Rap Critic: Hip-Hop Is Dead – Nas

Nas, one of the Greatest emcees of all time taking on Hip-Hop’s perceived death couldn’t be wack, right?


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Tjcarrizales says:

Maybe it supposed talking about hip hop as a whole like maybe getting off topic and having some clever punch lines as a big metaphor

Cardi Minaj says:

Nicki Minaj 2 chain young thug tyler the creator lil uzi lil Wayne lil yachty Soulja boy 21savege further wiz khalifa nicki cannon flo rider D.R.A.m lil durk Rae Sremmurd famous dex fetty wap young dolph YG o.t gemasis lil mama Machine gun kelly yo Gotti Gucci mane school boy Q Migos Chris brown destroyed hip hop

Robert Gout says:

“Where are they now” should have been the title track fits wayyyyyyy better.

Apache Helicopter says:

kanye sampled himself so why can’t nas

Evan Miles says:

Nas repeating the same lines over and over, rhyming words with itself, and going off topic is commentary on how “ring tone rap” is deemed repetitive and again using “In Gadda da Vida” is also worthy for producers being lazy, using the same type beat for different tracks.

Mike Johnson says:

Cool I like how u clown nas good job

BioLizard Venom says:

please review “kings dead” the way future raps his verse will make you laugh yo ass off XD

Kieron Henry says:

using the same sample solidifies his point

xThe_noJx says:

Playing Devil’s Advocate here, but maybe this track was a meta-commentary on the state of Hip Hop. Instead of talking about it’s death and how it died he’s showing it. I mean, someone known for lyrical prowess seemingly devolving into all the same tired tropes could say more than dozen verses.

Roshawn Powell says:

Rasta’s smoke alot and usually end up with damaged lungs

Declan Deady says:

the thing about donating lungs to a rasta is that rastafarians can’t receive transplants, so those lungs would just go unused. idk, just an idea.

ausar09 says:

His speaking on HIS Top Ten

donkor thomas says:

re sampling the same beat is a play on the whole “hip hop is dead” theme.

Lost Truth says:

Do one mic

C B says:

Gotta say this too, I’m pretty sure the implied person donating lungs isn’t hip-hop but the killers of hip-hop who I think Nas is saying don’t deserve to breath the words they’re spitting and those lungs would be better suited to a traditionally big chiefing group such as the Rastafari

snope doge says:

Do mans not hot

ausar09 says:

And you went from the beginning to the end and didn’t touch anything in the middle of the song. Wow

Punk's Not Dead says:

I think the rasta line is supposed to mean because Jamaicans stereotypically smoke a lot of weed.

ausar09 says:

His also is his albums are out when wack ass rap albums are out and there’s are compared to his. Yo you more disrespectful than Lonzo Ball on this one! As someone who says he loves hip hop, it’s amazing how aloof you are to what is being said and the context of what he’s saying. He was talking about himself to show how different rap had become in a bad way. In other words, his raps came from what he had seen, and did, while at that point there were many fake ass rappers making up shit and also not having skill levels comparable to him. Showcasing his argument of hip hop dying.
C’mon @Rap Critic with the bullshit!

MarkHD says:

5:47 Literal bars boi.

Ogdamastakilla says:

Lol this song is so ass, that Jeezy won that lil beef they had by default.

ella elise says:

Actually one is a sample from the original song and one is a sample from a cover of Iron Butterfly’s song 😛 Also, I want to hear your thoughts on “Who Killed It?”

C B says:

I didn’t read the comments before but I’m sure the brotha says, word to the wise/ revealing state of minds/ grinding hitting Brazilians dimes from behind is him alluding to the later verse where he says: cuz we live to brag on ass we getting/ most intellectuals will only half listen. I know you’re a thoughtful comic but I found the opening lines to be completely on topic. Keep up the good work. Thx for the discussion point

The Zulu Analyst says:

fuck this weirdo! this is astupid review. this clown is a nas hater, leave hiphop alone clown. this review is bullshit!

James W says:

I think you’re analyzing this wrong

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