Mafia 3 // RAP REVIEW

Rap Review #7 – 1080p Snowboarding
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Aura 0 says:

Noce to see someone talking about something else than this game’s performance, keep it up Naked Jake!

Kyore Mack says:

That yo sista on the beat?

Ethan Sierra says:

Your so fucking good at raping

AlmanTV says:

Wow. You deserve more subscribers! Love your videos

Lil Ed says:

.I know my message wont get seen or reply by few people. But I’m rapper who does not cuss and my rap sound/style will grab your attention. I have more to offer but right now I need you. Music moves all of us closer like family, my music is to shape that family. The same way you support me is the same way I support you.. 1luv, together we will change the universe one walk at a time.

theotendleeey says:

How am I just discovering this fucking ART

Francisco Quintas says:

1080° Snowboarding, what a great game. #muchmemories #suchnostalgia

Piblu says:

I usually cringe at these kinds of rap things but this was so good i didn’t. Fantastic, keep it up dude! You’ll get to a $MILLION$ subs in no time.

Pedro Delgado says:

“could’ve been edited but this is what I get for 60 dead presidents” …..straight fire

Vinegar Chips says:

damn i love this channel

Random Ish says:

game was decent

Berechten Werbung says:

your cousin voice sounds like lana del rey

Wonder_9 says:

This way of reviewing is so original and awesome, I couldn’t resist subscribing. Funny bars and catchy rhythms. What’s not to love?

David estrada says:

I dropped 90 on this piece of shit with the season pass huge disappointment almost as much as me but the good is good but like he said the bad is very bad

Miękki Kaloryfer says:


15lumen says:

Great video. What track has this beat?

Matty Tait says:

The flow kills it and the track is great. Why have I only just discovered this hot boyo

Branden Snyder says:

A little surprised the over biased opinions expressed in the game and the fact that with the setting and the characters it’s hardly even a “Mafia” game. That was a huge let down and a huge part of why I personally, and many I know didn’t buy it.

Bromoteknada says:

Fuck racists!!!

Nandi Moozle says:

got this in the humble bundle after forcing myself not to buy it so im excited

foodank_atr says:

So great…please do more of this…games new and old…

Sagara Sousuke says:

60 dead presidents, i dont think i ever heard that expression in rap to refer to money, love it.

Michel Victor says:

Wtf this is pure talent.

Rebekah Smith says:

Thanks *Cri1TiKal podcast* for sending me to this awesome rap review!


lmao lololol too goood

SilverSmoke says:

Earned a sub, m8.

xtraWikipedia says:

like a new step dad xddd relatable

Lorenzo Rodriguez says:

This is fire. I love it.

Roman Davis says:

bout to get “and I killed a mother fucker with a got damn shotgun, blam!” tatted on my neck cause this goes so hard.

Kyle Soler says:

The beginning was so 80s.

Paxton Gilmore says:

Picked this up for like $12 on ebay and I like this game a great deal.

random person says:

I tried mafia 3 for 2 weeks for free, since I loaned it from the library. Later I bought it for like 19 bucks


I think I got this game for like 3 dollars

Kris says:

this is so awesome…. deffs not as good as mafia 2 doe… good work jakey

Fische says:

This is probably the best rap review song

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