Post Malone’s Stoney: NOT GOOD


Post Malone proves his status as a one-hit wonder with his commercial debut, Stoney.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Franky K. says:

Some ppl seem to forget that this guy is reviewing albums from his point of view, its his opinion at the end of the day, he rates albums by what he looks for in a piece of art. I like post malone, but just in a sense of .. some of his songs just sound good, i listened to this guy when i had my stoner phase lmfao. i kinda agreed with what he had to say about this album despite liking Malone. Its just not what i throw on when i look for substance in an album/song. Sing about me from Kendrick would be such a song, probably one of the best written songs i’ve ever listened to on an hip-hop album once u understand the story behind it

CM96 says:

did post malone hurt you

Maxwell Mooney says:

This review: NOT GOOD.

Alex D. says:

You talked about it being background music when you’re high af. That’s the damn point. It’s called Stoney for a reason

Subito Hayes says:

Silence is compliance.

Blizzard 951 says:

Kys no one likes you dick licker

Tim Blaisdell says:

Are you ever going to take this review down

Da Alpaca King says:

“that nobody’s gonna be listening to in a year then it becomes twice as popular a year later

TAG says:


Brightside says:

Lmao, these comments are hilarious. So many butt-hurt teenagers salty that someone else doesn’t enjoy their “flavor of the week”. This album fucking sucks, and Post is a mediocre rapper who got a bunch of brainwashed fans because his marketing team hit a home run. Hitting dislike and bitching about it isn’t gonna change that, you dorks.

Chris North says:

This is one of my favorite albums all time. I’m gonna start doing reviews for us rap listeners who arent “Old Heads”

Bowl of Pasta says:

He’s not remotely original, he’s just trendy.. If you didn’t know anyone who liked him, you wouldn’t either. If he wasn’t known on the internet he would be hardly as popular.

Curtis Cater says:

U should shave and dobt cut ur hair for a while and maybe u wont look like a pedophile

Hall The great says:

Years later , am I still pump this album, this nigga suck ass

Scorpion Visuals says:

Your opinion. I think it’s a great album!

The Clockwise Witness says:

Post Malone is utter shit like seriously it’s so FUCKING BAD.

Daft Walrus says:

I knew anthony would like big lie at least. That’s my favourite song on the album too. Not the reason I assumed he’d liked it but I just had a feeling EDIT: HAHA It isnt even big lie he likes. It’s no option. FS I am a failure of a human

ryroot says:

the sentiment that this album isnt good “but its just chill to vibe to” is legitimate but people dont realize that in a review and analysis setting those qualities generally work against an album where in a party situation they help it

nob2243 says:

Damn! Would you take a look at that like/dislike ratio. But it’s okay, people, you have a right to be wrong.

Francis Tech says:


BeardedButtCrack says:

And now as I´m writing this 05/02-2018 Post Malone has two songs in the top 50 in the world on Spotify, one on number 2 and one on number 17 which is “I Fall Apart” from this very album by the “one hit wonder” Post Malone.

eleker says:

Post malone is shit isn’t he

Gian Scro says:

Post is sick as hell and the same things thatyou have said can be use for david bosie to lou reed ecc

c p says:

you just hate cuz he’s black

Bru Master says:

I’ll agree a lot of the lyrics are pretty lacking, but his songs just sounds pleasant to me sonically, which I know isn’t a very good standard for “good” music and I don’t even use that standard barely, but there’s just something about songs like I Fall Apart, Boy Bandz, Go Flex, Candy Paint, etc that just connect to me for lack of a better term, and I’m not even that big a fan of hip hop/rap.

M K says:

To this day, his most terrible review

StuartMackenzie says:

Fuck u post is god


The ignorant masses demand mediocrity, Post Malone delivers.

Mo Bento says:

This review is spot on, didn’t realize it before. Those dislikes might come from the youtube army of h3h3 or idubbbz

Victor Manuel Flores Ortiz says:

You butthurt cunts need to remember that this is just his personal opinion, i love the album but i like the way Anthony gives his point of view. not everyone has to like the same thing just to get along geez.

Black Shiva says:

Sorry, but this is just a really bad review.

I like Fantano, but he really need to do some research! Post Malone ist for example the exact opposite of a “one hit wonder”. He’s running his own style, which is why he didn’t blew up over night like Lil Pump.

Also playing guitar and using vocal effects… ain’t really… a point to be mad on… and it’s not really R&B or just Trap. Like “Leave” it’s more a mix of Trap and Rock, which he also forgot to mention. Post Malone is actually a rock musician! He’s listening to Bob Dylan and he already got featured in various Rock songs!

And Fantano should also mention the title of the album. “Stoney” is exactly what the album sounds like! It’s deep, it’s depressed, it’s emotional, while there’s actually nothing to be depressed or emotional on. So it’s a concept album! And concept album shouldn’t get reviewed like mixtapes. Post Malone really got the point on creating this deep, lazy, moody and “stoney” feeling.

Also Post Malone being a “college-age bro strumming his guitar for the babes” is… what?! I mean… he’s a great fan of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Doors… and I’m pretty sure a guy listening to legends from the 60’s and 70’s isn’t just making music for the “babes”.

This ain’t a review. It’s just roast. And I really expected more from an almost professional reviewer like Fantano than just roasting an album with some assumptions.

ryroot says:

if you voice any slightly negative opinions about post malones music his stans will jump out and say “but he is such a cool guy!?!? he is like a teddy bearr austin is so unique and different XD”

like bruh i dont like his music it has nothing to do with his personality since he certainly does not come across as a unique or interesting person in his music no matter how cool he may be irl

Oceaneer says:

i don’t really know who post malone is, he kinda just appeared out of nowhere. but when i listen to his music, i can say i wholeheartedly agree with it being NOT GOOD. this mediocrity sounds like it was designed to appeal to teens who think smoking weed automatically makes someone the coolest person on the planet.

didi r. says:

post melone

Ben Jordy says:

This seems way too sour, biased and personal. Rly like ur reviews but I fuck w Stoney

Savannah Johnson says:


a music review is not a personal attack on the person. It’s about the music. I really don’t think he’s trying to be mean

Banidkhuu Sereeter says:

Shut up man. Post Malone is best rapper

Solin Jørgensen says:

-subpar lyrics
-same thing every track
-no depth as artist

lil pump 7/10

Dylan Roy says:

@theneedledrop you should revisit this

Ryan Fox says:

Well shit, over a year later now and he’s like a six-hit wonder.
1. White Iverson
2. Go Flex
3. I Fall Apart
4. Congratulations
5. Rockstar
6. Candy Paint
I love No Option too, but it didn’t blow up like most of these did.

Liam Cordon says:

He’s a pretty big 3 hit wonder right now melon

Count Cockwaddle says:

All of the emo freshmen in my school listen to Post Mogumbo.

Ben Eplin says:

hahahahaha hilarious how wrong you were on this one sir

Savannah Johnson says:

i agree with you

Nicky Nada says:

Mustache is NO GO!!

Loucubrate says:

I respect the hell out of your opinion most times, Tony, but this one was flat out w r o n g.

Max Reebo says:

How do you give lil pump a better fucking rating?????

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