Nas ”Nasir” Full Album (REACTION/REVIEW!!!)

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BOOM! idc Tv says:

Flatbush zombies thug waffle or headstone

Alexander Pedroza says:

Next year he’ll release “Nasir: Evolved” with A1 production

Caleb West says:

more playing, less talking

ExileFrontier says:

The background choir in the first song is the russian choir from the movie “Hunt for Red October”, check it out.

youngsouljahcuz says:

Can you guys review Nas 2nd Childhood from the Stillmatic album?

exisco says:

You guys need to check out Anchovies by Planet Asia and Apollo Brown. You guys are really missing out. Any song.

Aztecking 5150 says:

Guys you say that you want to shine the light on artist that are underrated. Please check out Troy Ave and help shine the light on this brother.. He is sick with it…I know you guys can appreciate good music, great cadence delivery. And above all I know you guys can appreciate substance in bars…

Anthony Smurthwaite says:

Adam and Eve is my favorite

Rameez Jawed says:

Really well dissected. I had one extra observation on that physician having a heart attack line. As a physician, you would actually benefit from people having heart attacks, because that is what keeps you in business, it gives you patients. More patients, more bread. And obviously a physician would never phrase it that way personally, but just like someone living a lavish lifestyle, they wouldn’t want to admit to their vices that could be killing them. So being killed by something you love, like a physician having a heart attack, a physician being the victim of the thing that was what they secretly loved. That’s how I interpreted it, would love to hear what y’all think about that.

The Zulu Analyst says:

please review nas hiphop is dead, coz that album is a classic to me, an ppl slept on it. please!!!!!!!

junkyard cruisin says:

You should check out Big Bang by Aesop Rock. Super underrated and one of the best lyricist of the past couple decades. Or really anything off the album “Float” is reaction worthy.

Ali Mostafapour says:

The Sample For the song “White Label” is from a Persian Pop singer “Shahram Shabpareh” (He is an ICON for 5 decades) and recorded this track (title: Prison) in 70’s. The “Adam and Eve” is a sample of an old Persian pop song too. “Gole Yakh” by Kourosh yaghmaei. WHAT A GENIUS KANYE IS to reaching those songs!!!! Thanks guys it was great

grifmang says:

I was waiting for you guys to do this. This was straight fire.

ghazi febus abdul khaleq says:

These dudes are so clueless on this. Nas was never off beat and the beats are over their heads that it what it is. They can’t get with the samples in the background, like they must not know Wu-Tang, and so many of the realest. The sample in the background is so hard. These corn balls are just nerds that were never downs, and now they want to act like they been real Hip Hop Heads forever.smh

REAL TALK 100 says:

These beats are PERFECT for nas
The easiest critique is to say it doesn’t feel finished because its prefaced by Kanye telling you he did so much in so little time..had you not known about Wyoming you would not say it sounds unfinished because these beats CRUSHED everything out now.
Mbdtf beats will drown nas’s message. His message would be competing with the beat.. If you’re going to critique music FIRST KNOW MUSIC

Justin M says:


Simon Matos says:

this proyect is from kanye west trough nas

Gavin Danaher says:

I disagree with a few things kindaaa cops shot the kids loop works well artisticly and hits harder because of its repeat and i feel Kanye had to sing “everything” i felt the message came from him, a damaged man with repeated listens this shitll grow on u

clecquot says:

Elijah Muhammad the founder of the Nation of Islam wrote How to Eat to Live vol 1 & 2. Hence the Nas line

THE VME says:

Subbed because this is one of the most detailed reviews I’ve ever seen, dem other youtube guys just want to say shit and not explain why, and I’m happy cuz your review is exactly how I felt. Think it would have been better if the last 3 tracks came up first on the tracklist cuz white label and bonjour kinda killed my vibe on first listen listening to those two tracks. Although I do love them now. Bless up! I appreciate this fr!

Demonic Maure says:

Y’all sleep. ” The Ghetto Othello the Moor OMG!”

Marlon Bryant says:

The sample to White Label track on this album is called Prison song by Shahram Shabpareh check it out…

Julian Harmon says:

The production on this album was fire all the way through.

White label, that beat allows you to think about what was said in the chorus.

Bonjour, that beat is great, perfectly fit with the vocalist.

Charlie Wilson is a bad for for the everything album. Kayne’s voice with the Dream’s fits perfectly to carry the theme of the song. Kanye singing on this hook is like he’s telling his own story.

Anthony Fennell says:

Can y’all please do a review for pusha t “games we play” that track is the hardest rap song of the year without question

Yellow Synth says:

Iv’e always notice people who speak less have more to say and people who say a lot have less to say, this review proved that to me

Matthias Müller says:

I have to shout out for Gangstarr – Moment of truth. Probably in the Top 5 of All time Hip Hop lyrics

Michael Coletti says:

Absolutely agree with what you said about Kanye’s singing on “Everything.” Extremely overrated track as well.

MC Rude D says:

Adam & Eve has the same sample as this:

Joshua Marc says:

I love Nas and I love oldschool rappers in general. Snoop, Pac, Biggie, Wu Tang and I also liked this album but I think that nas definitely shines more on different beats. ^^ Stuff like ether for example had super sick beats. I think Nas doesn’t need super creative beats. I feel as though Nas has a strong voice that already is music itself. Not sure how I should say it because english isnt my first language but maybe a more “relaxed” beat where he can just throw his bars/lines out. idk

staybalanced says:

All the reaction videos love it… but the radio don’t play. Why?

luis sepulveda says:

U guys should do immortal technique – dancing with the devil

Delwyn Perez says:

the way you guys break it down is very admirable. Please review Roc marciano- RR2. Album of the year

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