Mumble Rap Takes An L! J. Cole – KOD | Full Album Review/ Reaction

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Navin Shiwdhan says:

Kill Edward Is jcoles alter ego

Eric Mullins says:

yall be acting like girls fishesc out here gotta catch the right type

Expy n8 says:

Holy shit wen dontai said the album is slowing down and its like ur coming off the high. That shit hit me like did j cole really plan that. Thats fucking wild

Tells Doe says:

kiLL edward is J Cole’s alternate ego

Akram Khan says:

What’s the dance he’s doing at the start yall

Dohboy33 says:

8:28 THOTS!

Tal Azulay says:

I know where you can get a beat like that Dontai

Temple Of Hip Hop says:

Go to my channel guys, you will find the ORIGINAL full album J. Cole – K.O.D.

Isaiah Loaiza says:

Look 21:27 don’t let this world get u confused.Look GOD loves us he does he sent his son JESUS CHRIST to die for us.Be a Christian accept JESUS CHRIST as your lord and savior ABD REPENT

Tae Parks says:

J cole a good artist but I jus wasn’t feeling the album I get where he was going I jus wasn’t feeling it

Derrick Walker says:

Cole is like fresh air! The current state of hip hop is in shambles. Cole said fuck it! I’m going to parody these mumble rappers and still keep a message! He’s a genius!….

UnKnownUser says:

*Like, why am I doing this..*

THAT’S WHAT THE FUCK I’VE BEEN SAYING. IT’S A WASTE OF FUCKING TIME. That’s why I’m leaving America when I get my shit together. Fuck, this.

BLOO says:

Ayo. I make beats on my channel. Check me out. I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks

Dk Most - Music says:

Check out what I did to J. Cole’s KOD song (remix)

AFROBOY 43 says:

A wise man once said “FUCK J COLE”

Jay Macléver says:

Kids on Drugs LOL

Michael critchfield says:

J cole must like those tax cuts

Jalhil Brown says:

Kill Edward is supposedly his alter ego

JusTemperrr says:

KOD means Kiss Of Death, Kids On Drugs, King OverDosed, and Kill Our Demons
like so Dontai sees this!

Lexa Terrestrial says:

i have my own business. Audio / Visual LLC. It is COMPLETELY different paying your own taxes… i get better & better at it each year though.

Armando De La Cruz says:

You got to watch the music video for ATM it really helps get the point of the song to the listener

princedreadhead88 says:

This album is straight flames

YSG Monkey YSG Monkey says:

kiLL edward is his alter ego

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