Laurette LaLiberte says:

Yes!!! The only way to e experience it.

Tim Christion Myers says:

pink floyd – Dogs

President donalj says:

Pink Floyd’s The Wall next please!

Robert Morrice says:

Just hang on to your sanity a little longer ….

Ford Prefect says:

Dizzying… No.. Nauseous… No… Trance…

Mesmerizing. That’s the word you were looking for.

Verdent Wood says:

That’s just one of their amazing albums. What a ride you are about to embark on.

Shawn Hector says:

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn -Pink Floyd anyone??

john ob says:

You the Wizard of Oz synced to darkside of the moon.

Brock O'Meles says:

I’m glad you mentioned the mix and engineering of this album. Everything about this album, from the writing and performance down to the technical aspects of putting it down on magnetic tapes, is exquisitely crafted. Nothing else has yet come close to the sheer brilliance that is this album. One for the ages.

David Hapka says:

Wait until you do THE WALL!

Julien Pilla says:

Thank you for the hard work you put on editing everything. Thank you for your honesty. See you later, for sure!

Mike Hegarty says:

Going on 50 yrs and still sounds fresh and relevant in it’s message.

Patricia Hughes says:

This is an ode to a lost band mate. The whole album.

Rita Chokler says:

One of the best albums in the history of rock and blues

David Fisher says:

Really glad you’ve been able to finally experience the album in full, it’s pretty much required with Pink Floyd. Wait until u try Wish you were here, I think it’s a better work overall…

Conservative Grafitti says:

everything you hear is on the album…

herbiesnerd says:

Listening to Pink Floyd is an experience. An experience.

You were struggling early listening because you tried to find a neat little box to put this music into, and there isn’t one that exists.

You had preconceived notions that you have musical wisdom and tried analyzing the music as it played on. It stumped you.

You robbed yourself of the real experience. Roger Waters, the bass player and mastermind of all the lyrics and most of the music said he only cares about how the music makes people feel.

You have to listen to Pink Floyd with an open mind and check your wisdom at the door. Just experience it and when it’s done, then try to figure out what you just experienced.

If you can’t pull that off, you’ll never appreciate Pink Floyd.

zitch z.z says:

Smoke + floyde = eargasm

clay dryg says:

I’m pretty sure Tupac used that first tune in “Smile.” “As you journey into outer space, may the angels help you lead the way.”

Ford Prefect says:

Half way through the album you seem to have solved the ‘stopping the music’ issue. Don’t. Just talk over it, as and when it comes to mind.

pdxangst says:

You asked a question in there… Who mixed this?

The answer is: Alan Parsons

You should take a moment to listen to the a song by the Alan Parsons Project – I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You!

Saar de Graaf says:

Listen to Meddle by Pink Floyd! 🙂

southbayspike says:

Don’t know if I told you, but I’m a school teacher. I’m literally averaging my grade book and filling out progress reports while I listen to this with you. I fucking love this album.

Alison Anthony says:

The keyboard player is Rick Wright. I’m glad you picked up on great he was – he doesn’t get enough credit for his contributions to the whole Floyd sound.

philiposm says:

Really glad you got around to this and gave it a listen! Your point about needing to digest this and listen again is on point. By not having to worry about us and commentary, you’ll hear a lot of things that you may have missed the first time and I’m sure you’ll like it even more.

This is a genius piece of art and I think it will still be revered 50 years from now.

Hope this is the start of more Pink Floyd videos. There is so much good shit that you’re going to appreciate.

peace Brother!

Laurette LaLiberte says:

Hope you get better soon!

eltravos99 says:

Wow, it seems like you’ve loosened up since I last saw a video. I don’t mean that as an insult but you have a new feeling about you.

Maureen Wagg says:

Slippin into the Floyd void. Don’t worry. Soon you will be compelled to listen.

Ryan Edwards says:

It was a pleasure watching you hear that for the first time

Ford Prefect says:

By the way, two things:
1) If you like drums as the sticks seem to suggest (and always wanted to be the drummer in the band, but never could, like me), listen to more Floyd. Mason is just…. Different. And inspiring.
And 2) perhaps someone already said this, but the sound engineer on this was Alan Parsons, who went on from this to form his own Alan Parsons’ Project. His ‘Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Edgar Allan Poe’ is worth listening to.

Mike Arnold says:

It’s been out since 1973 with so many live concert bootlegs and live renderings. It’s an album about the human condition and what time they are on the planet; so it’s grand in scope. I see the Bob Marley picture behind you. I’m about to flip your wig with this:……Are you ready? ……. LOL

William Feiler says:

Great album, great video.

Gergely Kovács says:

On The Run – Pink Floyd invented techno in 1973

hungfao says:

It is a visual painting. You can’t look at 1/4th of a painting and expect to comprehend the entire masterpiece. Like many PF albums, you MUST listen to it in its entirety.

Joe Smith says:

I love to watch these reactions to Dark Side of the Moon, it is always , what the hell is this then its OMG this is bad ass then finally it is what in the world did I just listen to and how could human beings come up with this. Pink Floyd is like the Mozart of modern music.

Mike Van says:

It is like a movie of music. If you play Wizards of Oz synched with this album it will blow your mind. Look it up, it’s worth a watch.

Carvalho Diablo says:

You paused the vid during the Time solo! Unforgivable.

420since1974 says:

I am of the opinion that no one completely “gets” this album during their first experience. To me, it gets better with every listen, there’s always something new to hear. A true masterpiece in rock history.

Paul Skelley says:

You lost me by eating on camera. Severely detracts from the wonder of this album. The true beauty seems to be lost on you. Oh well. Not everyone can see the prism.

Kris K says:

Eyes closed, a good buzz in a dark room. Love this album. ✌️

Jason Bullman says:

I love how candid you are sometimes, dude. Never fear saying the shit rolling around in your head.

Brian’s Videos says:

Dark side of the moon is my 2nd favorite album by Pink Floyd. Do the full album of The Wall.

MrBobby99888 says:

He is incredibly intelligent to realize on his first listen to just let it go and not speak for the sake of missing whats next.This took me dozens of listens and years…

MuseAbsolution 03 says:

Great reaction

steven knapp says:

Engineered by Alan Parsons.

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