Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap Album Review (Overview + Rating)

Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap Album Review (Overview + Rating)

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FAVORITE TRACKS: Blue Laces 2, Million While You Young, Loaded Bases

LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Rap Niggas, Succa Proof, Grinding All My Life

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Chase Hickson says:

Nipsey does have some good story telling ability when he wants I forgot that until I heard that Track

Greatest Ever its a Drake Line says:

Projects to look out for
Mick Jenkins – or more… the frustration (Mick Jenkins is a troll might be feb 23)
Ronny J – OMGRONNY (Feb 23)
Elzhi & Khyrsis – Jericho Jackson (Feb 23)
SOB X RBE – Gangin (Feb 23)
6ix9ine – Day69 (Feb 23)
EarthGang Royalty (Feb 23)

Ioriyagami00 says:

I have never been a fan of this guy and don’t understand the high praise he gets. Imo he simply is not a very good rapper at all, his voice can get annoying, he uses simple Birdman style rhyme schemes ending every line with either nigga or shit, he’s been doing that for years and I am glad you pointed it out. But the overall worst thing is his almost non existent flow, he pauses after every line like he is not rapping at all and sounds rather he just talking over a beat. Not a good album from an artist who is not good

jacob gonzales says:

Y’all tripping this album is a great start to this year

Tonioo 912 says:

U right the album is okay and felt like all the songs he was previewing all of damn 2017 that wasn’t on the album should’ve been on the ablum.

Mo Naqvi says:

Yeah it’s a 3 for me too. People are so happy for Nipsey releasing his debut album that they are saying it’s amazing, but it is such a generic west coast album. YG and The Game at least have fun beats, good storytelling and agressive delivery. Nipsey’s style is just not unique at all.

ConnorPB says:

I personal,y think this is the best Nipsey project. Some dope beats on here! Great review.

Greatest Ever its a Drake Line says:

I think its a good album the tracks in the middle were eh and the track with belly wasn’t feeling that either. I like nipsey’s content for the most part his flow is an issue for me always has been he just sounds like he runs out of breath everytime he flows and just leaves mad space. In blue laces 2 he fixed that flow issue so im not sure why he doesnt rap like that all the time that main flow he uses is a major issue for a lot of his music. I enjoy crenshaw more than this but nonetheless its a good album to start in the early parts of the year. Right hand to God is my favorite track its a bonus though.

daniel kay says:

This is pretty much a gangsters version of 4:44 in the sense of content but not on lyrical ability.

John Abosede says:

A good album i thought too short i felt he had more to say i felt the young niggas was pointless feat diddy

Supremely Premium says:

A 3 at best!

Versace Pancakes says:

Nipsey its a great business man and an average rapper.

Legal Cake says:

I didnt even kno this was his debut i feel like hes been in the game forever

Luke James says:

This is a pretty good album, but I’m not hearing the AOTY that I’ve seen people talking about. How’d you guys like this one? Do you think it’s Nipsey’s best work? For me personally I’d go with Crenshaw.

Robert Flom says:

Nah man I fully agree with you on this. The production is solid but mostly relatively generic, and Nipsey’s lack of style and creativity really wears over the course of the full album/repeat listens. It’s a solid West Coast rap album, but far better ones from lesser known rappers (TeeCee 4800 for example) have come out recently.

Hiii PoWeR says:

ey luke! you gonna review the Skyzoo album?, shit’s tight af

David Rowe says:

Never understood the Nipsey hype. I really don’t like his flow/cadence and how he pauses so much between bars. Just not an MC I find interesting.

David Loomis says:

Right Hand 2 God is one of my favorites on the album, even though it’s a bonus track.

Isaiah Townsend says:

I think it’s a dope project I’m suspecting that people went into the album looking for flavor, spice in nipsey cadence not what he does. It has chill vibes not the fuck boy party rap but way of vibrant on every coast. Jazzy live instruments, bump able content layering music Dat why I’d say 4/5 it’s not weather or not project but, personally various sources of music is better than not trying.

Fresh4eva says:

You can’t relate to him so you won’t enjoy it to the max, same case with G Herbo’s music. Some people think their the best rappers some think they’re average.

Quincey Stackson says:

this and big bossin vol 2 are my fav albums so far this year…dedication is my favorite song on here, i like the double up track too shit smooth as hell


I liked Marsha’s bridge on Real Big, but I still think the best thing she has ever done is write that Michael Jackson song, “Butterflies.”

Emac2229 Mac says:

He was really extra with some of the movie style instrumentals and took his self to serious making everything sound like he was going to say something profound but never does.

William Clarke says:

Nipsey taking over for nate dogg nope i may be young but Nipsey ain’t taking over for the great hook master

John Smith says:

See you have to continuously listen to the album you have to get in the mold you guys are so used to this week music now you got to let the music breathe I guarantee you you feel differently about all the songs today than you did when you first heard them

Supremely Premium says:

I agree 100%, and im a fan of this nigga! The album was very bland! I over anticipated this album!

Lil Maboi says:

I agree with you bro. I like it but I felt like I was bored throughout some tracks…

ilovefatpussy11722 says:

This album was redundant after a while never really switched his flow

Dominik Nowaczyk says:

Agree man, way too many filler tracks about 3 or 4 good album but there was something missing here. Waiting for that YG album Stay Dangerous.

Carlos Rivera says:

This is a pretty good album, but I think it will get a bit lost in the shuffle with time since it dropped do early in the year, anything can happen, though.

TheLuiscelaya says:

Agree with you completely. It’s a solid album but not as great as everyone is saying.

Emloki says:

100% agree with your assessment of this album. It’s decent.

Juju fuller says:

It’s probably because of the state of mind I’m in or because nipsey lived in the same hood as me so his music is very relatable to me but i LOVED this album 4.5/5 for me when music can make me want to grind and get on my shit or has some sort of lasting effect on me it sticks

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