Nas. Where do I begin? This new Nas album titled NASIR produced by Kanye West has finally been released to the public & words can’t even describe…

Nas – NASIR Full Album
1. Not For Radio ft 070 Shake
2. Cops ft Kanye West
3. I Can’t Explain
4. Bonjour
5. Everything ft Kanye West & The Dream
6. Adam & Eve
7. Simple Things

Best Tracks – Simple Things/Everything/Cops

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Connor Bullock says:

Cops shit the kid might possibly be the worst beat I’ve ever listened to, that song sucks donkey dick

Leon verses Noel says:

Bonjour is my favorite arguably

icebergthegamer says:

This album is amazing imo. Great production, lyrically top notch. Worth the wait. I’d love Nas and Kanye to collaborate again.

Michael Jordan says:

Kanye is no dummy he purposely kills his idols on features. Have y’all forgot about Run This Town.

Mr. RIZZ says:

Album is junk. Real hip hop heads will not like this shit period. Kanye to blame. Hes not a Nas producer! Premier, Large Pro, Havoc…ect. Real fucking hip hop producers!!!!!!

Perrin Tomlin says:

SAmple= a children’s story slick rick

Jerrett Redd says:

Children’s Story by Slick Rick @ShawnCee

That One Guy says:


Leon verses Noel says:

You should audition for NASIR nas Jones bio pic

mighty9100 says:

He doesn’t know “A children’s story”?

Miles Louviere says:

The sample was from slick Rick childrens stories

Savage Lobster says:

React to juice wrld good bye and good riddance

icebergthegamer says:

Are those your favorite albums behind you?

Lynchyboi 28 says:

Artist: Says something
Shawn: 5 minute explanation of how deep it is

Tahmar Gaither says:

Nas has ALWAYS been the KING! good review

Alejandro Ramirez says:

perfect 10? This a first?

Benjamin Cavanaugh says:

“don’t just stop like that-” exactly how I felt. Simple Things is easily the best track I wanted more

Austin Nichols says:

sample is children story, one of slick ricks best

Miles Louviere says:

Knock em off the block knock em out rick

Qrock raze says:

nas the #G.O.A.T

Robert Hsu says:

The dude singing on “Bonjour” is Tony Williams. Kanye also used him on a track off his second album, also with Nas, “We Major.”

Popeye george says:

To me this album is too preachy. I can appreciate a message even if I don’t agree with it, but to me the word play wasn’t up to par. He was just going out and saying it and not being clevver with it. That to me just made it annoying. Didn’t hate the album tho

Postvrs says:

Shane I’ve began to notice a real inconsistency with your reviews. You seem to be quite biased of artists you truly support such as J Cole, Kanye, NAS, etc. but then with other, not so credential or impactful artists, such as artists like NAV or other “mumble” or basically non-lyrical rappers you seem to just not pay a lot of attentions. Your reviews of their albums seem very half-assed and rushed and very well possibly biased. Just because you like these rappers more, you try to pay attention to damn near every word they say. Go back to the old you Shawn, like the Acid Rap days. Acid Rap is my favorite album ever no matter who it was by. Not everything, including this album, has to be perfect. But yet you make it seem that way. There was nothing truly special that no other artist couldn’t do about this album. Cmon man.

raleigh says:

I like the political points Nas made in this album, but the lyric “John Hanson was not the first black pres to make it.” Was completely false John Hanson was the 3rd president of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation and therefore he wasn’t a president under the Constitution. It wouldn’t have mattered anyways because he wasn’t the first president of anything. Also he wasn’t black, and if you disagree let me ask you this. How could a black man possibly be a member of Congress or even the president when slavery was heavily active? There was no way. Blacks were always in chains up until after the civil war. Btw John Hanson served as President of the Continental Congress 1781 – 1782. So don’t get it confused,

Edit: Also sorry I am obsessed with history. Good album I really like it.

ino592002 says:

Nas and Kanye BOTH had MAGA hats on…MAKE ALBUMS GREAT AGAIN!!!

ImANikeHead IWearChainsThatExciteTheFeds says:

I agree with Shawn , this is the best produced album from the G.O.O.D Music roll out because if I didnt know that Kanye produced the LP , I would have thought Madlib made this from his dungeon.

Anonymous19951 says:

Wtf Shawn Cee anti-vax? Smh

Your boy Justin says:


Alex Malagoli says:

Cmon Shawn you couldn’t make the video 25:00? 24:59 is pretty unsatisfying

Jk all love keep making vids

Maximillian Dos Santos says:

Is the sample beastie boys? 3:15

Maurice Ross says:

Album classical. Love it

Upjumpsthefunk says:

Sampled Slick Rick – Children’s Story

Tamara Matama says:

Hi Shawn, I enjoyed your review on the Album. I would agree and disagreed with some points you made, but your delivery was great. You made clear points and explained your reasoning, something many people lack (I digress). Thank you for making my late night at work enjoyable. Looking forward to more of your reviews.

EyePhoneThirteen says:

Every song represents one of the 7 deadly sins, as seen in a Reddit post,

darkblades says:

Nas: summer when niggas die
50 Cent: Summertime is the killin season, hot out this bitch that’s a good enough reason

idk why 50’s line came to me when i heard that but loved it either way

Matty says:

If more unarmed white guys get shot by cops than black guys why do niggas keep playing the victim?

Γιώργος Πετρουλάκης says:

How many 10s has shawn given in total?

fat rican boi says:

It Was Written and I Like… are my favorite Nas albums tbh

MR. Michigan says:

Kayne gotta send the dish he still not invited lol

Robert Lazimbat says:

This album not a 10 imo

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