:

U missed the 1st bar w his beard is weird. issa eminem reference

ThatDude936 says:

if you look up the lyrics on rap genius you can see why mgk referenced eminems beard on the song. eminem on past songs talked about beards being weird or something like that


Eminem fanboy detected.. it’s impossible to a eminem fanboy to see how dope this MGK track is.. fuck eminem, he think he is untouchable and can say whatever he wants about everybody and no one can’t say a thing.

Yu Jin Chong says:

Clearly you don’t listen to diss tracks often and you are biased. I liked how you rolled your eyes when he pretty much said Dre made him but you Em Stans hate to admit that. Childish? Have you heard Em’s diss tracks against Mariah? Em’s diss against Christina Aguilera? if you think this is childish… Em Stans are the worst I swear.

Nicholas Tanko says:

U have a vape I’m telling the teacher

Dominic W says:

You should try to put the video on the screen so we can watch along with you. Love the reaction tho

First Kynlaan says:

The issue from 2012 was ignored until now because mgk dissed em on a track just a couple months ago, so he just used that as 2ndary ammunition.

Mitch Cook says:

He dissed MGK more because of his feature on Tech N9ne’s track & obviously the tweet was also bundled in with Em’s response.

Mouserat_fan says:

no offense bro. this review is trash. All you do is say that MGK shouldnt make fun of eminem for certain things. Have you ever watched rap battles? if he was battling biggie you would have said he shouldnt make fun of him for being fat. i’ve seen arsenal talk about people’s dead parents and shit all over them and you in here talking about dont make fun of poor marshall for being old. fuck out of here. Is this an eminem stan channel because honestly this is the only negative review of this song that has any likes on it?

Kaffe Linden says:

Why you keep cuttin in the song dude

WhatTheFookiz says:

how could u skip the iM nOt AfRaid lmao

Sketch301 says:

You missed a lot of clever reference bars

Shawn Jeffrey says:

He doesn’t look to worried bout the Mgk,Joe Budden, etc…disses…hes relaxed playing Pac-man lol Mgk said his beard is weird lol

Tai the Rapper says:

The beard line was a reference to something Eminem said awhile ago

Death says:

MGK starts off with weird bread cuz Eminem has three songs with a line about weird beards.
Til we grow beards, get weird and disappear
Into the mountains, nothin’ but clowns down here.
Deja Vu’:
He’s acting weird again, he’s really beginning to scare me
Won’t shave his beard again and he pretends he doesn’t hear me
Grow your beard out, just weird out

KG Kevin Greene says:

He wearing a different hat

Jeffzilla Gaming says:

The reason y he said fuck a beard its wierd cuz Eminem use to say beards we’re ugly and retarded when he was young but now he has one

CDTVThaG says:

I have to say this too often, but sorry for the intro

SkylerXV says:

MGK dissed Em slyly on Tech N9ne’s No Reason but he didn’t have no balls to make it a direct diss, which offended Em – MGK really exaggerated the Years between the Tweet and Not Alike’s release…

The Gaming Idiot says:

G stand for God what an awful intro

Rohan Powell says:


jöö says:

I think that that kim line would have worked better if kim and eminem would still be together, then it would be as good line as 2pacs line in hit em up “you claim to be a player, but i fucked your wife”

Diego Sanchez says:

Even though this was meant for eminem lets not forget russ still took an L

Anthony Walker says:

He didnt wanna give him the play, but he did now since he was going at everyone else…that was very simple I’m disappointed you missed something so very simple…

Hope And Heartbreak Productions says:


AC_349 says:

Machine gun Kelly more like machine gun *6ix9ine*

The MFG says:

*I M A H U G E N O N C E*

Kokid83 says:

It’s meant to be a diss,not a lyrical orchestra.

J Good says:

People are saying a lot about how he mentioned Eminem being old. But the reality is Eminem used to use that against people all of the time in his diss tracks back in the day especially toward Benzino. So I think MGK was just trying to give him a taste of his own medicine with that.

hypnotic production says:

Man u are good on your work, I like that,,

Calvin Sutton says:

Man this dude Mgk is a gimmick, his bars are written with his starving behind; All he’s trying to do is wake up father time. Y’all saying his one track to all Em’s multiple dis-tracks is letting out mad steam? All you new MGK fans can eat a dick dipped in ice cream! Em don’t have to respond all his freestyle battles is a classic; MGK career is a dinosaur doom to end Jurassic!

Mouserat_fan says:

you short, arent you

DjCake says:

i think people forget that Em went after anyone who said shit about him. including responding to mgk’s tweet. like, Em just decided to wrap everything up he wanted to say to everybody in this album, and mgk should be thankful for the publicity he got from this haha

Onur Ata says:

the reason of eminem dissing mgk was not because of tweet its about no reason song mgk dissed em subliminally in that song. Em just mentioned the tweet.

I identify As a weeabhoo says:

MGK is just fucking trolling but at the same time not

MakeOutGirlDick says:

The beard line refers to “Til we grow beards, get weird and disappear into the mountains” on Business by Eminem. He’s basically saying “well you’re there. Got the beard and you’re weird might as well head into the mountains and disappear”

larry wilcox says:

Em is bringing this up now cause mgk keep it going with his ft on tech n9nes track no reasons

정유진 says:

please stop with the im not biased and then go be biased. Em’s last four albums were trash and u chucked when he mocked Em with the Im not afraid. I am sure that 8 mile on a treadmill went over your head.All because u didn’t catch it doesn’t mean its childish. You are slow. You took the beard bar too personal because your beard is weird..

X XX says:

Mgk dissed him this year hire me

Josh Paniagua says:

She was 16 he was 18 when he tweeted that I’m not condoning it but he was a kid himself and it’s a tweet its not like he tried getting at her.

Sam Jannaki says:

Eminem disses MGK now cuz he sneakdissed Em in a song with Tech N9ne, released in 2018. Thats why he responds now, the sneakdiss was the tipping-point.

Kirstin Keller says:

He said it because mgk sneaked dissed him in a feature with tech nine 6 months ago. And he brought up the tweet after that. He said it in not alike. Next time you don’t gotta use tech nine if you wanna come at me with a sub machine gun

bitch lasagna says:

Eminem decided to diss MGK now because MGK dissed him in a song he was featured in with tech n9ne, Eminem mentioned it in his verse in Not Alike.

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