Rap Critic: Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

Rap Critic reviews Cardi B’s number #1 hit Bodak Yellow.
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Doug Glassman says:

Thank you for reminding me of Da Dip, that should definitely get a One Hit Wonderland episode.

Post Chicharrone says:

Crodak Violet

FDS Productions says:

Damn , that Lil Buzi Horizontal thing got me laughin out loud

Nothing for Granted says:

Lil Uzi Vert a lil slow in the head or what?

Fardeen says:

Lil Ucifer

Chronic Kyoki says:

apparently having every aspect of ur song be “decent” means ur song is absolutely perfect, fucking idiot

Keigan McHugh says:

I died at the comment is this even English

Lockmelo Clampthony says:

Thought you were gonna say big Draco horizontal

NachozMan03 says:

Big AK Diag

Whitney Elizabeth says:

I don’t like the rhythm. Da da daaaaaa da da da da DAAAAAAA da da. It’s very annoying. Like the “MON-ey moves” drives me nuts.

LEGORAINbow says:

You shouldn’t base your opinion of Kodak off of No flockin 2, that song is weird.

Nikki Black says:

good vid, one thing though, the red bottom shoes, made by the french shoe designer Loubeton, have a red bottom as a reference to french prostetutes in the frenche civil war, they would paint the bottoms of their shoes red so blood wouldn’t stain it.

Sharks 'n Shanks says:

I think that Kodak Black was just trying to smash.

Juan A. says:

I hate the flow

Alphaadawg says:

Pussy licking cunt

Mitchell Hojara says:

Cardi B should get shot,songs not bad

2Bear says:

Was he saying make believe or Maybelline

real name; no gimmicks says:

this video goes to show that youre opinion is actually shit.
stop trying to be edgy.

The GP Studio says:

Jodak White

Julian Bell says:

For me, this song is 1/5, maybe 2/5 if I’m in a good mood. The song has legitimately the worst beat I have ever heard. Well, the worst beat of any song I can remember, that is. I’m already not a big fan of trap, and to me that beat is really bad trap. She aped the flow from Kodak Black. She does it better. Cool, that would be like me saying someone is smart because they aren’t mentally handicapped. Congratulations, Cardi B is a better rapper than one of the worst rappers of all time in my opinion. Also, I think the flow is bland and forgettable. I feel like any rapper in the world, short of horrendous rappers, can do that flow. From a technical standpoint, its not difficult in anyway. It’s literally just this:
Say a few words
then acceeeeeeentuate
Rinse and repeat.

Now, I do like some of the verses RC pointed out. Gotta give credit where credit is due. However, its the 9 millionth trap song about having money and fame. I honestly don’t understand why this particular song blew up. It is so fucking bland. Bland (and horrible) beat, bland (and aped) flow, and bland subject matter. At least Migos and Future rap on good or decent beats.

This is all just my opinion. If you think Cardi B is the second coming of Jesus, don’t let me ruin your fun. I don’t hate Cardi B as a person, I wish her all the success in the world and I’m glad she’s not poor anymore. As far as I know (which is really almost nothing about her) she’s a good person. I still think her song is shit, though.

thelinedrive says:

Meh… just sounds like every other brag rap. Which for me does nothing as it’s message is more for the individual performing it than the person listening to it.


This got a better rating than The Story of O.J. What the fuuuuck.

N. Aalders says:

She is a blood so she put a b infront like bloods often do.

Shrill_ says:

giving this a 5/5 after what you said about it makes no sense at all

D.S. Caldwell says:

I like the beat but Cardi B reminds me of Chuckie from the motion picture “Fresh”.

ArghRawrWhoa says:


Ach Meez says:

The Bloody shoes refers to her gang affiliation. Look it up.

it'sFckinRaw says:

the Raisin head reference <3

Kumarila Sukiyaki says:

If you turn lil buzi backwards it saids lil izub lol

MrSparkle says:

I thought the ‘bloody shoes’ and making it ‘Bodak’ were shout outs to the Blood gang. I just assumed Cardi B was claiming affiliation. Check the wikipedia, she says she started banging at 16.

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