Machine Gun Kelly – Rap Devil (EMINEM Diss) [Review/Reaction]

EMINEM Killshot, Machine Gun Kelly Rap Devil Eminem Diss (Reaction/Review). EMINEM MGK Diss Pacman Response. EMINEM Lucky You Kamikaze Album, EMINEM Destroys The Rap Industry By Dissing Mumble Rap & Critics. All Disses On EMINEM’s Kamikaze Album (Review/Reaction).

EMINEM’s Kamikaze album was just released as the beef between EMINEM and MGK reignited.

Less than a week after Eminem took aim at Machine Gun Kelly on his surprise album Kamikaze, the latter has fired back at his former idol with the diss track “Rap Devil.”

A play off Eminem’s 2013 track “Rap God,” MGK’s “Rap Devil” dumps on everything from Em’s “weird” beard to being “sober and bored.” It only gets worse from there, as Kelly points out that Eminem’s “last four albums” were “as bad as your selfie,” and accuses Marshall Mathers of using his manager Paul Rosenberg to try and shelf MGK’s career.

im standing up for not just myself, but my generation. im doing the same sh*t you did back in ur day. life is still real on my side, and i had to take time from the grind to defend myself from someone i called an idol. love, Rap Devil.

— — (@machinegunkelly) September 3, 2018
Machine Gun Kelly has long been complimentary of Eminem as one of the figures in hip-hop who inspired him to pick up a pen. Back in 2012, Kelly ruffled Em’s feathers when he tweeted that his daughter, Hailie, was “hot as f—.” He also claims that Eminem has banned him from any more appearances on his Shade 45 channel on SiriusXM.

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ChruncyTomatoes says:

Lol Halie Mathers wasn’t “16” bruh make sure u correctly understood your research, she was already “22” bruh

Dominic Ricci says:

U cut off one of the best verses

itzjtsu bruh says:

What is this an essay?

Dave David says:

out of 10 i would give your opinion a -1 as you really need to get a day job mate

Michael Bennett says:

Mgk would die in a pillow fight

There is No game says:

Mgk:Fuck rap god

Reality:Rap God fucked this

G S says:

EminemA talked about underaged guess his whole career, he also did it at 32 yrs old and the girls were teens, what about that??????

Amber Rogers says:

Check out 2 cents-Stan’s Shadow, lyrics are dope

Vader 96 says:

I seriously want to analyze the brain of the people that think killshot was better.

Pnutt M says:

4 is a little low, should be at least a 6 for having the balls to even try to dis Em.

Henrik Træet says:

W2S should show MGK How to diss people

GLO BOY says:

Lmao this channel is prolly some whiteboy Eminem fan that thinks he has hip hop all figured out

BiGGz Blankz says:

The overall rating was to high

Skye Barkus says:

this is so incredibly biased but i don’t mind cuz it’s straight facts rap devil sucked so bad. MGK isn’t even on the top 50 greatest rappers i don’t even get his fans like his diss just made him look weak af

WolfMusic says:

MGK will never be the same level as EMIMEM

Des Bartley says:

Its rude to call someone’s daughter hot

Tyson Mcabier says:

Why did not say anything about he stan himself

Seamus Tracey says:

Shook ones pt.2 one of the bezt songs

Derek Glasscock says:

4 is being a bit generous tbh but I agree

Cascius Brown says:

I thought mgk was black j thought it was that other jelly rapper lol

jack brady says:

I only knew who mgk was because of Bad Things and this

guerrero z xD says:

*Y O U R B E A R D ‘ S W E I R D*

Odd-Arne Dahle says:

I don’t consider this as a real diss. MGK called Emined Rap God and him self Rap Devil, so. For me it sounds like, “Father, I needed some attention”. Then he complaining the Rap path Eminem has taken.

Kath vdG says:

Can he try any harder to be Em? Like Em look at me, I exist!

Dave David says:

MGK destroyed Hillery Clinton’s bitch, i mean EMINEM.

Got ‘em Good says:

I like it as a song but it’s not a diss

Caelan Nelson says:

You really hate mgk…totally unbiased review

Lekaos says:

I know rap …i like more rock …bit i think u are Eminem fan boy

Jason Pierce says:

im just gonna act like this hook just doesn’t exist…. lmfao

Daxx Corneiro says:

Hailie was 16 when he said that? I thought he said that when she was 15 even worse

Carrie W says:

Fucking THANK YOU. I’ve heard a few ppl talking about Rap Devil like it’s great, when it’s mostly filler & repetition.

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