Rap Critic: Drake – In My Feelings

Rap Critic reviews Drake’s smash hit “In My Feelings”. (This is part one. Part two will talk about the Shiggy challenge and the video itself.)


Big tricky tv says:

Wonder why people use his song for that dance

Joel Murdoch says:

Drake’s insufferably dull delivery is the best sleeping aid on the planet.

Will Rodger says:

Bruh this pop music

Matthew Fonseca says:

I think the point of calling out multiple girls isn’t so much an LGBT thing but more to say that he’s just searching for validation in the affections of multiple girls. It’s pointing to his own insecurities that lead him to seek love with multiple girls. Not hook ups. No, affection, intimacy, and deep feelings. The point is that he’s been reckless with his own heart and it’s left him insecure, wondering if these women actually care. This isn’t something to pity, nor is it an endearing attribute, he’s actually kind of a dick for it. It’s not that he wants to share these feelings with these women, it’s that he wants to validate himself by having others with these feelings for him but by never sharing the parts of himself that he demands of these women he’s losing them. All of them. Which has left him in his feelings of insecurity, possibly worse off than he was before.

That’s my take but what do I know.

Jordan Marksman says:

stop getting mad at drake for this dumb stuff. its obviously just a party type of song to get “lit” too and i thought it was pretty clear. drake used to get lyrical but no one really congratulated him until he stopped then they came out crying. either way facts and business moves dont care about your feelings so stop crying and go do something or something xd. i get why this guy makes videos like this because its what his channel does but everyone complaining or getting salty just stop wasting your time

dmart63 says:

Pusha T beef was retarded, I think it’s funny how people took that seriously

PersonPlays says:

song is bad

saxyrep1 says:

Can we collectively decide to forget about that overblown, overrated canadian one trick poney ?

Hangman official says:

Massive changes on Rap Critic! Instead of having all audio panned to the right, he switches it up and pans it to the left.

Explosive Urchin says:

RC’s skits in this video had me rolling even more than usual

Aiden H says:

Please Rap Critic, just do Clout Cobain by Denzel Curry, the guy the best this generation has to offer and us looking to grow into a Kendrick like figure

RdotBlade the Emcee says:

You just taught me something new.

Sleepy White says:

Trade: Down Low Gay Man For Pay

Eddie Rosa says:

Rap Critic have you heard of any producers planking the artist like this? That was epic and thank you

Caviar star says:

Drake sucks

KOOLY says:

The word trade, in new orleans, is used to describe the physical appearance of a male. It usually means he is good looking or attractive.

joseph west says:

Here comes the rap critic 10 years behind the rest of the world

popstarprincess123 says:

I’ll give drake one thing at least he’s using names instead of the usual baby fill in
Good job
Also kiki doesn’t have to be a black name maybe like many rappers he got into anime

Ciara.Chaya says:

Gaia Online led me to believe “Kiki” was a Japanese girl’s name

Peter Green says:


The Prince says:

Have you applied for a job at Music Video Sins?

BIGBOY£ says:

The Pusha beef was never gonna stop Drake, his fans are too casual for that, it ain’t hardcore rap fans that listen to Drake

Yolo Amin says:

i always thought she was saying “I gotta new born” not “ I gotta new boy”

yugoxgc says:

so does imagining Kiki in this as a little Japanese girl make this track funny or creepy?

BeatGarden Records says:


ghey voi says:

serious inquires only -im dying

Camsterdam says:

Drake is the system… Wake up


Next one Trippie Red – Taking a walk

IVORY ! says:

Generic boy band song writing. Perfect.

Tim Jordan says:

Please review Tyga – Taste (ft Offset)

Kurt Bertrand says:

Trade….I thought she said trash…awww…I’m gonna miss the giggles I had.

Chadwickk says:

Pretty good RnB track, not really a rap track btw

IVORY ! says:

Drake is trash, not hip hop

Eos Chu says:

Ok, I’ll admit I didn’t listen to these lyrics super closely before watching your review (a pretty frequent state of affairs). I totally thought it was about a guy who kept falling in love with women who didn’t care about him. Finding out why I’m wrong is fun too though XD. Love the show!

The Recipe says:

That song is annoying as hell

Amadeus2248 says:

Drake could be bi. Doesnt have to be straight or gay.

Justin Archer says:

Put patreon in ur bio

Jeffrey Milliman says:

I’m going to hypothesize that maybe Drake was talking about tennis player Kiki Bertens… just because.

canadmexi says:

So Kiki’s Delivery Service is a movie about a black woman working hard to get a job as a mail-lady?

The Crupe says:

Do that song by Iggy and Tyga

Annette Goka says:

Wow, I Haven’t seen you in a minute!!!

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