Rap Critic DOESN’T Review Lil Dicky’s Freaky Friday (ft. Chris Brown)

Yeah, it’s gonna be one of *those* episodes…
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Anonymously Epic says:

Chris also *steals art without crediting the artist*

Damir Hukic says:

Jus do my new song aye

Get Up And Jam says:

That fro is poppin

Twisted Gambit says:

Good party song yes, bad song when you break it down as TiTS did.

Chadwick . Just Chadwick. says:

I don’t think his situation growing up in any way excuses brutally beating up another human being and showing no remorse for it. I think he’s a piece of shit, and it’s disgusting that we allow him to remain relevant at all.

My sick meme page bro says:

Boby tarantino 2 fam

Daniel Arnold says:


DIZZYD says:

In one breathe I agree about chris brown to a point – but he’s said he saw his dad hit his mum so surely from that he should’ve realised that’s what not to do but people do deal with experiences differently especially being so young at the time – also the turbulence of having the whole world rooting for you to be the next bubblegum pop star and then on the flick of a switch that same world hating you is one few can really understand – what he did was unforgivable but to keep demonising him while letting people like stone cold stew Austin escape controversy frees just ridiculous

DMC Osiris says:

I tip my hat to you good sir. Bravo.

Joey McKinney says:

Nothing about the Kendall Jenner part? RC getting too heavy

Joshua Joseph says:

I missed the days when you actually reviewed rap, now you debate non-issues that only seem to affect the bleeding vagina that is “black twitter”.

Maddog469 says:

Listen to chris brown rap with joyner he makes an argument to be both a rapper or a singer

AlpacasMafia says:

Chris Brown has beaten women, and continued to. I can’t in good faith support a man who hasn’t gotten better. Fuck his circumstances, I don’t want to support a man who is such a prolific abuser of women, and I’m like this for a bunch of other artists. I can’t see Kevin Spacey the same way, or watch movies produced by Harvey The Hutt, the same way. I may want to like these things, but it’s undeniable what they’ve done. It’s harder to boycott a producer than it is an actor, and many of these actors fucked up, but many are looking to get better, I hope. I can never fully support them, but I’ll at least accept that they want to improve. Chris Brown hasn’t done that, and everyone jerking him off should be ashamed that they’re defending a man who abuses women regularly, and hasn’t made a fucking change.

Loyal Ethics on psn says:

May you please review Rich Boy “Throw some D’s”

Romondo says:

While yes environment can play a big part in it, i think it’s important to stil condemn chris brown because he continues to assault people and feel so okay with it that he is okay with references to it in songs like this.

MDoorpsy says:

Did this review come out before the DJ Kaleed comments about oral sex, or was there something else he said before?

andre'e pitts says:

Childish Gambino this is America

Alemations says:

You should review Kevin’s Heart by J Cole

Marcos Munoz says:

Anything with Chris Brown I ignore.

Stultus TV says:

Chris brown is making a rap album rn tho

M.C.B says:

What is with all these 5/5’s

Fabio Borini the Lord and Savior of Milan says:

But Dicky never said Chris was a rapper, he just said that Chris was part of hip-hop culture, which is true.

EzGanks says:

… he said hip hop not rapper?

slouch says:

like, 60% of this song is a series of racially charged jokes about penis size. and then 10% is about a white guy being excited to finally say the n-word. so im not particularly into the song

Cleophas Walker says:

chris brown said he considered himself a rapper

Jeffyjeff says:

Okey so what your saying is everybody in hip-hop is automatically a rapper?

Jack Willis says:

Chris Brown’s past of domestic violence has no comparison to White People’s past of Native American Genocide and Chattel Slavery of African Americans.

OutSideTheBox says:

It’s funny Bc he just got caught hitting another woman

Stop defending him he’s a piece of shit

Augusto Pinochet says:

Yeah no, I don’t have to do better because Chris Brown is a POS. Don’t put that on me. Like WTF?

M.C.B says:

Bobby looked kinda like Designer in that clip

Young Spook says:

I appreciate the message in this video, but I really can’t stand the song…

Daniel Johnson says:

lol this is just a rant

Nohemy vc says:

I am brazilian and I am biggest fan of Chris Brown, I have some same tattoos of breezey.
He is the most sucess after Michael Jackson, hi is the most talent and complete american singer. Without only hi improvebetter the comportament sometimes, not fight, not discuss in internet, not use drugs, not be in polemics situations. Sorry for my grammar.

WiseSageBum says:

Well, I have to disagree a bit on your stance; while you are a product of your environment, an explanation of an action is not a justification for that action, so Chris Brown should be demonized unless he apologizes and reforms himself

Zeki Daiki says:

Where’s your signature Muslim cap?

Brad Taste in Music says:

This is a troll video right? please… please tell me this was not real

ShuffMomo says:

Thats how I talk!

Nightmare Lyra says:

I mean, I admire the serious talk about abusive men in media, but you’re kinda still giving the time of day to this guy and excusing his terrible behavior indirectly by promoting the song as a 5/5 despite saying you wouldn’t be reviewing it in the title, you know? I get that humans aren’t inherently bad or good and all that, but I don’t think anybody should be excusing Chris until he actually does try to own up to his horrific misdeeds

LifeAsANoun says:

nothing to say about the desire for a Jew to say “ni@@er”? really???

Bien Montejo says:

please review Everyday by Logic

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